Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Farmhouse Bedroom

On Saturday, I went to the farm loaded with things to start trying to put together a farmhouse that I liked.

I didn't plan to stay in the bedroom as much and use some of the stuff there, but it is just what came together and worked.

I put the yellow toile bedspread back on the bed. It works for now. I still am mulling over the gingham, but that may have to wait until a bit later.

I also used the louver doors behind the bed.

I ended up liking the doors a lot. I still have to work around decorating them, but they warmed up those stark white walls a ton.

I have some more hardware to take off the top, but left them for now, because I may use them to hang something on the doors.

I moved the chairs around.

Then I remembered that I had painted the little bird cages yellow. The plans were for them to go in the living room, but as I started playing with the shelf that hangs in the bedroom I realized I liked them there.

I did NOT plan on using that cross stitch piece there, but it just worked, so I guess it stays.

I still need a little chest or table for the side wall and some lamps. My little bowl and pitcher needs a home. I have had that for 30 years.

More things for the wall, but slow and steady it will all come together.

We are going to call the area where the farm table is "the gathering room."

I moved some stuff around in there and it going to be great, but I will share that later.

I have some painting to do.

One last look at the bed.

My little Lucy had a seizure last night. I am a bit tired from being up with her, but got my list of things to do, so I better get busy.

To work, to work I go,


  1. Love Love Love the doors as a head board. I may steal that idea Sandy!! I just got my Country Curtains catalog and they have those big Buffalo Check Pillow Shams as well as curtains. I may just have a Red bedroom in the country. Isn't it fun to just move things around until they find the perfect home.

    1. Oh my goodness, I got that catalog this afternoon. I am drooling.


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