Monday, December 26, 2022

Christmas 2022

Despite the chaotic world we live in and the insane weather, I did slow down long enough to soak up all the goodness of Christmas.

I suppose even saying I was cold could be reason to call me crazy by some, but yes even in north Florida, I was terribly cold. I don't like cold Christmases. My husband is one who has said for almost 40 Christmases with me that it needs to be cold for Christmas, and we have had a few along the way. He got his wish, but I think he would say this one was too cold. I for one feel sad when it is cold at Christmas. It makes me worry about all the people who have inadequate heat and all those kind of things. I must say on Thursday and Friday getting ready for it to come in I was getting a bit beside myself. I had to stop and pray and realize I had nothing I could do about any of it. I moved some plants, covered some, covered faucets and all the likes and turned off any news or weather. 

I have worn clothes that I haven't in ages. The plants are angry ---very angry looking. I am hoping the covering was enough, but time will tell. 

Other than going to church I didn't get out anymore than checking on things around the house and running back in. 

On the way to get Mother for church Saturday afternoon, I noticed a ton of sheriff deputy cars at the ER. I drive right by the hospital on my way to Mama's. I noticed the amount and wondered about it. After church, I learned the reason: a deputy had been killed on a call to a domestic dispute. Early 40's. So terribly sad. 

Again, the news of the day is just not easy.

I loved church and every minute of Christmas Eve with my family. It was quite a scene with 2 boys running around and making a good bit of boy noise. Miles will be joining all that activity next year. Just think!

There were multiple attempts to get a cute picture of the three boys with their matching pajamas, but the crazy one turned out to be my favorite. The one below was much more like the real happenings.

We had our usual menu and opening of presents on Christmas Eve. I truly felt so blessed to spend that time with my family.

The next morning, we all gathered again at Lindsay's house to view the boys Santa visit.

It was too cold to even take the new jeep out for a while. They did bundle up and get out by mid morning for short rides at a time. 

Lindsay had made a French toast casserole with fruit in it that was tasty. I brought an egg and sausage casserole and Paul Allen brought some Conecuh sausage. Those locally know no breakfast is complete without it. We had a wonderful brunch and more good times together. 

I didn't even remember to take photos of the family the night before in front of my pretty tree, so Lindsay remembered the next morning at her house.

Jeff and I tried to take our traditional beach walk on Christmas Day but all I could stand was a walk out to the end of the boardwalk. The picture doesn't give one clue of how cold it was.
No search for sand dollars.

The bayou didn't get ice on it until this morning. The wind kept the water moving, but this morning when I  looked out it had ice. The wind had finally stopped enough for it to get still.

I am not sure you can tell without enlarging parts of it, but it was icy.

I have seen cold weather here but this was way more than we are used to experiencing. We have probably had lower temperatures but only for a day. I know in 1983 it was so cold but only for one day. This has been 4 days of temperatures that we just don't receive at all. Like I said, the plants look angry.

I hope to maybe get one more post out before 2023. We will see.
Two other things worth noting was my Christmas music selections. I was downstairs one day and dug out this very old album that my parents bought way back in about 1963 when we lived in Columbus, Georgia. Mother had written our address on the back of the album. 

I enjoyed it so much. I also pulled out my Amy Grant Christmas album from the 80s. I had so much fun listening to them. I have listened to quite a bit of Christmas music this year because Palmer loves the Alexa. He stands in front of it talking to it hoping for it to play music. I however never really liked the music it was putting out like my old albums. 

Just before Christmas I made me a playlist on YouTube. Loved it! I plan to add to it next year. If you are looking for one to save for next year, here it is.

That was Christmas and things are warming up. I am hoping our Auburn home fared well. The neighbor took care of some things for us there.

Stay warm folks,


  1. I loved this post and catching up with you and yours!! Those boys are adorable in the matching PJs!! The littles sure make Christmas more fun. I miss it!! This cold weather is so unusual and nasty. We don't usually get this cold until late January, for goodness sake. Happy New Year!! xo

  2. Totally enjoyed reading your post-Christmas entry, Sandy! Your grandsons are so adorable and what cuties they are in their matching pjs. I hope things fared okay at the Auburn house. Even this gal who prefers the cold wasn't happy especially when the wind added to the bitterness. Enjoy these remaining days in 2022.

  3. Well we made it through the coldest weather in 30 years....let's keep it on that cycle!! We made it to Ga yesterday and it snowed a bit last night. The pond was semi frozen but all seems to be melting today! Like you, I prefer warm Christmas times. Loved seeing all the pictures. I do miss having little ones in the family at this time of the year. I went to the NH to see Mother this morning and took her some Christmas treats. They were beginning to take down all their decorations. I came home and took down the ones I had here at Grimmwood. Now I can see out my front window again!!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas, Sandy, in spite of the cold! I honestly hate to tell you what it got down to here :) I think it was -6° on Christmas Eve. Right now, we are having a heat wave--27! And by Friday we'll have unusually warm weather--in the 50s.

    Loved seeing the family photos, especially of your three grandsons in their cute pj's. Just adorable. I'm sure the activity level will be off the charts next year with all three running around :) So glad you could all be together. We hope to get down to Maryland the first weekend in January to have a belated Christmas with our Washington DC area sons :) Enjoy these last few days of 2022! I sure wish time would slow down. ♥

  5. Happy Holidays!

    Hugo Winterhalter! He has a piece with Canada in the title that was a favorite in grade school.
    Wishing you warmth

  6. My Gary was in Air Police with the USAF. He says domestic disputes tend to be the most dangerous calls policemen get. Family are mad at each other but then when the police arrive, oddly enough, often the family will take our their anger on the officers!! It's a thing, apparently. I am so sorry for the loss of a deputy in your area from a domestic dispute.

    Your Christmas looks wonderful and yes, it was C.O.L.D!!!! Love your picture of the Gulf. So very pretty.

  7. They are adorable! Hope you're enjoying this holiday season and all the best for the coming year, dear Sandy.


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