Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pity Parties and Attitude Adjustments

I was absent this week. Let's just say it was busy, but I threw myself a pity party in there too.
Feel better after my party though.

We can probably sum it up with OVERBOOKED. Coming off the week of Thanksgiving and Jeff being home, and he doesn't even know the meaning of slow down when he is off from work, I was a bit tired.

Then the calendar this week was pretty full with an eye appointment, working at church, a kidney ultrasound, and two different days that Lindsay needed me to go out to her house for workers. Poor child has been without a washing machine for two weeks and then the gas fireplace doesn't work. They have a warranty for this year, so if it is going to tear up, I guess it needs to do so now. I was keeping her and Tyler from having to take off work.

That left very little time to do chores, wash clothes, cook, you know the regular stuff...but, the KICKER was Mama decided that this was the week she needed a haircut and a pedicure. When she calls for them, she expects me to schedule them and preferably for the next day. How can they possibly be to busy to take her immediately?!

Well, let's just say that was the final straw. She proceeded to let me know she would go on her own. That turned out just like I thought. She calls in a bit of panicked voice saying...I am lost. 😝😝😝😝

I managed to get her there, and there is a ton her telling me she is going to go back and try again, because she is going to learn how to get around. Then my sister-in-law telling me she saw her out at TJMaxx by herself on the same afternoon as she was crying with me.

Oh, and she broke a piece off her sewing machine, and I had to take that to Niceville to be repaired and then picked up. 2 trips to Niceville and 2 trips to Destin in one week.

Yep, you see why y'all didn't hear from me last week?

Anyway, she is not feeling well tonight, and I am bit worried about her. She has some kidney stones and she was feeling the same way as me a couple of weeks ago. Nauseous and hurting in the back.

Hoping she rests well tonight.

I do love that very hyperactive and strong-willed woman. When she does really get older in mind, I am in for trouble.😩

She did get her tree up and a wreath hung this weekend.

I will be back this week when I catch my breath.

I finished a book and have sort of finished my Christmas decorating. I just need to clean my house and catch up on laundry

Not sure that is going to happen though as I have 3 Christmas parties to attend this week. The following week it seems as if things will slow down a bit.

Mom moved here a year ago this month. It has been a tough adjustment for her, but I don't think she is sorry she moved here. The big older house and being by herself had done her in. It has been a huge adjustment for BOTH of us.

I am very grateful she is here and that I am not driving to Brewton each week, even though nothing about this post sounded like I was grateful.

Life must go on,


  1. Girl, you deserved a party!! And yes this time of the year can be killer with all the events and expectations. And I will be honest and say if my mother lived near by I would have weekly pity parties. My sisters are to be commended for their patience and fortitude in dealing with Mother. I guess she and I are too much alike( YIKES) so we butt heads. I keep reminding myself that one day I will be old too and I hope my kids are nice to me. Hoping this week will be better. Like you I have several things going on and thank goodness I am starting to feel back to normal after my surgery. Moms do not get a day off do they? We had problems with our gas fireplace this week as well. Turns out it was the switch! Easy fix. Prayers going up for you dear friend.

    1. It is funny, Mama always used to say if she did this or that just know she wasn't herself. Well, that day has arrived:) I too hope my kids have patience with me. She is still not feeling so well, but in better spirits today. I wouldn't survive sometimes with her if Jeff and the kids didn't see what I am seeing. She nearly sent Lindsay and me over the edge the morning of Black Friday. She got better as the day worn on, but I am very calm and she is very hyperactive so there is trouble with being opposite too. Just one of life's things we have to plow through.

  2. Sandy, I do not blame you one bit for having somewhat of a pity party. My mother was incredibly difficult and I well remember caring for a crying grandbaby while she sobbed into my other ear on the phone. It was a rough, rough time in my life. God got me through it, though, and He will do the same for you.

    Now my dad is safe in a nursing home but of course I am still responsible. And now my hubby's mother is beginning to need more care. Thankfully my hubby has numerous siblings, so they all are trying to help out, and also his mom has basically a pleasant personality, so all that helps. But she's a hoarder and that complicates matters a great deal. Still, after our experience with my mom, we know God will faithfully bring us through.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I am an only, so it just me, but sometimes you can have siblings and still one bears the brunt of things. We are just at that age to walk through caring for our parents. My step dad was a bit of a hoarder. I thought I would never ever get the garage cleaned up when he passed. Whew... it is making me think about holding onto things.

  3. I just sent a note to a group backing out of a Christmas party because I was so busy, then realized it's NEXT week, not this week. I also totally let an appointment with the Vet slip by for both dogs to have their shots. What is it with this time of year? I've vowed to be so far ahead that I have a few days left to just sit and read by the Christmas Tree. So don't feel bad, we're all there with you!

    1. I feel better now:) We have been invited to two parties this week. One is church and the other is work, so can't say no to them, but next week we have two more and I hate to say it, but I am skipping out on both. I just want to enjoy the peace and quiet of Christmas at home. Reading while sitting under those tree lights sounds awesome.
      I finished the Fannie Flagg book. LOVED it.


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