Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A Finish

I am back again doing my part to give fellow bloggers and stitchers something new to read.

I finished the stitch that drew me away from the blue jays. My attention span is short these days.

My plan for this is a flat fold self easel using one of Vonna's tutorials. I did another bunny from this very old Leisure Arts book like that and really liked it. I think this will be cute to display in late summer. Summer can seem eternal around these parts and I remember always having trouble coming up with bulletin board ideas for back to school in late August and September. It is no where near fall here at that time, so I decided last year that some school things and maybe the apples and sunflowers would give me a change of scenery with my stitching display items while holding off on fall until October 1st. This is one of those ideas. I should be able to fully finish it this week so stay tuned for that.

I am usually a less is more kind of finisher...well, not just in finishing, but in dress and other ways too. Leave it to Faye at Carolina Stitcher to just completely wow me with the following finish. I miss her blog, but she is mostly doing Instagram now. I almost wished I had seen this before I finished my little hoopla bunny, but then again I have no idea where I would put this. Making the smaller finishes seems to work for me, but if you haven't seen this...add it to your idea bank. 
Seriously, isn't this just AHHHH-dorable.

I am getting back to my blue jays very soon because I am actually missing them, but Priscilla and Chelsea published a free pattern that is very small.

You can see it here...

Anyway, Paul Allen texted this picture of Katie's chickens which he calls them her pride and joy the other day.

They have a chicken coup but get to free roam too. They are named Dolly and Olivia. I think I will whip up the chickens pattern and personalize with the chickens' names for her birthday next month.

I ordered this cute little romper for Tucker to have at Easter. I decided I was never going to get to that sewing. Too much to cross stitch plus keeping him leaves little time for sewing. I think he will wear it early since no one knows what is going to happen. It is actually a very soft knit. I missed that when I ordered it but I actually like it. I think he will enjoy wearing it. Picture promised!

This is a gorgeous time of year on the Gulf Coast of north Florida. I am trying to soak up lots of deck sitting. Last evening after supper, we just sat outside for a good while and enjoyed watching the birds and listening to the sounds of nature.

 I have a blog on my sidebar you might want to check out. I think she is starting back to blogging. Anyway, she posted a sweet post about LIGHT yesterday. Check it out. 

Take care everyone,


  1. It's so helpful to read about your stitching and the chickens, and decorating ideas. Such an oasis here

  2. Sandy: I adore the Bunny and apples what a sweet design.
    , I look forward to seeing your flathold.
    That romper is adorable, he will look so cute.
    I love sitting outdoors, it is so refreshing.
    Krissy says hello to Lemony.


  3. Love all the diversions...thank you!!

  4. I looked at that bunny with the watermelon and did a double take! I did that design....years ago! I found some of the old Leisure Arts magazines recently at the thrift store. They had some of the cutest bunnies and bears back then. Love seeing your view out back. It's gorgeous here right now too! Take care of yourself! Stay healthy!

  5. Sandy, what a beautiful view! And that romper is just oo adorable! Your bunny embroidery is so sweet. Good job!

  6. That view is certainly good for the soul! Wow! I love your bunny with the watermelon. Very cute for late summer! Love the romper for Tucker! Adorable!

  7. What a gorgeous view! I didn't realize you lived on the water. So very pretty. Love the romper for Tucker. That looks so cute. Be sure to get some pictures of him in it! Your bunny with the watermelon and apples is so cute. Thank you for sharing! Stay well and be blessed!

  8. The little bunny is so cute. Oh yes, the romper for Tucker is magical, it will look great in it.
    Take care of you, Martina

  9. The little bunny is so cute and a lovely stitching finish.
    Take care of you and your family.

  10. Love your bunny finish, Sandy! It is so cheerful with its brighter colors. What a darling romper you got for Tucker! I enjoyed the picture of Dolly and Olivia and I think that free design will be perfect for Katie. I loved the picture of your deck view -- a beautiful reminder of God's glory during this time of craziness.

  11. You already know that I love your bunny with watermelon stitch, and the finish will be wonderful as well. I just know that.

    Yes, I had saved the freebie from Priscilla and Chelsea. That will make a cute birthday gift for Katie's birthday.

    Cute romper for Tucker. You're a good Grandma!

  12. You are so blessed to live in a warmer climate during this lock down. I am so anxious to get out of the house after being inside for almost two straight weeks. Your bunny is darling and will be so cute finished as you intend. I think that Hoopla finish of Faye's is just about the cutest thing ever. My mind doesn't work like that (picking up things in advance just in case you have a finish that works with it!).

    Enjoy your sweet Tucker--his new outfit is precious! Take care now, Sandy ♥

  13. Tucker will look so adorable in the jumper!!! I used Vonna's tutorial and it was so easy to do the flat fold. That finish of Faye's is perfection!!!! I love it and I miss her blog so much, it was one of the very first stitching blogs I found. I like blogs so much better than Instagram and wish she would go back to blogging. I try not to go on Instagram, it's a hole that I don't want to go down!!

    Your view is so beautiful!!!


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