Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Bit of Time for Stitching and Sewing

I have finally succumbed to the sinus infection and decided to take my antibiotics. I didn't want to give in, because that means you can't take your RA meds, but I finally realized I was dragging out this process. I have just been a bit puny. 

I took Saturday to lay around and not visit the farm with Hubby. I decided to tackle straightening up my sewing room and get some things I have piled up completed, so I could do a "real" project.

Here is what I accomplished in the sewing room.

I added some blue trim to the plain curtains that I bought for the farmhouse.

And yes, those took a good little bit of time. I have one more set to do that I hung at the farmhouse. These go in the room with the blue gingham sofa.

Then it was onto this pillow. This cross stitch piece was something I did while in college. I didn't have a pattern per say, but used an alphabet and the cardinal from something. It was at my mom's house in just a regular 8 X 10 frame. She didn't want it anymore, so I decided to see what crafty thing I could come up with. The backing was the red that is on the sides.

Have no clue where I will put it, but it is cute.

You may remember the shirt with the chickens on it. Well, I got motivated and turned it into some pillows. I am thinking maybe I will put them in a basket and display every now and then or maybe the farmhouse.

Nothing fancy, but kept me from throwing my stitching away.

I finished the March cottage early this month, so I have spent the remainder of the month working on a sampler for the farmhouse. I have one that will have a blue bird and one with a redbird that I want to do for the farmhouse. I will be putting it aside this evening to work on my April cottage. When it is finished, I will start back to work on the sampler.

I want to block some time to actually sew a piece of clothing next. I have not decided just what yet, but I have several things I am considering, so we will see.

Happily stitching this weekend and hoping to feel better soon. I took a very long nap this afternoon.


  1. Bless your heart...hope the meds kick in without causing a flare with your RA. I adore all your projects but so glad you were able to re cycle your chickens. I LOVE them.

    1. Thanks about my chickens. I kind of liked how they turned out.
      I have to make it to Friday without my RA meds. I am going to go easy on the gym this week and just walk. I have lost two more pounds. Yippie. 12 more to go. It is coming off slower now, but that will be fine...better chance of keeping it off - I say.

  2. I was at the dr today for my regular six month check up....I need to lose about 15 more pounds to be happy. ( ok...I am probably never going to be happy with my 60 yo body but I am trying.) I have been doing some wall push ups to get some definition in my upper arms for summer.

    1. Oh I am quite sure we will never be too happy with what happens to our bodies with age, but we are going to be healthy at least. I will say the strength training is helping me feel stronger even if it will never take away all the jiggle!
      I did have a major setback this week, but I am trying to take it easy and get this head cleared up so that I can get back to the routine.


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