Tuesday, May 30, 2017


I have a lot of t-shirts!

I don't like wearing t-shirts. At least I don't like wearing thicker t-shirts. I apparently did at one time...judging by how many I have.

I have given away and donated more clothes than one should ever even own with my weight loss. I felt guilty about it for awhile, even though I think having pretty clothes should be a perk to working outside the home.

Now, I am getting down to the nitty gritty with the last thing to sort and donate. T-SHIRTS! I have lots of them. You know how you get something everywhere you go...it was t-shirts. Then throw in two of my loves: Auburn and space and one has waaaayyyy to many.

I spent today going through them and had to go back to it three times.  I sorted three different times before I was sure I made a huge dent in them. I know....shameful.

I pulled out some of the space and Auburn ones to make a quilt from. I still have about five that don't fit a category for a quilt, but I am struggling parting with them.

I still have a dozen that are still sort of big, but I can use around the house to wear. All of them are lightweight, so I might wear some of them to clean and putter around the house. I really find I never wear t-shirts except for Auburn ones outside of the house.

Speaking of Auburn t-shirts, I have an orange one and two blue ones that are more of a lady cut that I really like. However, I still have about a dozen besides the ones I pulled out for the quilt. I told you I had a lot! I will work on finding someone in the family that is bigger than me to give those to.

I am not buying any more t-shirts and have informed the family. Even when I get to Auburn and they have the cutest new design. Nope...

Clearing things out thanks for listening to my thinking,


  1. Hello, I have only a few T-shirts, but they really are for around the house or sleeping. I still like a nice fitting button up shirt. But really I think I have so many tops that I may need to clean a few out of my closets and drawers myself.And it is hard to get rid of stuff I put it in a pile and then think, I might just need that LOL
    Have a good one friend!!
    Hugs, Roxy

    1. I am definitely make piles. I need to get my daughter in there. She will put me on track.

  2. Something about the way I am built makes tee shirts my not so favorite apparel. I think I am long waisted and t shirts do not flatter me at all. I do have several I wear around the house and to walk in but that is it. Lanier had several quilts made from her children's old tee shirts and it looked great. A good way to preserve memories as well.

  3. I know that it is tough to part with some items. We really do put emotions into the precess don't we ? Good luck :)

  4. T-shirts are not my favorite either. I wear them for housework or yard work but that's about it. I was going to suggest a quilt but I see you are way ahead of me. How about some of these? Tote bags made from T-shirts

  5. Marie Kondo has a great tutorial on how to fold t-shirts so that you can save space and actually see what you have.


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