Wednesday, August 31, 2016

All Rested Up

I finally found time to rest after a very full summer. I try never to be a whiny old lady, but instead get up everyday thankful for the new day, and then count my blessings. This summer has just been a full one, and I have been needed by everyone. 

Being needed is a good thing, but it will wear you out too. Lindsay had to attend a conference for work in Orlando. The conference was at a resort type hotel complete with a huge pool and lazy river.

I came with her so she wouldn't have to be here by herself. She has conferenced and I have napped, had pool time, read, and stitched. Cleared my mind!!! Oh, and I did hit the gym yesterday, so I wasn't a complete sloth,

We have had some good mama/daughter time as well. We have gone shopping each evening. Mostly window shopped. I went into Pier 1 last night and used great willpower. I walked out with nothing! 
They had so much cute fall stuff and I am ready for fall. Hot weather NOW will bring me a hurricane.

With that thought, we are leaving early to try and beat the incoming rains, so I thought I would post. I saw where one weather guy says it may stall and turn north. NO!!!!! I don't wish it on anyone. I want it to just dissolve. That GULF is just too hot.

In other stuff, we have a very close friend making us a pie safe. The color is not right in the picture. It is more of a sage "country" green. I am so excited, he has been doing some amazing furniture building lately. It is just a hobby for him. 

Well, no picture for now. The IPad is not cooperating. I will share tomorrow. Trust me, it is awesome.

This will go in ge farmhouse with our Hoosier cabinet and farm table,

Well, that is it for now.

All rested and ready to see Hubby and the doggies. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Meet the New First Time Home Owners

Lindsay and Tyler closed on their house on Monday.

The picture was a gift from the banker at closing. He is a friend so that is why they got a special picture. 

Tyler had to head back to Jacksonville to finish out his job for the remainder of the week. They are moving in this weekend. Oh what fun!

Proud Mama is going to give you a full tour. Brace yourselves for a load of pics.

We took Mama out to see it yesterday evening, so most of the pics are dark.

As Lindsay decorates I will share more.

The front.

Entering in the front door, there is a hallway. To the left of the hallway are three bedrooms with a bathroom and linen closet.

The floors are a laminate, but a cute real wood look. Two of the bedrooms have carpet.

Down the hallway to the left we look.

First stop. Bedroom #1 which will be the office / Tyler's room so that fishing pictures don't have to hang in the living room according to Lindsay.

Next door is bedroom #2.

Next stop is a bathroom.

Right outside the bathroom and before the #3 bedroom is a linen closet. 

We noticed it doesn't have a coat closet. 

I will say that all three of these bedrooms have nice closets though.

Next up, bedroom #3. This bedroom set was Mama's and has been sitting in my foyer since Mom's house sold. Lindsay and Jeff moved it out Monday evening.

Lucky couple to have such a nice bedroom set.

Now looking from this bedroom back towards the front, you can see that to the left of the front door there is an opening. This leads to the dining area.

Dining Area.

They are hoping for a cute set here. Right now, they have a painted table that was leftover from Tyler's single days. Somehow when we moving all of their furniture to the farm house, the table go left out, so it has been at my house all summer.

The kitchen is attached to this area. She and her dad had dumped a lot of boxes here, so it will be hard to see all of this well.

I was standing in by the table to take this shot.

You will be able to see that this shows the living space.

A tiny island right in front of sink area that looks back to dining area.

I think the only thing this house didn't have that Lindsay wanted was a larger dining area, but it is a great home. She will figure it all out.

Now, right to the left of that island is the laundry room. I have two shots of it. It has a lot of storage.

The picture above was taken from the doorway off the kitchen. Shelves could even be added to the right.

Now, for the other direction. There are some little corner shelves. You can't have too many shelves.

The door goes out to the garage.

The floor has a cool paint job.

Ok...if you are still with me, we will go back in and see the living room.

The door to the right of the TV goes into the master bedroom.

This picture is taken by the back door looking back into the kitchen and hallway.

The master bedroom.

The whole house is painted a sea green. It is really a cool color. Most homes are painted white or tan. Lindsay loved the color, so that is a win!

The master bathroom has two pretty large closets on either side of the tub. Lindsay AND Tyler were excited about this. 

Now for the backyard.

Room for the boat on the side.

They are excited for sure.

I will share more as they move in and get settled and Lindsay allows:)

Lindsay is scheduled to go on a work trip to Orlando next week. I was going to tag along so she didn't have to go by herself. Hoping we are not looking at a hurricane. I am checking every hour. 


