Thursday, April 3, 2014

46 Days and Counting

I have 46 more days until I retire from my life of public school teacher. Well, that is 46 days to report to a building. I will have to work through the month of June finishing up grant paperwork and analyzing test data, but I can do that from the kitchen table:)

I am grateful for the past 31 years, but I must say I am looking forward with glee!!! I am so ready to get started on getting my house in order. I am going to be an organizing and cleaning machine. I also can't wait to do those little sewing projects.

So sad, this is all I have done in a week.. but, soon.

I am so excited to see this...

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love azaleas. In the south, they are a blessed sight each spring. They have been slow to bloom this year, in fact, many are still just buds like they are unsure of whether they should come on out and show off. This particular color is called "Pride of Mobile." It is my personal favorite.

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