Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Big Step

Well, I took a big step towards letting go of teaching this week. When I took the science coach position three years ago, I found it difficult to get rid of anything. Finally out of desperation for space, I did give three-fourths of it away.
BUT...much to the family's dismay, I still had a whole area downstairs full of tubs. I claimed those tubs were all science, and that I would get rid of them at the end of the three years. Well, it is here...

However, it isn't all science - it is the stuff that I just could not bring myself to part with.

I have been trying really hard for the last month to look through it and start the process. I know I can't keep it all forever - what good would it do to sit in a box not used ?----so, with the last few tubs I have tried hard to think of someone special to take each piece. Someone who would appreciate each piece and value it at least half as much as me.

The first thing on the big step was a class set of novels that I used each April/May to finish out the year. The novel is Love, Ruby Lavender by Deborah Wiles.

If I were a writer, I would have written this book. I used it to teach every subject and did my best to make it come alive. From a teacher's standpoint, it has everything you could possibly want. It is the "great teacher novel." Some of the many things I loved about it...

  • setting in the rural south
  • letter writing
  • small town newspaper writing
  • great for teaching writing skills...(onomatopoeia, vocabulary, voice, etc.)
  • life in a rural area...(4-H, gardening, community)
  • social studies (maps, comparing locations of Mississippi vs Hawaii)
  • the mother of the main character had my dream job  ----county extension agent)
  • the color pink
  • chickens
  • Orange Crush and peanuts
  • I could go on forever 
Small town newspaper articles throughout the novel.
Letters throughout the novel that tell the story, too

Oh, and did I mention that I have written the most incredible lesson plans to go with this novel.

Well, I put post it notes of what I did with each, and wrote a letter to a dear friend who now teaches in a rural school in my district. This friend was someone who I feel will take this and use it just as I did. I can feel good that more children and a great teacher will enjoy this great story.

Complete with a letter...she will understand when  she reads the book why I sent a letter on pink paper.

Boxed and ready to deliver.

I did send her an email and told her to be looking out for a package.

I am sharing this because I am now one big step closer to closing the door to my teaching career. I am excited about opening the new doors that I hope will be all about using that home economics degree for fun. Busy weeks ahead closing out the job, but I am very excited. 

36 more school days!!!!

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