Praying for no bad weather for ANYONE and feeling blessed for my sweet girl,

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sharing My Laundry Room

I am going to be brave and share my laundry room or lack of one today. I have shared many things in my home, but never this. 

There is a reason. It is not so great.

I decided one day last week that when I actually had time to sit down, I would share how I survive the ugliness of it all.

Here goes....

You see I don't have a laundry room. I have a closet right by the back door that every single person comes through.
The only time the front door is opened is for the UPS guy, or maybe on Saturday morning when I failed to look out the window before hand and the Jehovah Witnesses are knocking.

Yep, you guessed it, the dryer door has to be closed to get the outside door open.

I desperately wish someone would come to my front door and not through a messy garage and then by my washer and dryer, but no ---- we live by the mantra....
"Back door friends are best!"

When we first moved it, there were nice louver doors to cover up the washer and dryer. Those louver doors matched the others in the hallway going from the garage to the kitchen.

Now, if you are asking, why don't you just keep the garage door closed. I do TRY! During the day, it actually happens, but I have a husband that just doesn't like that door down, so ---well, Hubby gets his way too much.

Now, those louver doors looked a lot nicer than what you see now. BUT, we have dogs. Dogs who are insane. Springer spaniels bounce and hop all over the place, and Golden Retrievers have tails that are very strong and wag like crazy.

Those doors took a beating and I finally just removed them.

Opposite the washer and dryer is a cubby that was custom designed to hold a chest freezer. We have an extra fridge and coat rack.

I couldn't stand the look of the open closet, so I made a curtain to cover hang down to the tops of the machines. I am just not strong enough or motivated enough on my own to move the machines.

I would love to also paint said closet, but Hubby thinks that is a total waste of time, so I just have to live with it.

It doesn't look to terrible in this picture, but up close, not so pretty.

For all those out there with no laundry room, just letting you know you are not by yourself.

Fortunately, to the left of the washer is my sewing room that I can throw the laundry baskets in there if I see the company coming first:)

I have done my best to make the hallway a little prettier.

I love my little mirror. It is used daily.

I don't think one of those fabulous laundry rooms I see out there on Pinterest are in my future, but looking at all that got me in trouble when I got suckered into the washing machine I now loathe.

Hubby ain't going for bringing back the old style either. He said we paid too much for this one so we have to live with it. Ugh!

Now, that I have complained, I will remind myself of how blessed I am. I remember going to the garage to wash clothes in my younger years. 


Friday, August 19, 2016

Five for Friday #4

A little 5 for Friday.

1. Computers and Destin

 I am back. I took my computer into be serviced this week. I have an older MacBook and want it to last a very long time, so I have a service thingie with Best Buy. It was beginning to be a little sluggish. 

I missed it this week---missed it bad. It is all fast again though:)

That meant two days to drive to Destin and throw in a bit of shopping. The traffic has settled down. Hip Hip Hooray!

It is really pretty on the drive. The sand dunes are really looking tall these days. As I was coming back across the Destin bridge a family from Texas was pulled over taking pictures of the emerald waters in the pass.

The Bahamas have nothing on us.

Believe or not, I didn't buy anything. Just looked at the fall things. I love fall for many reasons...

the colors
football season
the cooler temperatures name a few. 

2.  August and Lindsay

  I am trying really hard to refrain from thinking about fall too much. I don't want to rush time and after fall comes winter. BLAH!!!!!!!!

August has been busy though, so I can help but long for September.

Lindsay and Tyler close on their house on Monday. They are excited. Tyler still has to go back to Jacksonville for the remainder of next week though, so I don't know how much moving in will take place. The bedroom suit that is sitting in my foyer right now will probably be it and just clothes until the following weekend. 

Then poor Lindsay has a conference for work in Orlando the last week of August. She just wants to take a few days off and move in.

I plan to go with her and lounge by the pool while she conferences and then we can spend some time together every evening.

3.  Football and Paul Allen  

Football season started for my son last night with the middle school jamboree. 

I gotta tell you he bugs the stew out of me that he is 24 years old and hasn't finished his degree yet. Really hard for a former teacher.
BUT, I love watching him coach those middle schoolers. He is so great with them, and I can tell they all adore him. It just warms my heart.

I just keep praying!!!

He could use a girlfriend too, but that could go either way ---good or bad!

Oh, and one more thing about football. Hubby is beyond excited that he doesn't have to attend a football game and be on duty tonight. I think this might be the best thing about his new job.

