Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Birthdays and Picture Taking

This past weekend Hubby and I left on Friday for a day at the cabin and then to the game on Saturday in Auburn. We had to rush back Sunday morning to prepare Sunday supper for our daughter.

My daughter and I share September birthdays and the men in my life share June birthdays.

My reason for sharing was the photographs taken that day.

I have always tried to make sure every occasion is recorded for the photo albums, but as the kids got older and me got harder to get them to pose.

I am not a great picture taker. Hubby is...well, used to be. He actually has the skills, but for some reason he just doesn't enjoy the process anymore and gets a bit impatient as you will see by the last photo.

Because I was a bit rushed getting back...we were almost through eating and into the dessert when I thought ..oh my goodness, I haven't made a picture.

Quick shot at the table.

Moved to the living room for presents. I snapped one AFTER she was through opening presents. I was way off my game.

Then Lindsay told her dad to get one with me in it as I am never in them. I am the photographer.
We told Paul Allen to pop in too. Before we could get ready...Hubby is snapping.

A little scolding by Paul Allen didn't help. He is still snapping.

So that my friends is why I have very poor pictures to mark the occasion of Lindsay's birth.


The only one that has it together in all of them is Lindsay.

Hard to believe it has been 27 years.


  1. Happy Birthday to Lindsay. You are a sweet mama to make it special for her. I am not in a lot of pictures either for the same reasons you state Sandy. Marvin used to be the picture taker but it has fallen to me as of late. So when is your birthday????In our family October,November and December are the big birthday months. My sisters and I are in March, April and May. My parents did better planning.:) Loved the purses on the coffee know I would zoom in on that!!

    1. Mine is the 14th. She was due on the 12th, but hung around to the 25th. That happened to be my PaPa's birthday whose name was Lee, so she got that for her middle name. The purses belonged to Lindsay (the Coach) and Mom has the Vera. We girls think alike. Spartina has out their fall collection and I am trying really hard to be good. I have pulled out a Vera to carry right now.

    2. I also have a Sept. birthday and anniversary! Such a cool month for cool people! Glad you had a fun time!

    3. Why yes, we are cool people! I knew I liked you. I guess it is a good thing I never put much stock in my zodiac sign as they have changed. I have not looked to see what my new one is, but I guess all those characteristics we once had have flown out the window.


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