Monday, March 28, 2016

A Little Garden with Too Much Rain

A little update on our garden.

Spring is truly here in our neck of the woods, however that hasn't meant smooth sailing for the garden. Rain has plagued us.

I am talking cats and dogs raining.

We spent Saturday before last buying our plants for the remainder of the spring garden.
We purchased tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, cabbage, lettuce, and peppers.

The funny thing is it really is spring here in terms of temperature and budding of trees, however, Hubby went last week up to the lake for a little R&R and fishing. He and a another principal friend spent two days fishing for their spring break. He said the cabin in no way looks like spring. All the trees were still bare.

Back to the garden.

On that Saturday, Hubby prepared the remainder of the fenced in area for planting. A little chicken manure was tilled in. 

While they were busy with this, I mowed. I mowed a lot!!! We have had an elderly couple keeping up with this. They enjoy it and like the extra money. He just had a knee replacement, so they are out for awhile. 

Since I am the picture taker, I am rarely in photos. I need to remedy that.

Jeff even got the tractor out for the pastures. I used the riding mower for around the house, cottage, and barn.

I am tired just recalling it.

The potatoes and onions look great. Still no carrots. It rained like crazy two days after they were planted. I guess they all got washed away. I still won't let him hoe up that row.

I keep hoping carrots are going to spring up or down in those weeds.

Lindsay and Tyler worked on preparing the rows. Lindsay adding fertilizer. Jeff overseeing. Tyler wanting to make sure his row was straighter.

Then Lindsay and I put all of the new plants in the ground. She watered. If we had known how much rain was coming, we could have skipped that part.

Oh, I put marigolds around all over, because I read they were good for keeping insects out.

We were so proud of our work.

And then the rains came and came. Hard rains!!!

When we to see about the progress this past Saturday in the rain, the squash, zucchini, and cucumbers looked like they had been stomped on.

The row with cabbage and lettuce looked like they survived.

But the middle rows....well they had one or two standing, but most looked horrible.

We will see in a few days with the sun if they pop up or we start over.

The tomatoes seemed to have survived which surprised me. 

I am really glad I am not a pioneer depending on this for my survival.

It rained all weekend for Easter. I don't think any of those sweet kids at church got an outdoor picture of their outfits or had an outdoor egg hunt.

Today I walked out to sit on the deck when the sun finally came out. The birds were so happy. I took a video just so you could hear those little birds. I truly think they were happy that the sun was out. 
In the first video you will hear a F-35 jet at the end. 

Around our parts, we say that is the sound of freedom! 

Farmer Sandy 


  1. Sandy those pictures of all of you working so hard is the reason I do not like back memories of my childhood. Of course I enjoy eating though!! Those carrots...I hope you get some but I have never heard of anyone having success with them here in the south. So do not feel too badly if they do not flourish. We had a nice Easter here even if it was a bit overcast. Soon the hot days of summer will be upon us!!

    1. I am not really thinking those carrots will survive. I had a lab in our science labs that came with a purchased kit that called for growing carrots. I had to change it out because we had no success. The only carrot that made it was one I put in those view finders thingies. It took most of a school year to grow, so one school did get to see one.
      I am going to enjoy every spring like day we have because yes, that heat will be here before we know it.

  2. I just heard that farmers can't plant corn yet because of the wet ground and on top of that, the strawberries are late blooming this year because of the soakings. Crazy, crazy weather, but your garden looks like it's holding its own!


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