Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mother is Feeling Better

Mother is home after a few days in the hospital. It all started at the farm on Saturday. We had gone up to work a bit in the garden. I have started a compost bed in the very back of the pasture. We usually take the mule to go and drop off our kitchen gatherings. She decided we should walk and I agreed since I have been after her to walk again.

Let me back track a bit. She used to walk 2 miles a day prior to the fluke fall that happened 3 years ago this May. She got off track with that with the fall, my step dad's subsequent cancer diagnosis, death and then moving here. Right after my step dad's death she had two episodes where her blood pressure shot up to near stroke numbers and she was put on blood pressure medicine.

I have gone over lots of times to find her laying around and believe me when I tell you that is not like her. She has a severe case of hyperactivity. I am the complete opposite of her. She does nothing whether it is mopping or walking across the room in slow gear.

A couple of times I have taken her to walk and she has gotten winded after what doesn't seem to be like much time.

This Saturday we were coming back from the back pasture up a little hill when she got really winded, but didn't tell me how bad it was or I would have called Hubby to come with the mule. She just kept on trying to make it. 

She sat around and watched as I planted onions and potatoes. When we got home, she called me several hours later and told me she felt tight in the chest and was still having shortness of breath.

With those 2 symptoms we drove to the ER, and just like that she was admitted to the hospital. 

She has had a full dose of tests and the conclusion at this point is that the medicine is not needed as she had a blood pressure of 100 over 57 this morning. We will be monitoring the situation and checking in with the regular doctor.

So that is how I have spent the last 2 and 1/2 days. 

The upside is I am more than rested ---I think?!---not mentally rested--- because by last night she was venting with what she was going to tell everyone. When I started trying to calm her down her reply was, "Well, I am not really going to say all that!" My return was, "Well, that stresses me out." 

Trust me the nurses got to know her spunkiness. As soon as they told her she could go home this morning, she asked me if she could take off all the heart monitor stickers. I told her she should probably wait. She went to the bathroom and promptly took them off. They came to check why it wasn't reading pretty quickly. Took me by surprise!

Anyway, I hope they are right that she doesn't need blood pressure medicine. I have decided that I am going to quit telling her what she should do, because she doesn't listen to me anyway.

She will be 82 next month and for the most part is healthy as a horse. Doesn't eat right and won't give up her cokes. She has informed me that she will eat Kisses and drink her coke. I will let it go.

Now, for the other part of the news. While I was spending the day at the hospital yesterday, Lucy, the Springer had a seizure at home by herself. She made quite a mess in the bedroom, but she seemed fine by the time I go there. Bless her heart! I honestly can't remember if I skipped her medicine which could have been the reason.


All that said, I chose joy for my fruit of the Spirit to work on this year. I got a real test yesterday. I probably failed, but I was trying. Surely the Lord will cut me some slack😀

I chose joy because life's circumstances are probably not going to change, but I have to be joyful in the midst as well. I am still immensely blessed. I will share more of those blessings later.

On a positive note, I got lots of cross stitching done!

Here is my progress this morning on the books of the Bible.

I have all the words done. There is a large border at top and bottom and a small border on the sides.

Glad to be home,


  1. You did get a lot of stitching done! It looks wonderful.

    So happy that your mother is doing better.

    Hope your dog is feeling better today. It's certainly possible that you forgot to give her the medication, in the midst of everything with your mom.

    Yes, being tested in your desire to grow in joy, for sure. I doubt that you completely failed, for you were thinking about your goal and trying to have joy. Always remember that our joy is not dependent upon circumstances but upon our relationship with God. Keep looking to Him and not your circumstances. I will put you on my prayer list!

  2. I just bet the nurses dd come running.lol Hey if I make it to 80 I am going to drink cokes and eat chocolate too11 I am glad they figured things out. My BP is very emotionally driven and I understand why they wanted to get her on meds but apparently she does not need it routinely. You are going to be finished with your Books of the Bible in no time. I ordered a Rosewood Manor pattern of crosses and realized it was a BOOK!! I may do it but work on it as I can. It is beautiful but a huge piece. Prayers for you as you deal with LIFE...totally understand.

    1. Thanks Arlene. I am hoping that her blood pressure will stay stable. Still working on her to be calm, but that is just not Mom these days anyway.
      This books of the Bible has been a large project, but I will be proud of it when I am done.


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