4.  Thinking of September

Holding out with the summer decor for the next two weeks, then I am going to do a very small back to school in my foyer and kitchen with September 1st to match my monthly cottage.

Here is what I been playing with...

Yes, I am looking forward to September.

5.  Health Update

I haven't done one of these lately. 

First of all, my biopsy was benign. Thank the Lord.

I still stand by my thoughts on Xeljanz. I was so jaundiced looking. I still think it was doing a number on my liver, kidneys, etc. 

I actually went to a kidney doctor this summer and shared my thoughts. He didn't deny which is a change from most. My regular internist was good with my taking a break from it too. In fact, she said it almost under her breath, like she didn't want to be heard. 

I am still following my gluten free, no high fructose corn syrup, all organic, no hormones and antibiotic meats, etc DIET. 

I truly feel so much better. While I didn't make to to 115, my body shape has continued to change with the exercise.

I am no different that anyone else. I loathe going to the gym and really have to discipline myself. I go three days a week first thing in the morning. I walk outside several days a week as well. In that regard, really ready for cooler days. My path is very shady and I go early so that helps.

On the weight, I hover between 122 and 124. So all in all that is good.

Most importantly, I feel very good and no meds except for my thyroid pill.

That's all folks. 

Counting my blessings,

Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekends Are Supposed to Be Relaxing - Right?

What a weekend! I am not sure it was relaxing at all, so I am going really slow today with chores. In fact, already taking a break to pop in.

We went to the farm on Saturday to mow. Soon it will cool down and less mowing will need to be done ---right?!

I actually feel a different smell in the air. I can tell summer is nearing the end, but it is still hot hot hot.

Yesterday at church, we moved the kiddos up and I got a fresh new group of 4's. Cuties for sure. We started back to three services. I had planned to work the first one and attend the second. We really had no idea how the numbers would play out. We really are a church that geared to young families and with them there is a huge uncertainty of which times they will choose and because we are on the gulf coast that means times will even change from summer to winter. In winter they often choose later and in summer they choose early so they can hit the beach. However, it is the months like this with school starting back that it is tricky. That being said, I ended up working the third service too, because there were more kids there than we planned on.

Current stitching project when I am not too tired or hot.

I was kind of tired and really wanted to lay on the couch and let the Olympics just entertain me. My family had a different idea. My son-in-law has two more weeks of traveling for work, so he decided to go back to Jacksonville after church instead of getting up at 3:00 AM to go back like he has been doing.

We ate at Nick's on Basin Bayou for a late lunch. Nick's is right on Choctawhatchee Bay, but off the tourist route. Unbelievably good!

Then we let Tyler head out when Hubby and Dear Daughter decided to go to Silver Sands (Sandestin).  We looked in a couple of stores and were ready to head home when the truck decided it would not start. 

Thank goodness for AAA. Hubby had to wait quite a while, but my son came to get Lindsay and me.

I came in and headed straight to the couch. I had just done too much and it was hot while shopping.

I am slow moving today.

Planning something with these two pieces of ribbon.

The next two items will change up this week. More later.

Also needing to do some yard work. Hubby pulled up the Japanese maple front the front yard. Nothing has ever done will there.

Two previous maples have succumbed to weather: one a hurricane and another lightning.

I think we are just going to leave it this time. 

The live oak has crossed the driveway in the 32 years of this house and the maple was having real trouble making it with the oak. 

The oak takes the top dog spot.

Hoping for a bit more peaceful week than the weekend and waiting on news from my biopsy.

Be still my soul.

Seeking calm today,

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

No Back to School

Kids are going back to school today. Today marks year #3 that I get to just watch and not participate.

I think this may be the best one yet. The first year was a fog, the second a letdown that it hadn't been just what I thought, but ....this year I am just totally grateful.

Grateful for the opportunities that teaching brought to me, and thankful that I can now just be a homemaker.

I am grateful that I can cook supper now after a hard day of household chores rather than a hard day of teaching and then trying to cram all those chores in after school.

Grateful that I can take a lot off of my husband by taking care of all the stuff that happens and needs a repairman called and someone to be here and to help the kids out in the same way.

The past two years I made a point to go to the beach on this day, but it has been cloudy and gloomy this week, not as rainy as predicted.

Today, I am just going to hang out at home. Two reasons: one that I finally feel like I can just do that and second I have my colonoscopy tomorrow so it is just clear liquids today.

