Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Update on Son's House and a Little Birthday

I am just going to start talking. My mind is full as yesterday was a full day, and today is going to be a busy one as well. Nothing bad ---just plenty to do.

I had my eye appointment yesterday. I do not need glasses. Yippie! However, I am just doing the usual aging. Sometimes that is a little hard to accept. The body fails us. My eyes are beginning to change, but not enough for glasses. He explained very well some of the things that are happening to me such as the inability to see the time in blue lighting on our new cable box. Best of all, he helped me get the best readers for stitching. I only need 1.5 for just day to day kitchen activities such as reading the labels on foods, etc. I have been using 1.5 for awhile. When I am stitching especially on 35 count which is what I am using for my latest project I can use 2.0. I stopped and purchased a pair on the way home to keep in my stitching bag. It helped a lot last night.

Speaking of stitching, I am addicted to it again. I remember loving it when I was younger before kids. I have renewed that love. I can't wait to sit down each evening and stitch while Hubby watches action shows. Yuk!

Mother's birthday is today. She is 82. We had her over for supper last night. Paul Allen made it over, but Lindsay had a cable TV problem. Over the weekend, as they were digging roots up from the tree they took down, they apparently broke the cable line. The cable guy didn't make it until 5:00, so she is coming by for lunch today with Mama.

Mother is seemingly a little better these days. I attribute some of it to she is adjusting, but much of it to prayer for both of us. She has loved working on my son's house. It gives her something to do. She can clean like no one else, so she has been a real asset.

Mother and I worked over there a bit yesterday. I painted and she worked on his wood floor. She has got both bathrooms looking pretty good. She also bought him a new couch and recliner chair. The chair won't be here until the beginning of April. She had bought Lindsay a new bedroom suit when she got married. I told her she should wait until he got married, but she didn't listen. Paul Allen was pleased as punch.

I took a few photos when we arrived. She tidied up while I painted, so it looked better for him later.

I see he has his diffuser out I gave him as well as the yard sale lamp.

I have two more bedrooms to go and then I am going to go back and touch up all the door facings. The only big repairs we have left is a sheetrock repair in one of the bedrooms and a new back door. Then he will have to work on getting the yard in shape. Whew!

Someone gave him a stand for the TV and the girlfriend brought over a bed for her dog. She helped out quite a bit last week with painting and brought her dog over. 

We are starting a new repair project around here today. We replaced the upper deck last year. It is now time for the lower deck. I can't wait for it to be done. I know it is going to be amazing. I am glad he is coming now..I thought he would be another month. Let the hammering begin.

Latest stitching project.

I am off to volunteer at church this morning, lunch with Mama and Lindsay, painting at Paul Allen's and a supper of leftovers. Hope I have the energy to stitch this evening.



  1. Girl, your post wore me out. I did not get any stitching in as I was busy lysoling and diffusing thieves due to the sickness we had over the weekend. I did join the Coffee Quaker SAL on Stitch Maynia but it does not start until April 1st. So I am trying to finish up April Showers. I also hope to finish my Easter Quaker. I am doing it myself to save some pennies. PA's house is coming along. He is blessed to have you and your mama sprucing up the place. And only cheaters needed??? As i sit with my glasses and my magnifier but a stitcher's gotta do what a stitcher's gotta do!! I might kill someone if I could not stitch....well at least slap them.!! Don't wear yourself out with all that work!!

    1. I was pooped last night. I did stitch....got the flowers and basket on the bunnies back done. I have tons to do around here today as I have company coming tonight.
      Paul Allen is so proud of his little house. I almost finished the #2 bedroom yesterday, but I ran out of paint. I will return tomorrow for another round of painting. I was quite surprised at how clean the kitchen was yesterday. I will share pictures of that next.

  2. What a busy day! But it is worth it to see how much is being accomplished.

    I find myself becoming somewhat addicted to cross stitch again. I had missed it! Sometimes I can only fit in time for a few stitches in the evening, but it's better than nothing and I'm making steady progress on that cardinal ornament.

    1. It is indeed addictive. I love doing it each evening. I didn't cross stitch for almost 20 years. I am back into it big time. I like that so many ideas are out there now for not having to frame everything.

  3. The bunny stitching is very pretty. Makes me think I should get some hand sewing out to do in the quiet times. And the house is looking great. You have worked so hard...your mother too! Thanks so much for the prayers my friend. Hugs, Diane

    1. Thanks, Diane. The work has been good for my mom. She feels purposeful. I am hoping you guys are getting answers soon.


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