Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Football, Firepits, and More

This week is already passing by so quickly. I've had errands to run which makes it move quicker than usual I guess. Let me do a weekly post since that is all I am going to get out for the next few weeks anyway.

We traveled to Auburn this past weekend. It was beautiful weather...a little fall nip, but not freezing. What I call sweatshirt weather. The game was during the day, but got quite chilly before it was over. I knew it would and dressed accordingly. Those of you who have the honest kid or the one that just doesn't mind telling you what they think as in my my case, Lindsay. She said the pants I chose for the ballgame looked like pajama pants. I didn't take offense as I was warm and toasty. They didn't look like pajama pants for the record either. Just not skinny jeans. They were some pull on cords from LLBean and great for wearing a pair of leggings under them for warmth. Daughters:)

We didn't pull out the win, but I enjoyed myself immensely. Jeff and Mom stayed home with Tucker and one of Tyler's cousins used the extra ticket. He is a Georgia grad and a former football player there, but he was very kind so we were fine with him sitting in the stands with us. Actually all those around us were super nice to him. That is my kind of rivalry.

We came back to a fire and barbecue all ready for us to eat. I bought Jeff this fire pit from Solo Stove last year for Christmas and it was the first time we have used it. It will not be the last now that we know just how wonderful it is. We plan to use it next weekend for the alabama game. We made s'mores and just relaxed around it for the rest of the evening. It doesn't smoke very much if at all. It has some kind of ridge around the top that aides in that. It is stainless steel and you can leave it overnight and in the morning it is amazing how few ashes are in it. It has doubled in price since last year, so I am very glad I got it when I did.

Beautiful leaves, acorns, sweatshirt weather, family and fire pits made this mama very happy.

I did not stitch much. I just enjoyed the family. Below is the turkey I was working on earlier in the week. I am not going to fully finish him as I have some busy days still ahead. I have gathered all my fall stitching and put them in a project bag for next July. I have quite a few I really want to do, but just haven't been able to pull off this year.

I am thinking about Christmas and planning and hope to get some shopping done next week. Jeff is off for the entire week so I know I will be running running running. I will need a week of rest afterwards. I have some Christmas stitching I want to do, but none that has to be done so I will just enjoy my Christmas stitching. I may start switching out fall decor to Christmas slowly next week since I am not hosting at my house. I do cook quite a bit, but my sister-in-law lives within walking distance from me so no traveling or packing up this year. I know everyone will miss the farm, but I am glad to have it sold. I think I said that already:)

I plan to put out the Nativity first and then I am going to set up my Christmas carol basket next so that I can share them with you. I have already been admiring them just sitting on my sewing room counter.

I will leave you with Tucker and Lemony. She lets him do anything. I turned around to find him in the  box with her. She chooses to lay down there ---her kennel is not used to keep her in as Gus's is. Her door never gets shut! Fortunately I had just washed all her bedding and cleaned out the bottom of it. I do that on a regular basis. Both dogs have their own little home in the family room and are trained to go and get in them when you say, "Go get in the box." This is usually said when we have guests over.

I read another book that I think would make a wonderful gift for anyone who has a young mom in their lives. I hadn't planned on buying it, but I just kept coming back to it and felt the urge to get it. IT is a new release by Emily Ley called When Less Becomes More. I seriously can't say enough good things about this book. So much wisdom from a 36 year old. I read through and couldn't put it down and thought about if only I had read it when I was 30. I promptly gave it to Lindsay to read. It is really really good.

I may or may not post next week with the holidays and the trip to Auburn for the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

A Catching Up Post

Popping in with a little random slice of life this week and some of last.

Cold weather descended on north Florida very early this year. I am not complaining since I was pretty much over the heat that the last two summers have brought, but wow, it was unusually cold. It can get below freezing here in January and sometimes even February, but those freezing temps are one or two nights and only for the couple of hours just before sunrise. Folks, it was below freezing for about 6 hours the other night. I was charged with making sure the heat lamps were on the lemon tree. Hubby had to go out of town for work this week, so he set this scene up around the lemon tree on Monday.

IT got down to 28 and it was 28 for a couple of hours.

It worked and quite honestly most of the lemons could be picked already. I have already brought in about 8. We weren't really worried about our harvest of the lemons, but the tree itself.

I think it is fine, but a few of my plants in pots may have gotten blistered and will need to be replaced. I really just didn't think it would actually get that cold, but alas it did!

I was on a roll last week with cooking at home. We had been rushing out way too much and I put a stop to it and got busy cooking. I came across a new chicken tortilla soup recipe and doctored it a wee bit. It was extremely good with my additions.
The original recipe can be found here...

I made some changes that I definitely think kicked it up a notch, but the basic idea of this recipe was good.
***I didn't have tomato juice so I used a large can of tomato sauce and a little water to rinse out the can. I also used fire roasted diced tomatoes rather than plain.
***I did use fresh cilantro and basil, but I think from the spice rack would have been just fine.
***Two other changes...I doubled all of the spices (chili powder, cumin, and garlic powder) After getting it going I felt it was a bit too bland for our household. We like spicy, so I did another round of each of these. IT was worth it!
***The final change was a fresh diced jalapeƱo pepper. It was definitely needed.

The soup was really good. I printed it off and added my changes to the copy.

All that soup making and spice using made me think of a Christmas gift for my son. He loves to cook, so I think I am going to get him a spice rack. I think he will like that idea. It isn't something he is going to go out and get himself.

Let's see, my mind is trying to think Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time. I plan to go shopping for Thanksgiving next week, so I am trying to get my list of things needed together. We will eat at my sister-in-law's just around the corner this year. The farm is sold and I know all will miss the day there, but it was a huge load off of my mind. IT was WAY too much to handle and care for. It is in the hands of a wonderful family who plan to build a home where the existing home is and their daughter will build on the back side.

