Saturday, July 25, 2015

Truck Driving Girl

Ok...blogland, I have been keeping a secret.

Holding out on you.

I am an official truck driving girl.

No, I am not a tomboy. In fact, I am as girly as they come.

I drove a Ford Expedition for years, and I loved it. I would have kept it until it died, but someone pulled out in front of me and that was the end of the Expedition. My daughter and I were so lucky that day. I felt the front hit my knee, and then it just stopped. A bit more and we could have been hurt badly. Well, that was the end of the vehicle as it was totaled. 

We had to make a quick purchase that summer of 2010. Hubby had already been looking at the GMC Acadias, so that is what we went with. They are great cars, but I missed sitting up high and I gotta say I missed the feel of driving a "truck like SUV". The Acadia was much like a car. The newer ones are higher though.

Well, you may remember this picture back in February. My battery died and Hubby discovered that he couldn't change out the battery on its own, because get is behind the passenger seat underneath the floorboard. You have to pull all that up to get to it. I knew his wheels were spinning then. 

In May, I was coming home from my mom's through the Blackwater Forest Area. You will not believe this, but a turkey buzzard swooped down and hit my car. If it had hit any higher, I probably would have wrecked. It dented the door, ruined the handle, and scratched the back door. 

I am not kidding!!! 

It doesn't look that bad from the pictures, but it was going to cost quite a bit to fix. I should have known that Hubby would go shopping for a new vehicle two days later. It was Memorial Day weekend, so sales were running.

I have teased for quite a while that I just wanted a truck. I had priced out Yukons and they are very pricey these days.

I test drove the truck, and I have to tell you ----I loved it. We slept on it. I really wrestled with getting one --- thinking about what others would think. However, I really liked it.

I have hardly told anyone I have a new vehicle. It has been summer, and I just have been busy with Mama. I really haven't seen many people. I know the word will get out soon, so I guess I just have to own the fact that I am a "truck driving woman."

The thing is ---I love it! It gets great gas mileage. Hubby didn't like the running boards I picked to go on it. They are old lady looking, not sporty.

Really, I am very girly!!!

The secret is out!

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  1. I know some girly girls who drive trucks....hey, the better to haul any "finds" at garage sales and antique malls!!


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