Sunday, March 6, 2016

Garden Update and Some Curtain Adjustments

The weather this weekend has been simply AMAZING.
I am in heaven with it.

We made a trek to the farm yesterday to check on the garden. Hubby worked on putting a fence up around it after deer discovered it. We kind of knew that would happen.

I worked on some curtain adjustments while he put a fence up.

We used the dog kennel that was at the farm to do the backside. We will never use it as a kennel. Perfect gate into the garden.

The potatoes are coming up, the onions are doing great, and Hubby was convinced the carrots were kaput. Upon closer inspection, they are just now breaking the ground with a sprout of green. I am still hopeful. I had grown them in the science lab with the students and I remembered they were terribly slow growers, so I changed the lab to a quicker plant.

I finally got a rod that fit the curtain above the sink. I made this for my classroom years ago, and I just loved it. I had been hoping for a place to use it. My home just doesn't have a window anywhere that it will work in. I would have loved to use it in my sewing room, but that is a bay window and it hung a little too low for that room as well. When we bought the farm, I knew it would work there. It is Dick and Jane fabric.

Great view of the pond outside that little kitchen window.

I also planned to add some ribbon to the family room curtains, but I didn't buy enough ribbon. I also have to say I didn't like how it turned out on the two that I did. I hit my fabric stash Friday night and came up with a plan to just do a tieback for that little pop of color. I love how it turned out. 

Would love to pick on those birdies in the decor for the wall in that room.

More pictures of the room later.

Well, that is a wrap on Saturday.

After church today, I did a little work on our yard at home.

Enjoyed the sunshine,


  1. You were a busy girl Sandy!! Love your farm pictures and I look forward to seeing the finished projects in the farm house.

    1. Maybe one of these days I won't be as busy or quit walking around outside and actually get something done inside. I have three things lined up to stitch for the farmhouse. Time...never enough.

  2. I love the curtains! The yellow and blue combination on the tie back is so sweet too. :)

  3. Fences are important with deer and rabbits in the area. I'll loan you my Beagle if you need extra enforcement!

    1. Lois Lane would love it up there. My Springer does, but the Golden not as much. She is such a city dog.


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