Monday, February 22, 2016

Cross Stitch Finish and Weekend Wrap Up

Dropping in this morning with a few things.

We had very little time for the farm this weekend. We did go and quickly check on the garden and drop off a few things, but other than that there were things to do in town this weekend.

Nothing was really happening in the garden. It hasn't been long enough. Jeff did end up planting an extra row of potatoes, so if all goes well, I will have lots to share with friends.

I dropped off two things for the farmhouse.

You will recognize the ducks from the house. I took them to the farm house. 

The other is something I had from many years ago. I have had it in a cabinet, but I think it will be well suited for the farm house.

Jeff was excited to see the bass in the pond. A couple of small bass were around the feeder and had laid eggs. According to him, that is what those round areas are in the water. Places where they have hollowed it out and laid eggs.

I couldn't get a good picture with my phone, but they were swimming just a piece from that and according to Hubby were not happy that we were there.

Then Saturday, we spent doing a few odd jobs. Hubby moved a shelf lower for Mama in her closet and got her a water hose set up for washing her car. I caulked a few things that had needed taken care of. We helped her plant some flowers on her little back deck and no, I didn't get a picture. I will do that later. She loves it and sits in the hot sun that would otherwise melt us. She is always cold. Long sleeves too.

Sunday after church we took a perspective staff member out on the boat. Since we helped start our church, we generally are in on giving our opinions on those we hire. WE don't ask for that input, but we are often asked to do this. A boat ride is a great way to relax and get to know people. It was a gorgeous day to be on the water. A little cold when running to Destin, but otherwise simply gorgeous. 
We saw a bald eagle out by the General's House which is yes, where the general lives. It is on the back of the bay in an area that other than that home is undisturbed land. Like it used to look. Amazing!
Hubby goes back there to fish and escape the pressures of work.

Lucy is on meds, but not the usual medicine given for seizures in a dog. We are hoping this will work. She sleeps for a little while after giving it to her, but then she is all good.

Tried to snap it from my rocking chair without waking her. Not successful.

I finished up March last night.

Then worked on a sampler for the farmhouse. I am going to spend the rest of February working on it.

I have moved my Bible study and prayer time from the rocking chair in the living room to the sewing room. I am loving my new place. If I can't find time to sew, then at least I can enjoy the room. It is very quiet in there. I have found a winner in the location.

The view below is the trees right outside the window. The water is to the left, but I love those trees. They have been home to a pair of cardinals for years. The Mama was out and about this morning. She wouldn't let me get her picture, but they stay close by. I once got to see them teaching their little ones to fly. 

I am going to try really hard to get in there this week for some sewing action if nothing else adding some ribbon to the curtains I bought for the farmhouse.

Off to get busy,


  1. Your farm place looks so homey and nice!! Our pond at our North Georgia place is small. We hope to eventually dig it out a bit and make it bigger. Love the March cross stitch with the little lambs!! I am putting out a bit of Easter every day this week. Hopefully I will be done by March 1st. Not sure how I will decorate for April and May...

    1. Yes, Easter in March always throws a curveball in our April decorating. You will have to look for something with April Showers brings May Flowers.
      I didn't expect to enjoy the farm myself as much as Jeff, but I find that I do enjoy it a ton. It is peaceful and quiet up there and plenty to do.


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