Thursday, September 1, 2022

Welcome September

     If I had written a post yesterday, it would have been sad...I hate saying goodbye to August these days. I love summer even with all its heat and humidity. It has always meant long days of freedom from the regular routine. When I was teaching, the last day before pre planning started is the day I would go into my sad mode. Now, I get the whole month of August to savor summer.

However, the calendar page turned to September (which is a good thing) and once it arrives I am able to move on, because after all, September is a good month in our family. Lots of celebrations. Honestly, other than school and busier days, it is still full on summer here for a good while. The light is changing though. Fall will arrive in other ways than cooler temperatures. At some point this month, I will make the change too.

The first celebration begins today with our 38th anniversary. We usually eat at Whataburger and that is the plan today. We are super romantic!

Rather than the usual wedding dress photograph, I decided to showcase the leaving outfit. It seems most of the girls today leave in their wedding dress, but back in 1984 we also had to find a leaving outfit. I still own this suit. I am certain only a portion of my body would fit in it. I think I weighed 95 on that day. 

As with all 38 years, Danny's (Jeff's brother that just passed away) birthday came the following day. He will be missed this year. 

Onto the September plans. I am planning to stitch on 2 samplers. I have never even followed any guidelines, but I guess this year I could be since it is Sampler September in Cross Stitch Land. I will share more about those soon. 

Let's just let the rabbit wander around the path.

First up- I purchased a new purse. A new old purse that is. I love purses and have whittled down my collection quite a bit, but this fall thing had me thinking about how I ALWAYS used to have a navy purse. I don't seem to have one. I sort of went looking, but saw nothing that just said, "Gotta have!" I pulled out 2 of my old brown Fossils which also led me to the desire for a new wallet. You can see how dangerous all of this is. I tend to carry a smaller purse these days than my old school days, although the purse I pulled out was one I once had and loved. All of my wallets just seemed so big. I had tried using a little Vera Bradley pouch to put my license and cards in, but doggone it those cards seemed not to like the registers. I would have to wipe them down a couple of times, so that was stoking the fires for a new wallet in itself. I have 3 wallets, but they are all large. 

I have been wandering around a few stores in town and online looking, but nothing caught my eye. I ended up at Kohl's on Saturday and I found the perfect wallet. It was only $7.50. They had it in several colors, but I ended up with a nice peachy color. 

I saw a few purses, but nothing great. I came home and looked on Etsy and found a just right old one. It looked better in person than the pictures even showed. I am in love. I will be using this sweet little gem starting now and for the next few months. 

We also had made a trip out to the outlets where I had no plans to purchase anything but stopped in J Crew and found a "Sandy" sweater. Jeff was in another store, so I come out with a bag. He asked what was in it and I said, "A Sandy sweater." I showed it to him and he agreed wholeheartedly. Now, I need some cool weather to wear it. I think I can be patient another month.

Speaking of fashion, I bought Lindsay the cutest little dress from Walmart the other day. I actually saw it on a video and thought that would look so cute on her. 

It did...


September is full of birthdays, the start of football season (although Auburn's should be horrible) and all around family goodness. 

Miles is ready for football.

Palmer and Tucker are delightful. Tucker has nearly driven his mommy nuts since Artemis didn't get to launch on Monday. I, of course had pumped him, even letting him know Snoopy was on board. He has called me to explain what happened and only asked his mom a hundred times a day. I think she is hoping it launches on Saturday more than the engineers themselves.

Here he is with the only Snoopy space t-shirt Mimi could find him the night before the planned launch.

And here is his very laid back brother who I videoed after this just kicking his legs back and forth.

I have stepped way back on my "fall is coming early" prediction this year, but it is coming. The lemons are turning yellow, the last of the day lilies have bloomed. They are still green and above ground, but I think all the blooming is done.

I am embracing September and have added 3 bits of fall if you can call them that to the house.
First up - in the kitchen.

Second is I am moved all my sunflower and black eyed Susan stitches to one shelf in the sewing room.

Pretty boring shelf, but my wheels are spinning. I am going to return to it.

Lastly, I pulled out the two September stitches for my sewing room counter.

I turned the page to this lovely page in my calendar. Now, it isn't really true of September in feel and looks here in north Florida, but one of these September days I will just decide it is fall and I will give the house the look whether we feel it or not.

