Saturday, March 22, 2014

Here Goes

I have attempted to start a personal blog before only to back out and delete it.

I guess many of us are like that, fear of taking those first steps to something that might get some negative feedback. I mean a blog is much like a journal and shouldn't that kind of be private, or at least that is what I have told myself. Of course, I am intensely private person and yes, SHY so, that would make it even more difficult to throw things out there. 

I do have a professional blog, and I have survived that. I work as a science coach in my school district. I felt a blog was a purposeful way to disseminate useful information to the teachers I worked with. It is called The Pathfinder Post and can be found here.

I absolutely love reading blogs though. It is just a whole new world of reading, and I do L-O-V-E to read. I have found so many creative ideas and helpful tutorials. I think one of the reasons I drawn to them is that I love to read biographies. As a kid, I discovered biographies one summer at our public library and read all them in a series. I learned about Rachel Jackson, Martha Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. I have always been drawn to a good biography. Two of my all time favorites are: Pat Nixon: The Untold Story by Julie Nixon Eisenhower and First Man: The Story of Neil A. Armstrong by James R. Hansen.

So, I am going to take a leap and join the blogging world. I will introduce myself in the coming days and begin my journal, if nothing else for posterity's sake.

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