Thursday, March 10, 2016

Planning My Spring Yard Work

I have been an eager beaver in planning my yard work and flowers this year, but I am holding out so that I don't do anything too soon.

I am beyond excited about my tulips. Remember, I planted them late as they sat in the bottom of our extra refrigerator since November. I had no idea if they would pop or not. I put them in three pots that I had sitting on my side yard. 

There are three different colors with each color planted in a different pot.

Behold, a tulip bloom.

I can't wait. 

I think rain is headed our way for the weekend, so I hope that doesn't mess them up. Hey, they are in pots, so I can drag them into the garage if the rains are too heavy. 

I have planted some "White Christmas" caladium bulbs in my side yard, so I am pretty excited about them for this summer.

I have really been trying to think of ways to get some pops of color in the ground so the SPRINKLERS hit them instead of me having to water so many pots. Hubby has different ideas sometimes. Argh!

I also had a thing of daffodil bulbs with those tulips. I did put them in the ground out in the side yard. They took longer to pop up even though I didn't put them into far. I had kind of chalked them up to failure, when this week they decided to "spring" up from the ground. 

This morning to my delight....

I am squealing!!!

My roses are doing there thing after being pruned mid February.

There is enough straw to mulch the front beds on my bottom two decks. I just have to get out there and get it raked up and brought to the front.

TIME!!! People, TIME!

Well, maybe motivation, too.

My list of things to do is long today. Probably wishful thinking, but I got up 
early and have been going at it. 

Just popped in to share my tulips and to read my favorite blogs.

See y'all later,

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  1. Those tulips look gorgeous. I may just try planting some in pots next year!! I have heard if you did them up and put the bulbs in the freezer you can simulate the colder climates and reuse the bulbs. I would probably just treat them as annuals. It was a beautiful day here as well. Right now the rain has started but I got some nice pictures while out in the country today.


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