I am celebrating all seasons and plan to enjoy Labor Day weekend to the max.

Friday, August 26, 2022

A Little Stitching

 I know most of the country is probably ready for fall. I am s-l-o-w-l-y getting there. I do love summer, but this past week has just been plain yucky with rain and humidity, so I may get on board with the rest of y'all soon.

My stitching shares are not saying I love summer though. I took August to do some smalls. Have I done all I want? Absolutely not! I will share what I have accomplished though.

First up is the 2 Halloween stitches. I really didn't intend to add anymore stitches to my Halloween collection, but doggone it people keep putting stuff up that is so cute. Well, you know what happens. Carol at Stitching Dreams sent me this adorable pattern that she had and it fits so perfectly my idea of Halloween. I know many don't like Halloween and that is perfectly fine. I have a nostalgic view of it and this pattern fits right in with the look I like.

First is the one Lindsay chose. I have it sitting on an easel, but she chose for me to make it to hang on a door, so it has a hanger at the top. I could not love this more. It is so cute on the gray Aida. Thanks Arlene for the perfectly dyed color. I can't wait to use it again.

Then here it is on a lighter linen.

I had planned to put some cording around the stitch, but on further thought I decided it was cute as is. I will add it to my Halloween stitches which I plan on displaying most of them together for a cute "spooky" display. There is nothing spooky in my stitches. Black cats, Casper type ghosts and jack-o-lanterns are my idea of Halloween. I will try and remember to share them all when they are together in October.

I found this cute poem in an old school book from my days in school. I think it is a lovely description of pumpkins on the vine and jack-o-lanterns.

Here is the book that it came from which is one I love to browse often.

Do y'all remember memorizing poems in school. I do and I loved it. I am nerdy like that.

I have been stitching some other stuff too. I finished the bird from the Scattered Seed Samplers subscription.  Here it is with the first one from the subscription.

Cuteness. They are pictured in the kitchen as I was trying to find any kind of light to photograph them with but they are sitting in my little craft room together. 

I have also stitched the M flor Miles's stocking to add to growing family of stockings and am hoping some linen I ordered comes in tomorrow so I can stitch his first ornament. I have it all ready to start the minute it comes in.

I had an extraordinarily tough week emotionally. I won't bore you with the details, but today I just had to do something to lighten my mood. I cleaned out my patterns and lined up things for future use. I am trying not to look at anything new coming out because seriously I have some of the most adorable patterns I want to stitch and I mean I want to stitch them badly. 

I try to write the titles down when I seen something cute and mull it over. Usually I decide I don't need it this way and that helps me get to the things that are in my possession already that are screaming for me to stitch them.

I pulled out several that I need to pass on and when my mood is better I will share some of them here for y'all to look and see if I can pass on the goodness.

Now, onto the good stuff in my life.

Only 2 for today. I have 3 amazing grandsons. It doesn't get any better, but for today I have 2 of Miles.

Could he any more relaxed in his fancy tub?

Counting blessings and hoping for an uptick in the things that wore me down this week.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Home Improvement Project and Houseplants

 We had one room left in this house with carpet and I wanted it gone many years ago. However, you have to time your spending with the many things that come up that take precedence, such as new decks and just plain and simply time to take care of the project.

We made the decision to pull it out and put something different down. We waited too long to put the tile that I have in most of the upstairs. It was discontinued. That knocked me back a few months mulling over what to choose. Tyler came to the rescue with his suggestion of luxury vinyl tile. He is in the construction business and has seen and used it so we went with his recommendation. It is waterproof which is good for our location. It looks like wood and I mean really looks like wood. I am loving it. 

Of course, as with any home improvement project there are snags. One, the workers are slow to come. They have no shortage of work and then when they do come they find some water damage. I wasn't really surprised by that and fortunately it was an easy fix. It all took so long and things were out of place for way longer than I would have liked, but those are really small things. I mean really small inconveniences. I was just happy to get the very yucky carpet out. 

Without further ado, I will share what we picked out. It came from Home Depot.

You may have noticed the walls are a different color. You know how that rolls. One project leads to another. After the floors were down, there was a whole lot of tan going on, so Jeff suggested we paint the walls green. Arggghhh.

