Thursday, May 28, 2015

Magazine Love Part 2

Yesterday, I posted about how my love of magazines began here. My choices have definitely changed though. Well obviously, I am not into Seventeen anymore, but it is more than that. I think I am aging, and I think some of the magazines are trying really hard to appeal to a younger audience. 

My go to magazine for many years is one of those that I think is trying hard to appeal to a younger audience and in turn has lost me. Lately, I have been drawn to Southern Lady. It definintely has become my new favorite. 

I am not being paid, just giving my thoughts. I have found that over the last year, that I have looked forward to its arrival on the shelves. It is a bimonthly magazine, but they have special editions that come out on the alternate months, so really I see something on the shelf every month. The photographs are so large and pretty. I have to say it just fits my style more.

Since, they do the specials on the alternate months, I still get the every month excitement. They do one called Southern Homes and then seasonal magazines.

I am also crushing on one named the Cottage Journal. I am not sure the name fits the content. 

The latest issue of the Cottage Journal  has a house that I am so smitten with.

It is decorated around the colors of the sunset.

I am absolutely swooning over this kitchen.

The colors are gorgeous.

And this staircase....

My husband loves Garden and Gun, and I do too. Very high end marketing in it, though. I love the dog story each month, since I am a dog lover. It has great articles featuring southern artists, music, restaurants, etc.

Many magazines are laden with ads these days. I know that is a necessity, but I guess that is another thing I have noticed about my new choices. The ads fit me better. I know I am getting older, but I am not thinking young people are looking and buying magazines anyway. I could be very wrong there.

I don't buy as many myself because of the high volume of ads. I really pick them up and look hard before I buy. If there is not something I really want to read or see long term, I don't purchase. We can read so much on the Internet these days that I think that slowed me down on buying magazines as well.  I rarely ever look at a style magazine. I just look at the stores I like on the Internet, and Pinterest. 

I don't know ....maybe blogs have really replaced that for us as well. I am sure many magazines have felt the crunch.

I do like Southern Lady though, and will continue to purchase, because I really love it. All others, will get a once over in the store and some thought before I fork over the cash ....card.

I think magazines may be dinosaurs in the not so distant future.



  1. Oh Sandy...I think we are secret sisters!! I get ALL of those magazines too!! I cannot help myself!!

    1. It is nice to hear we have things in common. I just discovered your blog. I will have to keep and eye on it, since we are secret sisters. I always wanted a sister:) By the way, I have finished the first three chapters of Harper Lee's book as well. We will have to compare notes. I like it thus far. I think the key is going to be to remember it isn't To Kill a Mockingbird, but a separate book. Glad to hear from you.


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