Monday, April 18, 2016

A Bridal Shower / Reception

Yesterday, I gave a "bridal shower" for my sweet friend Anne's daughter.

It was most definitely a different kind of shower. Non traditional for sure.

I knew going in that it would take some creative thinking.

Emily, the bride to be, is teaching in Texas (the far side of Texas, too) for Teach for America.  She is finishing up her second year and is engaged to a local boy who is finishing up all of his training for the Air Force. 

We knew she would have limited time at home, so we had to work around a lot of things going on this weekend, hence, a Sunday afternoon shower.

Not only that, she was flying in. Her dad is going out as soon as school is out and loading her stuff to drive it to Washington State where they will be living. Then they have to make a mad dash home or the wedding. 

All of this moving gave us another real big problem

What to do with all those presents?

We decided to do a totally different kind of shower.

She really needed to not have presents here and then move to Texas and then move to Washington. We decided that it would be great if they were just delivered to the final location.

Does that all sound confusing? 

Yes, it was...

My quest was how to throw a shower for Emily, because I really wanted her to have that sweet experience without offending guests. Oh, just buy a present please.

I set out to find the perfect wording for an invite.

Thank goodness for the Internet.

 A little editing for the crazies out there.

Our other problem was the number of people that she was inviting. She had to have all of sister's friends as well as her friends and family. We had an older crowd as well that were her grandmother's friends. In other words, if she had been able to be here for multiple weekends, she would have probably ended up having more than one shower.

While I probably would have had room in my home for the crowd, my parking situation would not have worked. My neighbor would have gone off the deep end as we live in a cul-de-sac very close to each other. Neighbor is already sure we have too many guests anyway.

Couldn't use church on a Sunday.

That is where my friend Bridget came to the rescue. She runs a cafe for lunch, so I decided to do it there for the parking. 

Then the problem was how to make it look cute in what might be one of the busiest little cafes in town. The food is unbelievable and I can not tell you how crowded that place is everyday or how Bridget survives it. She is building a new place to open this summer.

I didn't stress until I walked in there Saturday evening and started trying to make look like a home. I couldn't achieve that, but everyone invited knew the place, so I figured they knew what they were coming too anyway.

Bridget is famous for her chicken salad around these parts. She makes it herself everyday. I mean tons everyday.

At the end of it all, it was perfect for Emily. She is loving the whole engagement thing and is one of the most positive girls you will ever meet. 

The shower was really in my definition a reception, but it was well received. I think everyone had a great time, so that is what counts. 
It may not have fit all, but it was a sweet time for a sweet girl.

Emily and her mom, Anne

Our families have known each other since our kids were born. Emily and my son are the same age and our oldest are good friends as well. Emily, my Lindsay, and Emily's older sister Georgia all went to Auburn and were in the same sorority.

I had another friend who helped me host. 
Nancy is the most amazing lady and mentor. She was my hubby's senior year Sunday School teacher, so she has been in my life since I married. I love soaking up her wisdom. 
Isn't she beautiful, and I know she is 70? I want to look that good.

Nancy and me. The hostesses with the "mostest" for the day anyway.

A few more pics.

Of course, I was too busy to get photos of everybody there. I always say I am going to do that, but never do.

My friend knows me so well. Check out my hostess gift.

Aren't those the cutest little dishtowels?!

All the problems were solved and fun was had by all. 



  1. So cute!! And hey I want to look like that NOW not when I am 70! She must have great genes. And you look spiffy yourself Sandy!! I am trying to give two showers and logistics have been a problem for us! Young people are so busy!! In fact, two friends came to my house today to plan one that will be held on May 21st.

    1. Don't we want to look that good? Her mother is still living and is 95. Nancy is beautiful inside and out. IT is thought to get things all planned out and find dates for things. I am not to the end of my shower giving. Lindsay still has three very close friends that she grew up with that are single. I think one will soon be engaged. I guess then they will all start having babies.

  2. Beautiful shower!! Looks like such a sweet time of ladies' fellowship and joy and fun. Such a quaint and lovely shower- I am inspired if I ever have the privilege of hosting a shower, which I hope I do for a friend or two as this time comes :)
    Wow, your hostess gift is so wonderful! I love it.

    And y'all all look lovely!
    Congratulations to Emily♥


    1. Thank you for your kind comments, Jazzmin. I loved my hostess gift as I love gardening.

  3. What a beautiful and fun event. I'm sure the bride to be totally loved and appreciated your efforts. And the food looks delicious!!!

    1. Thanks! Your weekend looked like a fun time too.


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