I knew he was right,  but I didn't want to paint and I also didn't want it to snowball and have to need new bedding. It all worked out. We both remembered how much we loved the green that was in our old Lake Martin cabin. We went in search of that look. It took a bit of time to find a similar look, but I think we achieved it. It is called Svelte Sage by Sherwin Williams. It matches the window blinds and cornice boards well and the bedding is just fine. I was playing around with some pillows, but I am not buying new bedding. I like what I have. I am thinking I might get a bedskirt though.

There will be no rugs for a good while if ever. I am just enjoying the tile. It is easy to care for and clean up. I do think I am going to pass the baby swing up. I don't use it enough to have it there.

Below is looking back towards the closet and bathroom. I painted the bathroom as well.

I loved how well the pictures all looked against the green wall.


You know I wrote a while back that I was downsizing my plants. I did a bit more of that. 

When do you have too many? My answer is when you are tired of caring for them. 

I took one out of the bedroom. I only have the two on the stands by the window. I did reverse the order of them and they are both doing very well since the pictures. 

I also realize houseplants are very hard to have in MOST homes. There is just simply not enough light even for those plants that say low light.

My mother always had one room that she would grow plants in. She would find that one room that had enough light and that would be it. I really adopted that as well not knowing that was out of just pure common sense. You just can't have plants in a room with that doesn't pretty much get a lot of morning light. 

Then I moved into my present house which has the entire back side getting a lot of morning light and I went nuts because along with cross stitching and reading, I REALLY love to grow things. BUT, I have grown tired of the upkeep and have slowly whittled them down. 

I have 4 in our living room. Two in the area where the Christmas tree grows.

Plants have a life cycle and I am quite surprised at how long this fern has held up. She is happy and even bounced back last year after being moved to the bedroom for the month of December. The mother-in-law's tongue is really old too.

I have 2 other plants in the living room. One is on the coffee table. It is a redo of one that just got tired looking. 

I have finally taught Palmer to leave it alone.

The final plant in that room is on top of the shelves. After trying for nearly 20 years to grow one in each corner of that top shelf unsuccessfully, I gave up and took one down. I replaced the one by the fireplace with a vase that my mother-in-law made. It had been in a closet. 

The right side of that shelf gets lots of morning light, but the left side doesn't so I am just tired of moving them around and trying.

If you are counting, we are at 6. Let's move too the kitchen where I have 4 and they are the more exotic plants.

For the most part you can only see one above the table and that is the pider plant which I have nearly given up on 3 times. The kitchen is like the hospital for plants. It gets wonderful morning light. 

Not too long ago, I just thought it was beginning to look junky and I let several go and just really thought about how much looked good and what needed to go. 

What was left was these 4. I have philodendron, a newer Christmas cactus, a dolphin plant and the spider plant. This leaves one window with nothing and gives Palmer a place to walk to the window. All 4 of these are thriving here. I must admit I don't love the spider plant. It is a bit crazy, but it is so healthy that I am letting it remain. If it gets to doing poorly, I am not sure I will replace it with anything. I will just move one of the others to that window.

That brings the total to 10 and all of those are on the back side of the house. I have one more spot in the house with plants. 

My foyer gets pure Tee hot evening sun. It is home to only 2 plants. It has been home to many others but as I said this past year or so I have just been in a mood to slim them down. I once had a fern in there but it made such a mess. Then I had a very large angel wing begonia. It too was wearing me out with the mess it dropped. 

I was going to just have one in there. IT was the Christmas cactus that I have had for years. You may remember it fell over Christmas before last and broke. It really hasn't been very special since then. It was magnificent before that disastrous fall. It is still one sided and just will not fill out to the other side. I am afraid it will fall over again. If it does I am just going to start over with a new one. 

This one sided plant is messing with my symmetrical loving self. I don't know. was really going to be down to 11 and if the spider plant got on my nerves it was going to be 10. I mean after all 10 is still a lot to water.

Then I had these 2 little poinsettias that I bought for a 50 cents each a week before last Christmas at Lowe's. I had them on the table at Christmas and figured they would go ahead and be done. I stuck them up there in the foyer in the pots they came in and waited for the final departure. Those little boogers just kept on going. I decided to put them in a pot since they were outgrowing their original plastic pots. 

They are loving life. They even some new leaves since I took this photo of them. I can't throw them out now.  I do love growing things but I am also just realizing I can't keep up with as much as I once did and I have to have some moderation in things.

