Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Medical Book

I was reading a novel a couple of weeks ago that reminded me of our family's allegiance to the all knowing medical book.

The first one we had was purchased in 1964. It was the go to book for all and any ailments. My mama lived by what it advised. I can't tell you how many times we referred to it as it was always readily available. I am not sure if anyone else used it like we did, but the novel I was reading indicated that there might be others out there just like us.

If anyone came home from the doctor with a problem, either Mama or me were reading about the symptoms, cures, etc.

I was at Mama's the other day when I spotted the original medical book on a book shelf. I asked if I could have it. I have been skimming through it. Many things have changed, but there are some tried and true parts to it as well. I must tell you I like the weight scale in it better than today's recommended weights. Today's are probably more on target though.

For Mother's Day 1984, I decided Mama had been reading a 20 year old book for too long, so I bought I her an updated version. I know that might seem like an odd gift, but she loved it.

Of course, now we have the Internet, but it doesn't evoke nearly as many memories of trying to predict what was wrong or figure out the treatment.

Anyone else out there use the medical book?

---a few more pics because I couldn't resist.

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