Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Monday - What a Day!

Lucy, the Springer turned 11 on last Friday. She has always been high energy. Springers are well known for that. She is our third one over the course of our married life and by far the most high strung.

I love this dog like crazy. She is loving and spirited. 

She has been having seizures for some time now. They had long intervals between them for a year or more, but they are beginning to come more along the lines of monthly and much worse.

Last month, our vet and I decided it was time to try some medicine. He wanted to try Xanax since it is a much better class of drugs than some of the others.

We thought we had come upon the right dosage to keep them under control, but this weekend proved we were wrong.

Saturday night I took them out to do their business right before bed. She was nuts. I was running her down and managed to get her in the house. I thought she was just being her spirited self because I am getting much better at seeing the warning signs. She becomes real needy.

Saturday night, I got her in the house and down she went. It was shorter than the most recent ones have been and she settled down pretty quickly, so I thought all was going to be ok.

After church, I could tell she had had another one, but after finding her puddle (thankfully on the tile) again I thought it had been mild. I wanted to wait until this morning to get her in to see our vet.

I got up this morning all ready to tackle the day. She seemed fine, so I took off to the gym and the grocery store. No sooner than I got the groceries in and supper in the crockpot, it got crazy around our house.

Never ever think that our home is smooth sailing all the time.

4 seizures in two hours. The vet was in surgery with another dog. By the time I got one mess cleaned up, she was at it again and in between she was crazier than I have ever experienced with her.

Turning over plants, trying to get behind the dryer, bumping into walls...

This kind of behavior went on for HOURS!

I followed all my protocols, but it was insane in this house from about 9:00 to 2:00. I talked with the vet's office throughout.

My daughter came home to help at lunch.

Y'all it was insane.

I was so stressed, but I felt so bad for her.

At 2:00 she laid down for 20 minutes and then back at it again.

We got into the vet's at 3:45. He gave her a shot of Valium and some phenobarbital. 

I brought her home and she still paced.

I gave her another small dose of Xanax at vet's orders around 7:00.

At 8:00 she finally laid down, but she is jumpy at any noise.

I can give her some phenobarbital if needed and I have a Valium shot to give her in the night if she doesn't look like she is coming out of one.

Praying for sleep tonight.

I am completely spent.

Hoping this sweet little baby can rest too.


  1. Bless your heart. My dad had the same experience with one of his Border Collies. Unfortunately Jake had to be put down and it broke my Daddy's heart. I would say of all the dogs we ever had, Jake was the dearest to him and he was a tough old farmer who never cried. This made him cry. Hoping you have a better day today.

    1. It is so hard to watch them suffer. I am going to really try to give her the needed help, but at some point I know I will probably have to make that tough choice. It will kill my son. He is one of those that just can't stand it. He has texted me every hour today to see about her. She is better today. She fell asleep about 8:00 last night and lasted until midnight. I ended up having to give her the phenobarbital. Yuck! The vet will work with me though to find the best possible solution for her. He is phenomenal.

    2. So glad things are better today!

  2. Oh poor thing! Our cat has seizures and the vet had us change her food to Blue Buffalo with no chicken. It's for sensitive cats. Have you done anything like that?

    1. Yes, I have tried all of those kinds of things. Thanks for the tip. We discovered quite a few things are triggers. Milkbone dog biscuits for sure.
      The change in air pressure is something I am thinking too.
      I thought I had her on a food that was working, but ...

  3. So sorry to hear about your baby, Sandy. Prayers for sleep for you and Lucy.


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