I hope to give one more glimpse of decorating in August as I talk about my lack of seasonal decor. My heart is just leaning towards less...NEVER minimalism. I like stuff too much.
I also love seasonal, but I am honestly being more true to me and not being so heavily influenced by all the influencers out there.

One last note to all those that think I have a green thumb. You should see some of the outdoor plants that are just so tired of the hot by this time. You wouldn't think I have a green thumb at all. It is all about light, water and all the right conditions. 

Monday, August 15, 2022

Stitching and Family

 I am going to start with a little stitching even though we all know I have grandsons on the brain.

 I never shared what I did with the doggie pillow that I stitched way back in the mid 1980's. I had thought I would frame it, but ended up with a flat fold stand. I figured it had been unframed for a very long time so it would be ok opened up some more. It is so hard to tell from the photo, but I found a military boot shoe string in Walmart to put around it to highlight the boot shoestring in the stitch. 

I love how it turned out.

I completed Lindsay a back to school ornament for her cabinet knob. Now, she has a full year of seasonal ornaments. The black school fabric is what I used for the back.

I am using August to stitch some smalls. I have a long list of things I want to complete. Miles needs a Christmas ornament and an M on my Christmas stockings for the family. I have a new bird to go with the Scattered Seeds one I finished earlier this summer to name just a few.

I am only sharing one thing though for now and that is a Halloween pattern that Carol at Stitching Dreams shared with me. I love vintage Halloween stitches...the ones that remind me of my childhood in the 60s.  This one does that.

I pulled it out way back on the 4th of July to take with me to Auburn. I took 2 pieces of fabric with me and thought I would decide when I got there. It proved a little harder so I will share my thinking.

I took a lighter piece because it looked more like the called for linen, but I had a darker piece that Arlene had dyed and sent as a present. It caught my eye for Halloween. I packed both. When I got to Auburn I started on the darker piece with the called for colors. The black cat and jack-o-lantern eyes and so forth called for 3371 which is a brown black color and frequently used in patterns such as this. I liked it but I wondered if the cat should actually be black, so I pulled out the lighter linen and stitched the cat in black. I liked it and after a while I decided I would stitch it twice. I would finish the darker linen with 3371 and the lighter linen with black. I am going to let Lindsay have one and I will keep the other one. I like both. I have finished one and am trying to finish the other one this coming week.

I have been busy squeezing the good out of the days of summer. I have been knee deep in a home improvement project. I am beyond sore! I have been loving on grandsons! I could never have imagined how wonderful 3 grandsons could be.

I have some pictures to share of them. It is all good over here in spite of the crazy in the world. I am just trying to keep the focus on what is right in front of me.

Here are family pictures.

Despite the times we are living in, I choose to concentrate on the goodness right in front of me as long as I can. 

I hope to do a treasures post, a stitching post, and a home improvement share post in the coming days. I have been busy and quite frankly tired from all of it. I could use a few days of rest.

August is a pretty month. The light is changing and I am trying to slow it all down.


Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Miles is here.

 Miles arrived Tuesday, August 2nd in the morning. Mama and Daddy are worn out from being up all that night and not much rest yesterday. Mimi will sweep in this weekend and help out if they aren't a lot more rested:) Katie did well, but Miles was large for a small girl like her so she extra worn out.

All is well since I have held that bundle of joy.  Pictures are in no particular order since I don't have the time to fight Blogger this morning.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

July Recap

 I truly thought I would be writing to tell you Miles had arrived since this is his official due date, but he is not here yet. I realized I have not written one post about life in July. I have done a stitching post and a photographs post but no life.

I need to recap July and hopefully little Miles will be here soon. More about that in a bit.

July started out with us in Auburn for a relaxing weekend. The following weekend we went to see the Blue Angels. We haven't been able to get over for the past couple of years so we were doing our best to make it a priority this year. It was a better and longer show than ever and so worth the effort to get over there. If you aren't a long time reader, the Home Show is on Pensacola Beach each July. We go by boat and try to get right in front of the Pensacola Beach Ball on the sound side. The big beach ball is center stage. 

We took our boat and were joined by Lindsay, Tyler and the kids in their boat, and good friends who also took their boat. Our friend led the caravan over and got us spectacular "seats" right at center stage. We all tied up and had the most marvelous day of swimming, snacking, and then watching the show.

