Friday, June 3, 2016


I wanted to get out on my paddle board all day, but chores and errands kept me inside and on the run. The great thing about summer is the longer days.

Lindsay and I hopped in the kayak for a quick spin to the back of the bayou.
Hubby snapped a picture of our return. He had been working on his boat.

Lemony took a swim also as Hallie watches on from the dock. 
Lucy---well Lucy uses any excuse to slip off and visit everyone in the circle.

I did manage to change out the ribbons on the swans that have been there since St. Patrick's Day.
Patriotic ones --- kind of missed Memorial Day, but they will make it for Flag Day and July 4th.

The rest of my day was spent cleaning and running errands for Hubby and Mama.

Loving the long days of summer,


  1. I saw your pic on Instagram and it looks so relaxing. I never learned to swim as a child so I am hesitant around water. If I could change one thing about my childhood that would be it! I was determined that all my children would learn to swim. I can float but that is about it. Have a great weekend.

    1. I feel your pain about swimming. I did not learn as a kid either. You are so right about it being a huge priority. Our neighbor was a lifeguard trainer in the Air Force and trained my kids. My son sat on the edge of his pool for three straight days for his lesson refusing to do what he was told. He was stubborn even then. I could see him from my sister-in-law's bedroom window and see that he was fine, so he was sent back each morning. He finally gave in and learned!
      The clincher for me is that Auburn University once required swimming to graduate. I knew I would never pass there since by that time I was super scared. I took it a the junior college in my hometown. I am still not too great and don't like my head underwater, but I can do it is needed. I can dog paddle like a champ. Lindsay always gets aggravated with me because I like to stay close to the shore ---don't like to get past a quick swim if it tips over. I am the same way on my paddle board.

  2. Putting my head under water is my biggest fear!! I admire you for having the courage to take a course!!


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