Monday, March 11, 2019

Spring Feels

The temps have been warmer and even some sun after what has been a very cloudy winter. It is not spring just yet, but I am wishing for  a long spring.

Azaleas have been in full bloom around here and I have just soaked in their goodness every time I go outside. I have enjoyed them on walks with Tucker and just drives around town. They are truly one of my favorite flowers. They have bloomed a tad bit early this year with the warm temperatures as of late.

I stopped in front a neighbor's home to take this photo.

I decided to clip some from my back yard to put in the house and love them even more since they are short lived.

I took these looking down from the upstairs deck. You can see that these are almost done and new growth is poking through. 
Hmmm.... see that screen on the ground... that would go with the painting of the house story that I never shared with y'all. Maybe one day. IT was a mess of a story!

Anyway I clipped some from the bottom to bring inside.

I am in need to getting new pine straw down in my flower beds out front. I think it is going to be warm this week, so Tucker and I may go outside to enjoy it.

I never shared that the sweet little community of Beauregard that had the horrible tornadoes last week was where I did my student teaching 36 years ago. I graduated from Auburn on March 17th after student teaching at that sweet little school.

This was the only picture I found in the classroom back then.

I didn't take it out of my scrapbook so sorry for the glare.
Look at that gorgeous black hair.

Paul Allen and Katie went to Auburn this weekend for a baseball game and to get away. 

Here is a sweet picture of their dogs on the way home.
Reece, the boxer and Dansby....wait...wait...

the coonhound. 

They had a DNA test done on him at my suggestion:). I just knew he had a ton of Bluetick in him. He is the sweetest thing too.
He is named after an Atlanta Braves baseball player because Paul Allen is obsessed with them and has been since he was 4. I suppose he gets that from both his parents.

Anyway, I thought the pups were simply adorable. Reece is a girl BTW and very sweet too. Katie has had her a long time.

Here is my little man ready for spring too. Lindsay sent that this weekend. I thought it was just so cute.

He has discovered his feet and is quite vocal as well these days.

I will be back soon with some stitching and such.

Needing to get some housework done as I have been very lazy this morning with the time change. It did not hit me yesterday, but OH IT DID TODAY!


  1. Love the picture of Reece and Dansby! Oh my goodness, Tucker and those shades; that shot certainly made me smile. What beautiful azaleas! Enjoy your week, Sandy!

  2. DNA testing on a dog... oh my. Just a few years ago, no one had heard of DNA testing and now we are all doing it!! Fun stuff!! Your azaleas are beautiful. They are almost done here, too. With the exception of your hair color, you look the same!! Lovely! And that little man is PRECIOUS!

  3. A fun read this morning, Sandy! Fun to catch up with you. Love the azaleas. Still buried in snow up here!

    And oh, the chubby thighs on that baby. He must be eating well.

  4. Lovely post--and what delightful photos of the 'pups' and that cute cute little one!!!
    and guess what--I found a online shop that has the rest of the Word Play counted cross stitching charts--it is called--The Silver Needle out of OK--and the shipping is low--just ordered the June one from them--
    have a great week--
    luv, di

  5. What gorgeous azaleas! So glad spring is making an appearance in your neck of the woods... Things are warming up here, too, but this time of year is very up and down temperature wise. No flowers up here yet, though!

    Love the throwback photo of your student teaching era, Sandy--pretty then and pretty now :) And oh, that Tucker, is so adorable--it will be nice to take him for walks in his stroller now that the weather is warming up.

    Enjoy your week, Sandy!

  6. Hi Sandy: Please send some warm weather our way, giggles.
    He is positively adorable, love the shades, so cute.
    Beautiful photo of you with black hair.
    Thank-you for sharing the flowers photos.


  7. Wow, these are magnificent azaleas, and in the vase a pretty eye-catcher.
    Tucker looks so cute, with the sun glasses.
    Have a nice week.

  8. Wow your azaleas are wonderful. Nice color.
    Tucker is so cute with the big sunglasses.
    Have a nice week.
    Hugs, Manuela

  9. Tucker is ready for a day in the sun with those sunglasses on! Too cute! Lovely flowers, Sandy!

  10. LOVE the dog pictures! But Tucker takes the prize in those sun glasses! Look at his cute baby-fat legs! He's a little doll. It's a wonder you get anything done at all when he's with you!

    The Azaleas -- we have been admiring them everywhere. Joy of joys -- our builder planted some Azaleas with the landscaping package at our new house. (we move in on March 22)

  11. A darling little man, a funny dog and lovely blooms. A great post.

  12. Miss Hall you are adorable. And of course little Tucker looks so sweet as usual. I always love your flowers and of course I love your dogs. RJ


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