Monday, January 7, 2019

Back to Work

I feel somewhat like I went back to work, but without the stress of teaching.

My daughter started back today, so today was Tucker's first official day at Grammie's Daycare. It was a teacher workday so she got to leave an hour early even though she is not a teacher:) She was very happy about that. There were tears on her part. I sent her pictures and updates throughout the day.

I am tired, but it was a successful day. I felt a bit like I was going back to work, because I was thinking on a schedule starting last night. I got up with the alarm today and walked the dogs before I left to go get Tucker. I am picking him up so that gives her a bit more time in the mornings. I knew Gus would not handle the day without a good bit of activity this morning. As I get into a routine, I will be able to go outside with him more during the day. Oh and Lemony is back to herself...Thank goodness. She will be turning 10 this month, so I have to keep her healthy.

Get a load of those boy clothes!

One more thing on the grandma story. Over the holidays I was reading in the January Southern Living and noticed a name for grandmas. It was Shug. I so loved it! I told Lindsay I might change my name, but I am thinking Grammie has already stuck. Stay tuned.

Now, onto other stuff. We took a beach walk this past Saturday morning. The following pictures are not made by me. My husband is a much better photographer even with a phone. I thought he got some nice photos that morning. We were so glad to see sunshine although it was early when we went out there.

I am hoping to find time to stitch in the evenings and strike a balance between stitching and my other love which is reading. I have to remind myself I am not in a competition, but to enjoy both and slow down!

My latest stitches are the strawberry one which I started this past weekend, and

the space shuttle which I started in 2018. I am going to most likely have to work on this one during the weekend because all that black and white needs some daylight to stitch it.

I am also reading two books. One is on the Bushes by the granddaughter and the other is a John Grisham book. I will let you know more about them later.

I think it will be a weekly post for now. We will see how things go as I am sure I will fade in energy as the week goes on.

Getting sugar everyday,


  1. Yes even keeping grands you love is a job and requires a lot of organization. Tucker is just adorable...those eyes. I am re reading The Woman on the Orient Express for my book club at the end of the month. I am in charge so doing some research etc. Love your pretty stitches. I contacted Vonna about finishing a Christmas ornament for me in 2019. I would like to have a Vonna piece just to say I have it.

  2. Sandy, what gorgeous beach pictures and Tucker too! I've not heard of the nickname Shug before. Sounds like a mixup of hugs! I'm Nana. I hope you get into your daycare grove soon so you won't be so tired. xo

  3. Your husband took gorgeous beach pictures; it looks like you are carrying a coffee. Oh my goodness, that picture of Tucker is adorable. He is such a cutie and I am thrilled that he gets to go to Grammie's Daycare. Your stitches look good.

  4. Sandy, your beach walk looked fabulous. I can almost hear the waves and feel the breeze. Your new Brenda Gervais is just beautiful, and I’m so glad Lemony is back to herself. Judy

  5. You certainly had a lot of fun with Tucker, and for a mother the first day is always hard, but you two mastered that well.
    The strawberry motif looks pretty, I like it.
    Very nice pictures from the beach walk.
    Hugs Martina

  6. He looks so alert and ready-to-face-the-day in his cute boy clothes!

    Wonderful beach pictures!

  7. I am a new reader to your site--
    love that photo of Tucker--hope he doesn't wear you out too much so you can keep posting!!
    and those beach photos are just sooo inviting--
    luv, di

  8. I'm sure you will have no trouble getting your walking in with Tucker there, Sandy. Will you be caring for him every day? He is such a sweetie--I know your daughter must love having you there for him.

    The beach scenes are wonderful--just what I needed to say on a rainy, cold day up north. I'll bet you so enjoy being able to get outside every day of the year. I can't imagine!

  9. That little Tucker is sure lucky to have a wonderful G-ma like you to take care of him. I love the name "Shug!" Enjoy your first week of "work."

  10. So many grandmothers step up to the plate on behalf of a grandchild. How blessed your daughter is to have you there for her and Tucker. Now Tucker is such a bright beautiful boy that I am certain that you count it all joy!

  11. Good Luck Grammie!!! and don't forget to take care of "you" too....

  12. Tucker is beyond precious. Love every single photo of that sweet little boy. I love your new stitch. Well "Shug" have a great week. RJ


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