Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cross Stitch and Sewing Update

Here's a little update of what I have been working on the past two weeks.

First of all, I haven't done nearly as much as I wanted to accomplish. Last week I just had to stop and get caught up on some chores.

I have said before I am a maker of  neat little piles when I get behind in the daily routine. Then those little piles begin to drive me crazy. I spent two afternoons in the sewing room cleaning and organizing before I allowed myself time to stitch or touch the sewing machine.

After it was spotless and everything neatly stored in its proper place, I pulled out some post-it notes and wrote down all the projects in the sewing room I wanted OR needed to accomplish.

You can see the little post its running right down the center of the bookcases.

I think it motivated me because I have been able to pull 3 of those post-its off the bookcase.

I monogrammed two sets of cloth napkins for gifts.

I made my daughter 2 large pillow covers for her bed. She sort of changed out her bedding with the new house. She made half of what she had work with the new paint colors and bought a quilt and pillow to work with the other half. I am finishing the look by recovering some old pillows from the other bedding. I even put zippers in those pillows!!! 

I actually found a pretty cheap set of curtains for the room and ordered an extra set of panels to make the pillows. That was cheaper than fabric and it matched perfectly. I will share a photo of it later on her bed.

I cut out another skirt like the grey one I made. I love that skirt, so I am going to get a good bit of use out of the pattern. This one is a plaid flannel. I hope I can still match plaids. There is no way I can wear it if it doesn't.

Now, for cross stitching.

I finished the Little House Needleworks "Sweet Apples" and made it into an ornament. Thanks Arlene @Nanaland for putting me on the Twisted Stitcher and her Floss Tube videos
BTW, that is a sure fire time taker.

Anyway, I used the same interfacing and fiber fill Vonna @The Twisted Stitcher used. I like the way it turned out although I don't think my corners will meet that girl's corners. I followed her tutorial for making a bow. 

Although the bow you see is going to be redone today with a smaller bow. I just couldn't go to bed last night until I had finished it. You would think with all the ribbon I have I could surely have found something that works. I will go back to the drawing board on the ribbon tonight.

Now, for one update on a NO GO project!!!

I was so wanting to do her tutorial on rusched ribbon that I tried that on the ornament above. Yuk... I took it off promptly. Then I went back and looked at the ornament on Carolina Stitcher that I had loved and it was with smaller width ribbon. I still want to do something with that. IT is a really cool technique.

Just too overpowering.

I am in love with the videos and ideas The Twisted Stitcher has on her blog and Youtube channel, but I want to take some time to see if I can be a little creative myself and think of different finishes for my cross stitch.

I have two projects going which I can not continue with that, so I am about to commit to one to completion. 

The two projects started with my getting bored with the very long one I am doing on the books of the Bible.

Here is where I am with it. 

I kept thinking I needed to do some Christmas things to have them ready by December, so I abandoned said books of the Bible and started the Sweet Apples ornament which was a quick finish. 

I then started Stoney Creek's "Silent Night Cardinals."

I ran out of thread and made a slight mistake so I went back to the Bible one.

I decided last night to finish the Christmas cardinals first and then before I go on with the five lined up in waiting mode to finish the Bible one.

I hope that all makes sense....I have learned that my best made plans don't always work, so we will see.

I am thinking I might get creative with finishing the Christmas cardinals too. Time will tell.

Bible study group tonight and Mama has a doctor appointment and I have to take her to the bank. 

Y'all wouldn't believe if I told you how detailed she is with her accounting. A trained bookkeeper -she still follows those methods and if she tells you the bank made a mistake - you can take it to the bank that they did. Oh Mylanta, I am going to need some stress relief later. They did make an error. Heaven help them and me.

I guess I should pay closer attention to things myself.


  1. Love those napkins!! And I may have to make some of those shams when we get to the little house. You are right about Vonna...she is amazing. My corners will never match hers. I have two finishes I hope to get done on Saturday. I found a small fall cross stitch when i cleaned my craft room! And my nativity is almost done. I will finish it myself. The Prairie Schooler Santa that I finished will go to the framer. Floss Tube has encouraged me to stitch but I need to make some of those post it notes and do some things around the house as well. Looking forward to seeing your skirt. I have been tempted to go and purchase a small sewing machine to finish some of the my stitching.

    1. I actually purchased one of those cheaper sewing machines at Walmart once. It was before I got my newest one and I needed a way to rewind bobbins. That was before they made the little separate bobbin rewinders. It worked to teach Lindsay. Probably would be all you need for small projects. I finally got my oldest one serviced and the one I had in college that was at my mom's. Both are old, but are amazing machines. You might even try a older one at a yard sale and have it serviced.

  2. That is a thought. My mother has one but I am afraid to ask if she might give it to me because then she would be admitting she can't sew anymore. I just want one to do the finishes like Vonna.LOL That really is an LOL as Vonna is THE finisher of all time in my book!!


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