Sunday, March 19, 2017

End of Spring Break

Hubby and I took off for the cabin on Friday and attended a baseball game at Auburn on Saturday. I took absolutely no pictures the entire trip, but that was because I really tried to unplug and enjoy the getaway. Everyone needs to do that every once and awhile. It does you so good.

Instead of weekend pictures, I will tell you about the weekend and just show pictures of my gardening goings on while I do that.

Side yard pine straw refresh. Also moved the swans out here from the porch.

We left mid morning on Friday and took our time going. We stopped off in Montgomery to shop for Hubby some shorts. He has lost 38 pounds. We both have been working hard to get ourselves shaped up. He has absolutely no shorts that fit. Even the ones I put darts in are falling off. 

We stopped at the Urban Spoon to get a to go plate. It is really tasty. It is one of those locally grown food to the table kind of places. The cilantro lime steak is quite tasty. I really should have taken a picture of it for you. We then proceeded to the cabin to settle in for a night of basketball watching and me cross stitching lazy kind of evening. 

Before we ate, we walked around the neighborhood. I showed you that they were building new homes here. They are all sold now, not quite finished, but owners. We met a few of them on our stroll. I call it a stroll, because we are NOT used to the hills at our cabin. They all have amazing views of the lake. I know ---- I know--- I should have taken pictures to share.

Saturday morning we got up and went into Auburn and did a bit of nothing while we waited for our friends to arrive in Auburn. These friends have been long time friends. In fact, the two Jeffs went to junior high together, roomed at Auburn together, and we have raised our children side by side. A couple of years ago, they had to move to Tennessee, but have recently bought a place in Auburn for all of their boys to have a place to get together. 

My side wall that hides my other pots not in use and garbage cans, etc.

We met said friends and ate lunch and then headed to the baseball game. Auburn vs. Florida. A great SEC match-up. We won!!! In fact, Auburn won all three games for the weekend...first time since 1987 against Florida. 

It was a great game. I only pulled my phone out one time to check a text message from my mom. Back to the game. I LOVE college baseball. They have really sped up the game too this year. The pitcher has 20 seconds to pitch the ball once the ball meets his glove. This doesn't apply if their are runners on base, but it really speeds up the game. 

We then ate supper again with our friends. One of their kids came in with the grandson from Birmingham in time for supper. I loved seeing our friends with the grandkid. Can't wait until my turn at that. Although, I will say it is making me feel really old. I need to get busy living as much life in every moment as possible.

Got to get the grass going. We removed the maple because it was not getting room to grow because of the live oak coming across from drive. Live oaks dripping with Spanish moss win out over maples.

I was actually tired from the game, so not much cross stitching Saturday evening. 

We headed home after a lazy Sunday morning. I love church and miss it when I am not there, but I did enjoy my lazy morning.

We had a nice drive home. I am always amazed at how relaxed we feel after returning from the cabin. 

It takes all desire to sell it away. We only use it say 12 times a year and a few of our friends maybe 3 times a year. I get to thinking we should just sell it. It is paid for, but there is a steep HOA fee. 

A weekend away reminds me it is worth keeping it. I have never had anyone visit there and not say it was an amazing weekend. I think it might be just a blessing from God to be there.

We came home refreshed and did a little bit of yard work. The dogs did great ...well, I was worried about Lucy, but she did well. Our son loves them as much as anyone. 

Hubby has to go back to work this week. He took vacation time all week this week. I will try and finish painting the interior of his house this week and share pictures later in the week. 

I am about to check in with all my blogs that I missed this weekend.



  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. In two weeks some of my Ga Baptist Gals are coming to Grimmwood and I am looking forward to that!! In the meantime, I am planning to get some de cluttering and cleaning done here. I hope to take one room at a time and really deep clean. I was reading one of Gladys Taber's Still Meadow books and she said that in the old days, Furniture went outside during spring cleaning. It is hard to imagine that in this day and time but you would get everything cleaned and aired!! Hope your mama is doing ok.

    1. I need to get busy on a little decluttering and spring cleaning as well. I love Gladys Taber's books. She reminds me of simpler times. I think we are a wee bit too busy these days.
      Thanks for your tip about the other colors other than DMC. I agree Vonna and many of the other stitchers are doing as a job. I want to enjoy each and every stitch. I love it and it. I am just going to keep on with my methods. I was surprised to see some of the things she does though. I know I would not like that two handed method. Yuk!
      Grimmwood is extremely nice. It is much like our cabin, except that you have it decorated cuter!!!

  2. Your break sounded wonderful. How nice to have a cabin of one's own to get away to! I can see how you would come back feeling very refreshed indeed.

    1. It was so nice. I love those weekend getaways with the hubby. We love our cabin and try to use our blessings for good. We often send our church staff and close friends to use the cabin.

    2. Oh, that is so thoughtful of you, Sandy! What a blessing that must be for them!


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