Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday - Fun Day

I had a wonderful day at church. 

You may remember during Lent that I said I would be focusing on that after Easter with working two services until school is out. Our church is growing and that is indeed a great thing.

I knew that would not come without a hiccup. 

Last week, I was all set to do my two times with my sweet little four year olds. Never in a million years would I have thought I would LOVE working with preschoolers, but I do! 

The first service was great, then the next came, and they needed someone quickly to take over the three year olds for that service. They came into the four year old room which was loaded with helpers and asked for a volunteer. 

You have never head such silence:)

Well, I couldn't stand that, so off I went. We salvaged the hour with a ton of 3's and I thought ---not bad. 

They will surely have someone to take that hour next week. (SMILE)

Around midweek, the email came out to volunteers thanking us all for our flexibility in the Sunday after Easter with our new added service and new times.....etc.

Then the room assignments were posted...

Yep, you guessed it, the hiccup. I would be doing 4's at the first service and 3's the second service.

Followed a day later by a sweet card from our preschool director.

I went with a cheerful attitude this morning. 

Pooh on you Satan! I can like 3 year olds.


I had a wonderful day in there with great helpers.

A quick tip for all you preschool teachers... 

Our story revolved around Jesus teaching in the temple when he was 12. Our theme this month is "I want to be like Jesus." One of their center activities was to build a temple out of blocks. I showed them a picture of the temple and talked about it...etc.

Little ones never want to tear down their works of art when they have really gotten into the activity.

I pull out my cellphone and snap a photo of it... They always seem to be pleased and ready to tear it down. It is like I have preserved their work.

Works every time!

Then it was off to attend the service myself. It was a great message on worry.

Truly, one can never hear to many sermons on worry. Well, at least not me. I am a worrier by nature.

IT was fabulous! The Scripture was Matthew 6:25-31. Yes, I've read it a ton of times and it always touches my heart. Amazing how God can take something old and it can still be so refreshing to hear it all again.

Then I drove up and these beautiful flowers greeted me. 

"Solomon in all of glory did not clothe himself like one of these (lilies)." I think that would be roses, geraniums, and daisies as well.

Then later I was visiting Mama and she has quite a little garden growing at her place. She brought some amaryllis  bulbs with her from Brewton.



  1. I have enjoyed working with the little ones in the past but now I am enjoying being secretary/ outreach coordinator for our ABF.( Adult Bible Fellowship..we cannot call it Sunday School any more you passe!) I am thankful for those who work with the church of the future.And worrying is one of my downfalls as well...why I posted my own sermon on it the other day. Your flowers are beautiful. I am waiting a bit to plant my flower has been quite chilly here as we are having Dogwood Winter.

    1. You are right about the Dogwood Winter. It has been truly pleasant here and I have tried to soak it up before the heat wave comes. I was quite shocked when Jeff went to the cabin at the lake for spring break. He said everything was still really bare; no sign of spring there.
      I would definitely have to wait on my flowers there.
      I can never get enough reminders about worrying. I wish I weren't like that, but I think it is just me. I am better than I was in my 30's.


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