Monday, May 1, 2017

Photo Books, Laundry, and Stuff

I have been a busy bee this Monday.
I got behind last week on laundry.
How can two people make that much laundry? I am not sure, but some of it has to with my state of mind the last week. I normally do a load a day. I just sort of looked at it last week. I was busy with something to take me away from the house everyday last week, but mostly I just was still in a funk.

I have been running that machine all day today though.

My geraniums right before my Lucy passed.

I am doing better. We all still miss that little Lucy a ton. She just had a larger than life personality even in her sickness. Lemony, the Golden doesn't have a big expressive personality. She is real laid back, very smart, but doesn't get in a hurry about anything other than a ride in the Jeep or a walk. I have wondered if she missed Lucy, but I got a glimpse of it one morning last week. She looked for her when it was time to eat. I had tried to feed Lucy two mornings, so I guess she would have those same moments too.

I have been trying to make a photo book for the kids of our life with the dogs. I have been scanning in photos with each of the kids with our dogs over the years. Three English Springer Spaniels (Sally, Murphy, and Lucy) and one Golden Retriever, Lemony. Of course, Lindsay has already started her own family of dogs now with the Boykin Spaniel, Hallie. I have scanned and scanned!

I made a book using an app called Free Photobooks. I have used the app for free prints, but not the book. Free? You are allowed so many free photos a month. I actually did a test of prints comparing them to Walgreen where I usually go.
I printed the same set of photos from each place and then mixed them up. I voted for each photo to see which one I like best.

THE RESULT: Literally half and half. I liked half from Walgreen and half from the Free Photos. You only have to pay the shipping.

I will let you know if the book turns out good. I made a book for me and then a copy for both kids. It only costs $10.00 for the extra two. I have no clue if it will turn out ok.

This all brings me to my thinking point...Pictures are amazing. I love digital and really love my iPhotos much, but I love a printed photo album as well. My family loves to pull them out and go back through them. When I first retired, I purchased a bunch of alike albums and redid mine. I pulled all of those that had sticky backs out and put them in new albums. It was quite a job, but I love the albums. You can see my choice here.

I have also worked today to get back on my cleaning zone for each day. I skipped a couple of days last week. NOT GOOD!!!

I cleaned off my desk in my sewing room. I finally made my wrapping station counter a full fledged desk. After observing how I work in there, I just knew I needed that counter top to keep me organized on the bill paying, filing, and general papers that come in and clog up the kitchen counter. I noticed that I generally pulled the wrapping paper and moved to my workspace in the window anyway to wrap.

Just cleaning off my desk cleared my mind today. I don't like stacks of papers and I AM A STACKER!!!

Lindsay dropped in for lunch which is always good and I have supper in the crockpot. Every moment I needed to stop and rest was used to stitch. I am making a few color changes in my freedom stitch. Made a bit of progress today on it as well as laundry.

A good day I say,


  1. I will have to check out that photo book app. I need to make some. I did albums for all the grands until they were five. I recently gave them to all the bigger ones. I think old albums will soon be a thing of the past. I did the same thing you did ...took out all of mine and organized them by year. I have decided I will probably not print as many pictures as I used to print. Just those I want to display on the fridge or in a frame. I have yet to make a book of our little house so I really need to do that. And your desk looks amazing. I love that it is so tidy and organized. Freedom is looking good too. I love that variegated. I wish I had done that!! I worked on Santa this am and now I am waiting on a friend. We are going to Huntsville to see Chondra Pierce. It should be fun but it is hard for me to get excited about going out at night. I guess I am getting old.:)

    1. I wanted to hear what you thought of Chondra. Remember, I just cleaned up my desk area. It does NOT always looks that tidy, but it has helped the kitchen clutter. I try to drop stuff off there and attend to it each evening before I settle in.
      I think you are right about albums, but I do like my hands on albums.

  2. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment about my blog headers!


  3. I'd agree you definitely did have a good day!

    I'm a stacker too and I really, really hate stacks, especially on a desk. Your desk looks great and has inspired me to go do mine.

    I will be so interested to hear how your photo books turn out. I've done a number of them but have always used Shutterfly.

    1. I will post the results of the photo books when they come in. I have no idea the quality. I have looked up some reviews and they were good. I try so hard to stay on top of my stacks. I can be a bit of a procrastinator, but honestly a lot of it is I am busy and can't make quick decisions, so I get stacks.

  4. Just now catching up with everyone, and I'm so impressed with your organizing - both of photos and your desk! My mother is making photo albums for us, and it's taking her forever because she stops admire, and think, and dream, then call us and say . . . "do you remember when . . .!" As for your desk, take a tip from me, I like to stack things, but want a clean desk, so I just put my stacks on the floor around my desk. I know, I'm a genius.
    Hope your week has been a good one!

    1. I have been guilty of those stacks on the floor as well. When I was teaching I put them under my desk especially when I was fussing about the students' desks. I think photo albums are fun, but I am thinking they are going by the wayside. I need to do some digital storage. I bought a iBook thingie and it is still sitting there. I need to get busy sending things to it.


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