I have been looking through old Christmas magazines. I haven't bought any new ones and don't plan to. I don't think there is anything new under the sun. A few years ago I put a basket under the coffee table to store just my old December magazines. I have quite a collection and really enjoy pulling them out each year to get inspired. I think last year I felt I had just the right amount of Christmas decorations out and will do pretty much the same things. Of course, this year I will have new stockings.

One of my absolute favorite Christmas magazines is from December 1990. It is a Colonial Homes magazine. I have held onto it for a long time. There was one home that just alway captured my attention. It still makes me swoon.

Oh and I saw that Kelly at the former blog Talk of the House has brought gingham back into her new lake home. I liked what she was doing to the lake house, but her home was just perfect at Christmas. I am excited she is bringing it back. I miss her blog. Y'all Instagram is just not my thing. I have several things I love to follow, but it is just not the same as a blog.

Let's see...Tucker is just the best. I am noticing that he is happily moving around and exploring which has kept me on my toes, but I must say a jar of straws is a better toy than any purchased item. I find that he is often content with jar lids from a drawer than all the store bought toys in the world. But, we all know that!

We are headed to Auburn for the Georgia game this weekend. It is always my favorite game of the year. I have always thought it is a true fun rival not an insane event like the one at the end of the season. It should be nippy so I will get to use the warm clothes.

I joke that this weather brings out my LLBean clothes. I have a few things that come from there, a flannel shirt, a pull over, and even a jacket. Those can only be worn in really cold weather, because they are much thicker than the usual winter fare for Florida. I pulled them out this year a bit earlier.

The game is during the day, so I am hoping Hubby will build a fire for me outdoors on Saturday evening. I love sitting by an outdoor fire about as much as anything you can do.

I will share some stitching next week when I get back.

Until then - Stay warm and War Eagle!

Gus's frisbee that was on the deck had a full circle of ice.

Monday, November 11, 2019

A Mockingbird Stitch

I became a little obsessed the last few days with finishing the bird. I guess when you get so close you just can't stand it. I stitched a lot today and it is all done.

I loved the eye. The beak not as much, but loved the eye.

I enjoyed this stitch so much. I want to do another, but for now I have a turkey, some Christmas, and Tucker's name to stitch.

I also fully finished my Christmas carols. I can't wait to share, but I am waiting until I can put them in the basket with Christmas greenery rather than fall leaves.
I think I might have shared a picture at one point with some rick rack. Well, I didn't finish them with that. I ended up going with the simple finish that had drawn me to the patterns to begin with. With the green they looked better with the simple finish. I think it I had chosen a different green or red they might have had a more playful look. 

Anyway, I can't wait to share them because I love them. IT is rare for me to say that about my finishing skills. In fact, they are far from perfect, yet I love them.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

A Round-up of Stuff

I am going to try and do a little life documenting. I am going to start with little Tucker's costume last week. I didn't go out to Destin to see it, but I had seen him in it.

Tigger aka Tucker

He didn't actually go anywhere. Just watched the kids come to his house.

Sickness descended on the family in the form of a stomach virus last week. It may be one of the worst ever!!! IT started with me throwing up Wednesday before lunch and calling Lindsay to let her know she needed to come get Tucker. She said she was not feeling too good just as I called her. Well, before the day was out she, Tyler, and Jeff had all succumbed to this madness. Paul Allen didn't come near out house. I was so worried about Mother, but she is still sick free thus far. Honestly, none of us felt good until Sunday. 

I did make to the Auburn game on Saturday night.

Enough about sickness...Auburn was beautiful as the weather changed and it was the first socks, long sleeves, scarves, etc. of this season. It happened quickly. In fact, it was cold at the game and I had to layer up to stay warm enough.

Today was warmer again though. I have enjoyed the cooler temps and now it is the usual ---one day  cold and one day warm. Better check the weather before you go outside.

Now, I need to document some yard gardening because I have changed things up and need to keep up with how things work or not work.

The side flower pots have been redone and I added one more thing on Sunday evening.

The above pot has white pansies, a fern, some violas, and some lamb's ear. The lamb's ear was my addition. I purchased it in Auburn at the Ace Hardware. I have been looking everywhere for it after seeing it on Instagram. I eagerly watch James T. Farmer's Friday stories. His home is south central Georgia is known as Farmdale (a beautiful home in rural Georgia). He does a gardening post on Fridays called Farmdale Fridays. I have learned so much from this Auburn alum and horticulture major. I wanted to try this plant for the winter here.

Two of the plants are like above and the other three have dianthus and dusty miller in them. They are beginning to look alive. I have some other pots that I keep on the wall behind them. This way I can leave some things in from year to year for certain seasons.  The past two summers have been hard on anything planted hence...empty pots for the most part behind the wall. Next summer, I am planning to go back to Lillies of the Nile. 

Moving along to the front. My new plants in the ground are doing great. We did this on both areas on either side of the front door. I am loving the new look. I am glad that I chose to pull up the roses.

Do you see the real pups in the window? I had just come back from a walk with Tucker minus them. They were waiting on us.

The front door pots along the wall are slowly popping out and I filled in some gaps with some new plants. 

I haven't planted anything in the swan planters in years, but I am trying them again. I have some ornamental mustard and dusty miller in them. We will see how they do. One gets very little water due to the eaves of the house and the other gets almost too much, so doing them the same may not be a great idea.

The lemon tree is loaded and should be ripe for picking next month.

 A little change up in the dining room for Thanksgiving decor.

With all the sickness and out of town, stitching is going on but at a slow pace.

That is all I have for tonight.