Monday, June 13, 2016

Birthdays, Baking, Job Fair, and Cross Stitch

What a busy weekend we had!

We don't get to pick our birthdays in life, because if we did I would not put two birthdays one day apart and with so much going on.

My hubby's birthday was on Friday and my son's on Sunday. The activity in past years was that school was literally getting out on or about those days...often I was still cleaning up my classroom. 

Well, this year it was just other daughter works in the Human Resources department for our school district and let me just brag a bit...she is phenomenal. She talked our school district into doing a job fair this needed as we have been behind the times on this and with a teacher shortage it was time to think with some fresh energy. She has traveled around to all the universities this year and set up the job fair ..."Teach at the Beach." 

That girl has a big old dose of my stressing and worrying gene, so she was in crazy mode leading up to it. The entire family rallied around helping. I was at Niceville High School at 7:00 AM Saturday morning washing down tables. Each family member had a chore.

It was a success.

On Friday evening, Hubby and I put up a basketball goal for a dear friend's daughter. Daughter Emily wanted to surprise her dad with a basketball game after the rehearsal dinner. Then Saturday evening we had the wedding. 

What I wore to the wedding.

I always try to make both birthdays a separate and special event, but it is getting harder as they age, so all Hubby got on Friday was a cake. I felt guilty, but we were pretty busy.

I knew there was no way I was getting both desserts made on Saturday evening, so I made the cake on Friday. Y'all, I have been trying to perfect this frosting for years. Mama and Mrs. Palmer could do it with their eyes closed. I reached my goal this time. 

This was the most amazing cake ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Allen has chosen a different dessert for the past few years. I would love to tell you it was one recipe, but it is two.

The original recipe was a Blueberry Fluff that my mom made. It is from a Brewton cookbook that came from the annual Blueberry Festival held in Brewton each June.

It was a hit with Paul Allen, but somewhere along the way, he decided it would be great with blackberries instead of blueberries and with a pretzel crust that was on a recipe that Nana (Hubby's mom) used to make on a Thanksgiving recipe.

Yes, I spoil that boy.

My baby turned 24 yesterday. I really don't know how I got this old.

I will share the recipe tomorrow.

One more birthday picture. Terrible picture of me but real life.

Cross stitch update.

Last night, I finished July and it is a perfect July piece.  

I have not been able to get over the June cottage. I have come to terms with the beach cottage for August because if you aren't a teacher, you are probably trying to get in as many beach trips as possible. 

But....June is still bugging me.

On Friday, my inspiration came.


From my placemats and napkins that I have out for June and those plates I purchased at Pier 1.

I am going to use these colors and this plate for the June cottage inspiration. I started late last night to wind down from the weekend. I will try and work quickly to finish it as soon as possible.

Cleaning up and stitching,


  1. Birthdays are special no matter how big you celebrate. The cake is key to making it special! (or blueberry fluff!) The chocolate cake has my mouth watering and I'm thinking I need to bake a cake for my boys!

    1. I thought I replied, but I don't think it made if you get two...ignore.
      It was a paper plate kind of party. I hate those...not because I am that fancy, but because my neck of the woods was involved in a landfill idea for those who live in south Florida. I see all the things people could recycle but won't and I avoid paper plate parties if at all possible. It was that kind of weekend though:)
      I will share the recipes tomorrow because both are tasty enough to share the goodness.

  2. Sandy i love the picture of you and your hubby. And yes, birthdays make for hectic times but that chocolate cake looks AMAZING!! I am doing a cross stitch post tomorrow to show what I have been working on lately. I love your cottages. They are so sweet and I love having something special for each month.

    1. Can't wait to see your stitching update. I am really excited about the June cottage now. I really wanted to stitch something else with my extra time this month, but I really felt like I better do it while I was inspired.


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