Thursday, November 8, 2018

Some Finishes in the Sewing Room

I am taking a break or maybe you could say putting off finishing up some much needed tasks.

I finally fully finished a piece I stitched ages ago. I actually had it framed and hated it, then pulled it out and it sat for months. I just am not too good at the the Priscilla style finishing even though I think some it is real cute. I am kind of a "plain Jane."

I spent only about $2. for the piece of wood. That was my first real issue. After I pulled it out of the frame, I spent a long time looking for a "just right" something or other to mount it on. Nothing suited my fancy. I was in Tuesday Morning one day when I saw this piece of wood. It was unfinished and a tray but the right size. I took the handles off and stained it with some stain I had in the garage. I have seen these for way more than I paid for it at Joann's even with a coupon. That was a win. Then I couldn't decide how to embellish it. That would be classic me. I spent way too much time thinking about it. I decided I wanted some rick rack, but I couldn't find the burgundy anywhere. I finally ordered this from Amazon. I thought it was wider, so that didn't work out like I wanted. I worked with it anyway. That was done. Then it sat again for a very long time while I pondered what it needed.

This is where I am just not a Priscilla. No matter what I did it looked awful and took away from the stitch. I finally went to my ribbon stash where I had the color ---win! and made a bow, added a button, and decided to quit. I am happy with my plainer look. You just can't change your stripes.

I am happy with it not being framed. It is just in my sewing room and makes me happy. You may remember I changed the bird to a redbird because sometimes I have a cardinal outside my sewing room window. He has been elusive lately.

I was in AC Moore here the other day and they mentioned they have a new framer who specializes in stitching. She laces and all. When I finish my space shuttle after the new year I will give her a try.

Now, for my other finish.

Lots of information before I share the picture...No scrolling people.

I made a lot of mistakes. He is a bit crooked, but I am happy with him. "Why?", you ask when he is crooked. I learned so much from doing this one.

Nothing ventured - nothing gained - right?!

I have hesitated to try one of these flat fold ornaments for several reasons.
I really really like the pillows.
I can never get the corners straight enough for my liking.

I decided that I was going to give it whirl. If I don't try things I will never get better. I can always restitch something that small and so, I played with it.

I laced it which I really loved doing even though I got it crooked. It was so much easier for ME than gluing. I could have probably put a dab of glue on the back to keep it straighter. I think this gave me much better corners.

I also had a whole piece of mat board downstairs in a closet. In all my listening to Vonna tutorials I picked up on that uses that. I really must say I liked the thinness of it. IT made the flat fold not so thick. I have a bunch of it from a project long ago, so I should be able to do projects for a while with it.

I felt better about the cording this time. I think I have it down how to make it now. I am just not good at figuring how to finish it off, but you know I am going to figure that out too with practice.

I am sharing it even though I haven't finished that yet. I think I will add an embellishment, but I am kind of tired for today.

Oh, and the other thing I didn't like was that I left too much margin.

I am not going to redo this one. I am just going to finish off the bottom and keep on learning. He was fun to stitch and will look fine on the tree.

I still have one other Santa stitched. I haven't decided if I will do him to match this one or do a pillow, but I am done crafting today. Now, I just need to get some energy to go and clean up my mess!


  1. Both of your finishes turned out good, Sandy! I don't think it is 'plain Jane'; at times, my philosophy is less is more. Lately, I have been leaning to flat finishes as they take up less room to store them.

  2. You know what they always one would even notice if you didn't point it out to them! But we are perfectionist...or at least one of us is! hahaha! I played the pinecones and a glue gun today. That was fun! Not perfect...just FUN! lol You really make beautiful things. Love the wood for the back of the first one. Hugs!

  3. You are entirely too hard on yourself. Your finishes look really good!

  4. Your finishes are just great, Sandy! As Barbara said above, you are way too hard on yourself. I don't see where your Santa is crooked at all, in fact.

  5. A great finish for a great pattern. I don't mind it if something is crooked, because I think to myself - you can calmly see that it was made with love itself. And nobody is perfect - the main thing was that it was fun and you tried something new.
    Happy Weekend, Martina

  6. Great finishes. I like them very much.
    Have a nice weekend. Manuela

  7. I love Home of a Needleworker! It looks perfect to me! And Santa is lovely as well. We are learning by doing!

  8. Sandy, thank you so much for your contact me message. I followed your advise and I believe the blogger problem is solved. Now hopefully this comment will stick. It didn't a few days ago. And isn't it strange how my picture icon is so tiny? Yikes - looks like I got my head shrunk! xo

  9. Sandy: I think the margin is perfect on Santa, I love the braid I am not good at making braids, I think he is perfect, I do a running stitch now for place on a flatfold then after it is laced on I can pull the thread, this helps to keep it straight until finished.
    I stitched the Home of a needlworker long ago, it is still one of my favorite designs.
    I like the rick rack and the blue plaid perfect together.


  10. Sandy I love both of your finishes truly. I like a simpler finish than Priscilla usually does too. She is very talented and creative but sometimes it is just too much for me. So I think yours looks perfect and I love the colors you used. Well done! RJ

  11. Sandy, I truly love your Needleworker finish--I'm not just saying that! I find that "less is more" holds true in finishing and I think your touches are subtle yet effective. I am not one for lots of silk flowers and embellishments. Everyone has her own style and I think yours is wonderful!

    Sorry to be so late with my comments--was up in New York again with my mom who got a new pacemaker put in!


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