Thursday, July 17, 2014

Painted the Dining Room

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the dining room before. It was a lovely shade of yellow like my kitchen. The color was called "Roman Candle" purchased at Lowe's. One of the loveliest shades of yellow ever... a warm golden yellow. I repainted the kitchen on a lark a couple of weeks ago and really liked the new color. If I ever have it clean long enough to take photos I will share the new look with you.

Dining Room Before

Very old picture of the dining room, because I haven't had the blue carpet or rug on top of it for ages.

But, as you can, the yellow was nice.

I repainted the kitchen on a lark a couple of weeks ago and really liked the new color. The funny thing is several people have been to my house and absolutely no one has noticed that I painted. At first, I was disappointed, but, later I realized the color is just that perfect. You are no longer noticing the color of the walls, but the things in the room.

The new color is a gray/blue/green color depending on the time of day and lighting. The cabinets really popped in the kitchen with the new color, so I decided to try it out in the dining room. I am loving it. The china cabinet just popped out, and I noticed the things in the cabinet.

Dining Room After 

Warning: picture heavy, because I love pictures.

I took these at night, so the lighting isn't great, but I am LOVING this new color. The dining room table really stands out.

Liking my summer buffet.

Old and New side by side...

I love both, but I am really liking the gray. The items in the cabinets and the wood tone are just really popping. It is like you used to notice the yellow wall, now you notice the items in the room.

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  1. I just adore your dining room. Are the cabinets built in? And your dining table and chairs are to die for!

  2. Dawn, Please forgive me for not replying. Nothing like not checking your comments for awhile. The cabinets are built in. They are amazing. We inherited the house from my husband's parents. It had been their dream home built at retirement. The cabinets were and still are incredible. The table and chairs were already in there and was one of the things we kept out of the estate sale. The table fit the room well. I love the simplicity of it. We did add the buffet which was a surprising find at a local antique show that comes once a year. It is a beautiful piece as well. I am grateful everyday for my home.


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