Here are just a few snaps.

The kids were amazing. Palmer sat in his swing and then got on the floats with us. They have incredible floating devices for kids now. 

When Tucker wasn't eating he was swimming. He had a blast and came over to sit with Mimi to watch the Blue Angels fly over. Mimi ordered him 2 books about the B.A. to look at.

He loves planes, but says he doesn't want to be a pilot.

Now, for a different story. A story showed up in our local newspaper about a dog that was at the shelter where Paul Allen and Katie got Dansby. They recognized him right away from the picture and story. This one had been abused more than Dansby. Someone had used him as target practice with a BB gun. Yea, I wish I could do the same to that person. Anywho, he had been adopted too even though this one lost his eye to that incident. Dansby had some places on his ear, but nothing like that. Katie responded to the email and said they had his litter mate and a meeting was set up for the 2 dogs.

You may remember that Katie had a DNA test done on Dansby and he was half Blue Tick and half Beagle and Treeing Walker. Dansby looks like a full blooded Blue Tick. His brother got more of the Beagle coloring.

Then July brought Palmer's 1st birthday. I took him on the actual day to have lunch with Lindsay and PaPa.

Happiest little 1 year old around.

His birthday was on the weekend and I didn't get the cutest pictures. Because this has been the hottest summer ever (said by the summer girl herself who loves where she lives) Lindsay did it inside and later in the day. To be honest. Palmer was over the day and ready for bed before he even got to presents. Tucker on the other hand got a bonus birthday because he had a blast.

A few decorations and pics from the evening.

A smiley face theme was in order since Palmer is all smiles all the time.

Katie and Paul Allen in front of the picture taking wall which I didn't utilize nearly enough.

Palmer getting his smash cake that Lindsay made for him. Not too interested in it.

The kids played pin the smile on the face.

Picture of the cake and cupcakes.

One of Mama with him.

Pictures of Palmer each month.

A quick picture of the kiddos. Tucker and Palmer on the right.

Palmer the next morning after a good night's rest.

We are finally getting the last of the carpet in our home out and my entire house is turned upside down. I would complain but I am so happy to see that carpet gone. As with everything, it is taking forever and we had a little water damage by the door leading out to the deck. Not really surprised. When hurricanes come in they blow the water straight at 3 doors in our home. I seriously can't wait for them to be done. I won't give you all the ins and outs because it is a first world problem, but I want my house back in order:)

I did get in there yesterday and painted the closet while all the clothes were out. I still have to do the baseboards because that trim piece is not nailed in yet. The baseboards were this pinky almond color when we moved in that matched the pinky wallpaper. I had painted the bedroom ones but never got around to painting the closet ones. I will do them before I load the closet back up. 

It looks so clean and nice in there.

In the final bit of news for July, I was putting Palmer in the stroller Thursday morning and his finger met my eye. Y'all it has been so painful. I made it through the day Thursday but by the time I got Palmer picked up and Jeff here, I was in a 9/10 kind of eye pain. I had to make it through the night. I didn't have an eye doctor so I just went to my regular doctor's clinic. My doctor wasn't there of Friday but the doctor who looked in on me had the nurse call an eye doctor to get me in. The regular doctor didn't charge me for the visit. Bless her! The eye doctor was amazing and I now have an eye doctor and one for Mom too so I don't have to take her to Pensacola anymore. She put a contact in my eye. It acts like a bandaid to the cut which she said was a significant cut. She even gave me her personal cellphone number for the weekend if I had problems. I go back tomorrow to get the contact out.

There are still good people out there and I am beyond grateful. 

Folks, that wraps up July's big events. It has been hot and I have tried to stay cool, keep my flowers watered and stitch. I love day lilies. They have been a great low maintenance addition to my beds. My other big huge thing is moving 2 roses to the back deck in pots. They get morning sunlight and a breeze and I haven't had to spray them once. That in itself is very odd for my climate zone. 

I have some stitching to share soon and hopefully a grandson to show off this coming week. Katie has a 9:30 appointment in the morning and he said if he didn't come this weekend they would get the ball rolling. If he doesn't arrive in the next few hours, we will have an August baby.

How can it be August! Slow down hot hot hot summer. I feel like I am rushing this post, but I hope to get settled back in this fall to blogging.