Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Baxter Family Is Coming to TV

I am so excited. The Baxter Family is going to be a TV series. Don't know the channel or when, but Karen Kingsbury announced today that the books are coming to TV. Finally! I always felt these would make a great TV show. Roma Downey is going to behind this. 

My mom introduced these books to me way back in 2006. We had purchased the cabin at the lake, and  it became tradition as soon as school was out that we would take a trip to let me unwind from the school year. She was deep into the series and told me all about it. 

Like always by the time school was out, I had a stack a mile high that I wanted to read, so it would be  almost a year before I dug into the Redemption Series. The first one started a bit out there, but I stuck with it and was completely hooked.  

I stayed with it through all the R's...

Redemption - book 1

Then through all the Firstborn Series, 
then the Sunrise Series, 
and the Above the Line Series,
and the Bailey Flannigan Series, and 
Coming Home.

You can see them all here.

By far the first five were my absolute favorite, but I loved the Sunrise Series a ton, too.

By the time she wrote the Bailey Flannigan series, I really felt she was writing to a younger audience, but that is awesome. I feel they are realistic, yet good reads for young girls!!!

My daughter got into the summer after her senior year as well as all her friends. I think they all liked them.

Mama and I loved Karen Kingsbury so much that we went to an Extraordinary Women conference years ago because we heard she would be there. That led to us making those a regular event for us until two years ago. We are probably going to add that back to our spring.

Karen Kingsbury and Mama

I have read lots of her other books as well. None lately because my reading list is VERY LONG.

A cute picture just because...
I found a puppy picture of Lemony while I was looking for the photo of Karen and my mom.

Is she just adorable?



  1. Well I have read a few Karen Kingsbury books but I will have to look for the five you mentioned as your favorite. Right now I have a pile of books on my bedside table. I am trying to go to bed at nine each night and read for an hour before lights out.

    1. I want more time to read:) I have a list so long that I almost don't even listen to anyone about anything new AND I have banned myself from the local bookstore! I am trying to whittle them down. I just finished a middle school age book that I followed the author from my teaching days. She has one more in the series coming out next year and I want to finish them. I have a couple of nonfiction books I want to read as well. I try to go from a fiction to a nonfiction.
      The first five from that series are worth reading. The first book is a bit weird and the reviews on Amazon report that, but the next four have 5 star ratings. The first one is just the take on marriage that Kingsbury takes. It can be either a yes for some or a no for some, but either way the series is really good. I have not enjoyed some of her later books as well. Not quite sure why, but I haven't liked them as much as the Baxter Family books.
      I am always a little scared to review books, because I don't want to send anyone out to buy something and then they hate it.

    2. I am reading The Romanov Sisters by Helen Rappaport right now. I have always been fascinated by those young ladies. Are you on Good Reads? I log in all my books there and I try to give an honest reaction to the book. I do not give the whole story as some do because that is so annoying. I just put why I liked it or why it was not for me. Sandy if you think I would not like a book, then I bet I would not like it!!

    3. I am not on Good Reads. I will have to check that out. I always like to read reviews, but I usually try to read into why they don't like it. I am an analyzer:)

  2. Geez Louise, where have I been? I've heard of these books, but no one has ever described how awesome they are until now! I think I may need to check them out (literally - hahaha!).
    thanks for the tip!

    1. Remember the first one is not the best of the books, but kind of necessary to set up the rest, but the next ones are worth checking out. I rarely review books because I am always afraid to tell someone to read and then they hate it.


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