Thursday, July 6, 2017

Week of the Fourth

It seems that about all I have in me these days is a weekly post. I am in a bit of a creativity slump, which probably means I need to quit pushing and do something different.

Anyway, we spent a family fourth here at the house. Jeff grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, and most of the veggies. Lindsay made a salad and salsa. I made brownies, homemade hot fudge sauce, and homemade ice cream.

To say that I ate too much would be an understatement. I think we all did. The ice cream was so good and that is the only time of the year I make it, so we all pigged out a bit. Jeff's sister says that is her favorite thing.

I think this may have been the first year in a very long time we didn't go see fireworks out on the island, but we just decided to call it an evening. The neighbors two doors down are from Alabama and only come to their home a few times a year. It is one of the few places left on the bay and bayous with a cottage and a lot that if they ever sell will hold two houses instead of one. They brought Alabama fireworks. The kind that are sold just across the state line are very different than the ones we can buy here. When the kids were young we always got some to bring home from visits to Mama's house. They put on quite a show. I actually enjoyed watching them have so much fun. They were through by 10:00...just family fun.

On Monday, Jeff took off from work and we went up to the farm to just check on things. I have noticed that the pecan trees have nuts on them this year. I had finally researched how to fertilize them, but missed the deadline to do so. The difference maker I think this year has been the June rains. It rained almost everyday in June. I hope they actually produce some good ones. Of course, I will have to enlist all my family and friends to pick them up if they do.

I am off to go get my haircut today. I have been letting it grow out. You know how you see stuff on the computer and so forth and think, "I should try that." Well, I hate it. I looked up last Friday in the mirror and realized it looks awful. Being the week of the fourth I had to wait until this morning before my girl had an opening. I am going back to my little shoulder length bob which is the Goldilocks cut for me.

Then it is off to Destin before the weekend to take my computer to the Geek Squad for its yearly checkup. I am trying to keep my mac running forever.

I have several things I need to do a finish on of my cross stitching, but like I said, my creativity is just nonexistent.
I am going to let it go for awhile and see if it comes back.


  1. Your house looks so beautiful and it sounds like you had FUN! And don't worry...the creativity comes and goes. I was going all out and yesterday I cleaned everything up to take a break. I couldn't stand the mess I was in! haha! Enjoy your week! Hugs!

    1. I am sure it will come back, but I went in the sewing room the other day and I just couldn't come up with anything I wanted to use or do. It is time to let it go for awhile. Maybe the heat is affecting my brain.

  2. I like my long bob but sometimes I get an itch for a new style. Then I remind myself of all the hair catastrophes I have lived though and try to forget the itch. I love your house and your brownies ice cream and hot fudge sauce sound divine. I started stitching some fall pieces...I have several summer patterns I will save for next year. Marvin is still ailing and we hope to get MRI results tomorrow. A sweet deacon's wife just brought us some dinner. I am reminded of how much a nice hot meal restores the spirits to those who are low. I need to do better about taking meals. Time to get in a walk now that the temps have moderated a bit. ( Those pecan trees look great. I think you are right...RAIN!)

    1. I pray it is an easy fix for Marvin's pain. I know that kind of pain can be awful. It is good to remember people with a quick meal. I have a couple of things that are fairly easy to put together. Our young girls use a computer program to sign up for things. You just pick your date and what you are going fix..time, etc. It is really a good thing to have going.
      My hair was so much better today. I don't know what I was thinking. You would think I would know better.

  3. I love the bunting hanging off your deck. It sounded like your Fourth was wonderful. Yum on the brownies and ice cream. Your pecan trees look great. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Robin. Have a great weekend yourself.

  4. Your home looks so beautiful, Sandy, looks like you had a great Fourth.

  5. Thank you! Family is always good times.


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