Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Stormy Day

Yesterday was quite an eventful day. I won't go into much detail, rather I will tell you the more uplifting story that came later.

I awoke to Lucy making a mess. No seizure, but a mess that made me start scurrying to clean it up. Let's just say my morning did not start on the right side of the bed or on the right foot😁 It may have involved some poop.

The little stinker is doing a ton better, but dogs can be work.

Several things happened in the course of the morning, to keep me from my usual routine. No Scripture time for one!!!

I took Mama to the dentist. We were hoping to get back before the storms came. I DID manage to get her home and inside before the bottom fell out, however, I didn't make it home before that happened.

I am driving slowly back to my house. I pull up into the driveway to see what I knew wasn't going to be good. There wasn't even any need to worry about running in and not getting soaked. I was pretty sure I would be getting real wet.

I won't bore you with the details that you would need to see the layout of the land to understand anyway, but there was an industrial strength gutter bowing and buckets of rain coming down in one particular place.

Not a good place. It was a familiar scene from the spring of 2014 right before my step dad passed away. I thought we had fixed this.

I ran in and went straight to the front foyer to look out closely at the area. Not a good thing. I ran downhill to the fishing room which leads to a basement area. I was scared to open the door, but glad water wasn't gushing through it like the spring of 2014.

I opened slowly and good hear the trickle. A trickle is good compared to the previous event. I could see the stream of water that was still a small stream...no gushing.

I immediately called Jeff to come home. 20 minute drive. Yikes.

I positioned a few key things in place in case it got worse. Towels...shop vac.

Then I proceeded to go out and get the ladder ready for him to check it all out.

Why was that gutter not working?

It decided to start lightning at this point...yes, while I am on the ladder realizing I am a midget.

I have a healthy fear of lightning after all, Florida is the lighting death capital of the country and I actually been shocked before. Oh, and bless the little girl from Kentucky who was bitten by a shark this weekend. She survived, but will likely never want to come to the beach again.

Jeff arrives...inspects the inside and says we will just have to wait until the lightning stops.

I had to crawl around under crawl space in dirt ...I am very GIRLY... not my cup of tea you know. When your husband is too tall, that midget thing works against you, so down on my knees with flashlight, camera, and who knows what else....

The gutters didn't work because we had some soffit replaced about two months ago, and they didn't put the clips back up. The soffit people are coming in the morning to fix that. I am hoping they make it before the rain. It is supposed to be really bad again on Wednesday. Maybe it will be late and come on Thursday.

The water coming in underneath the house will have to be addressed. Hubby has to find someone for that.

The only good thing I can say about that is I am glad we found it now before hurricane season.

This house never had any problems for 30 years, then the year I was going through so much it was like the house began to have every problem in the world.

So, now back to the uplifting part of the story, Yesterday, was a day just gone wrong and most of my day was spent in a frantic unsettled way. Things just kept coming to keep me in disarray. The storm just happened to be the biggest one.

This morning, I knew I would get up early and attend to my quiet time before I did anything else. I also have made sure I had other priorities done before I opened a computer screen. I haven't even touched Instagram yet.

Anyway, had I read my Bible study yesterday in I Samuel, then read the prayer that goes along with it...this is what I would have read...
BTW, I love collecting beautifully written prayers...it is just something I like...maybe like poetry...just a love of words.

Heavenly Father, I need you today as I face struggles and trials that are overwhelming me. Help me be awarer of Your presence as I pause for a moment to reflect on Your goodness. Guide my thoughts and decisions. Lead me in the direction that honors You and provides for my protection. Nourish my should with Your Word, so that I may be strengthened and prepared for what lies ahead. In Jesus name, Amen.

Now, I know God forgives me for a day missed without going to Him first, but oh how He always does have a Word that is so perfect for the day ahead.

Trust me when today's reading touched me and was meant just for me. Taste and see that He is good.

I have spent some time in prayer this morning as well on some issues and reminded myself....Not my will, but Thy will!!!!
I even wrote that in my journal.

As I have been typing this post, I just received a phone call for the last bit of business of Mom's that we needed to settle since the passing of my step dad. It was an issue with a bit of land... The paper work is ready and they are mailing it out today. I am so relieved. Beyond even what I can type.

I am going to go get busy on my household chores for now...I am trying a new plan. I will let y'all know if it works. As I get older, this big old house is hard to keep up with, yet I know order keeps me lots more peaceful.

Leaning on the everlasting arms...


  1. Bless your heart. We have just lived here 8 years, house is 10 years old and in the last three months we have had several issues. Those kinds of things really get me down so I understand your awful horrible really bad day. I hope today is better..maybe if you get some stitching in along with Bible Time you will have a better day.

    1. Much better day going on. I am hoping the gutter guy gets here before the rains tomorrow. I had some really good things happen today, so attitude can have a lot to do with things. I need my time witht the Lord before I face the day!

  2. Mama said there'd be days like this . . . good reminder for turning to the One who created the day to begin with. Glad things are back on track and you survived the storm.

    1. Much better day around here today. Yes, it need that time with Him before I face the world.


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