Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ode to the Seasons

Other than the fact that it would mean moving from the place that I think I belong on this Earth, I THINK I would like to see seasonal changes.

I have always joked with my husband that I have a very narrow swath across the southeast that I think I can live. So, that really means I don't see too many changes in temperature.

Now, about those seasons. 

I simply adore fall and spring. Who wouldn't love the pleasant temperatures those seasons bring? They come after the sweltering heat and what I call brutal cold. I am sure my friends north of the Mason Dixon live just roll their eyes on that one.

I love fall because of the color changes that I really only see in photos. I taught school for 31 years with no such thing as a fall break ever in those 31.  The only fall colors I can really boast of are the changes you see at Auburn. We do see them, but I have never taken a vacation during the fall to places north. It is on my list of things to remedy. I love the leaves, the pumpkins, football, and lightweight sweaters. 

Now, winter you can have it. There is nothing good about it. If it gets cold enough to go past the lightweight sweater, then I am over it.

So, October and November are just wonderful. I mean Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays ever. I have to starve the whole month of November so that I can gorge on Thanksgiving. My mama makes the best dressing hands down of on anyone on the planet. I must really learn how this year!!!

The only part of winter I love is Christmas. I love everything about Christmas, but when December is over...well, suffice it to say I am miserable. There is nothing good about January and February. I read a blog post last year where winter provided us a time to sit back and relax and to stop the business of life. Something or other like that. Couldn't find it or I would share more, but that sounds like a way to view it.

I am gonna have to try and think like that about winter.

Then, spring rolls comes back. It is if life is just breaking out everywhere. I get the urge to hit the garden department at Lowe's like nothing else.

I love the beginning of warming up and the color that is everywhere.

Now for me, my whole life has been about no school. Long days of a little less hectic schedule. Cookouts, the water, and time with the family. About the time August rolls around and  school starts, I am so over the heat. I am not really excited about giving it up, but I am over the heat. I used to hate to get in the car in August at the end of a school day. It was like getting into an oven. This year, I just wanted to stay inside and all of my flowers took a beating. They are pooped.

I have always said my favorite season is summer, but I wonder how much of that was tied to teaching and having children. I am looking forward to autumn this year more than ever.

I guess all of them have their purpose. I just want to learn to enjoy each of them and not rush them. I think some of that is still tied to that school teacher mentality.

I have plans for my September decor next year all planned out, and I think I will be able to hold the pumpkins back a little longer with my new plan.

Either way I love the days that we are blessed with and that I live in the "Sunshine State." Cold temperatures which I believe to be anything below about 63 degrees are much more tolerable in the sunshine.


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