I am hanging on to summer this year. The heat has been killing me as I am pretty sure August is the hottest month ever or that July has just worn you down.

The flowers have loved the rain from the past few days. They were pitiful looking until then. You couldn't water them enough.

There has been a hummingbird hanging out at the lily everyday. I try to go and look for her a couple of times everyday. 

I also am getting to watch for some little birdies each day outside my sewing room window. I promise there is a bird nest in there. I can only see them when the mama bird is moving. I am hoping to see them start to fly. One year I did get to watch that happen.

That is it for me today.
Just grateful and taking it easy,

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Blog Friends, Curtains, and Xeljanz

Rather than say a random post again, I decided to just lay the topics out for you.

I have been reading blogs forever. Most of the blogs I started with were teacher blogs. It was great to have fellow teachers out there just laying their thoughts bare for me to read. I loved the community that I found there. 

The blogs that I choose today to follow are more just life blogs. I love decorating and will always be drawn to anyone showing a pretty house. It is like an "alive magazine." Magazines and purses are my vices. I kind of explained my blogging thoughts here.

That being said, one of my favorite blogging friends is Arlene over at Nanaland. Arlene is a sweetheart of a lady and does a giveaway on the first day of every month.
I won this month and received my Scrub Daddy in the mail yesterday. I popped them out last night in the kitchen. I LOVE anything that might help you clean.

Anyway, Arlene, you are the BEST! Thanks.

Now, onto curtains. 

I made curtains for a good friend's classroom this weekend. She had stayed out of the classroom for a few years. Her husband is a football coach, so she knows tons of traveling. Her husband was the coach when my kids were in high school. My son adored him. 

Kim taught next door to me for many years.
She decided to go back to the classroom this year. They live in Walton County now, so we are close enough to see each other especially since we have bought the farm over there now.

I will not be showing you the picture of them as this lady as nice as she is.....
has one very big problem. 

She likes that other school in our home state of Alabama and wanted curtains of that color and theme.

I explained to her this was a horrible idea, but she insisted.

The worst part was actually going into a store to buy houndstooth and red cloth. I wore plenty of ORANGE AND BLUE.

Anyway, if you like houndstooth and red, then you would have thought they were real cute.

I will show you the ones I had in my classroom instead.

Well, maybe one very small one of hers, so you will believe I really did them.

I even put my tag on them. That was hard.

For my last topic, I am going to share some thoughts on a medication that I unfortunately put in body.

I know some will not agree with me, but it is MY BLOG, so I am going to share my thoughts.

My hope is putting this in print is that it might help someone else.

I took Humira, Enbrel, Methotrexate, and Plaquinil at some point in time over the last 15 years or more for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I know that many come with side effects and I hated that! Some worked better than others and some worked for awhile only to lose their effectiveness with time.

The last poison I took was Xeljanz.


You know the ones ---if you have taken this drug and experienced blah, blah, blah.

I am on my second melanoma.

The second one can't be sun exposure. It is on the bottom of my foot.


That drug is really what led me to seek another alternative. I looked awful. Pale and quite jaundiced. People were beginning to ask me if I felt ok. 

I had never been one to really even tell anyone I had an illness.

I took my last one when they scraped the first spot for a biopsy.

If you know anyone out there who is considering this drug, just say to research it more.
Blogging can be a community and a platform.

I don't want a platform, but I do want to share something worth knowing.

Y'all have a great day.

I am off to volunteer at church and then come home and do some SCRUBBING:)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Monthly Cottages - One Last Look

I thought I would put all of the cottages together in one last post about them. If you have followed my blog, you have seen me cross stitch each month.

I started the cottages last August, and the first month to be on display was September

I just realized while looking for the September picture that I never showed September on display, so I may have to do that in September. Y'all will have to humor me!

I have enjoyed doing them so much, and have worked to find the perfect spot in the kitchen over the course of the year so that were on display and not going to get messed up.

Through this, I have found the kitchen with my white counters and no really color theme going has been the place to have my little seasonal themes. 

I can change out the table linens very easily to go with the month. Example up next.

To store them, I had a tub left over from the classroom. I keep it in my sewing room cabinets. It has all of the backgrounds, ribbons, etc. right there. Easy to get to and easy to put away.

I placed a magnet on a frame with a saying I got at Hobby Lobby. It had some depth to it, so it worked perfectly with the monthly cottages.

I originally had the washer on the frame and the magnet on the back of the cottage, but quickly changed that set up to the exact opposite. Magnet on frame works tons better!!!!

Then I mounted the cloth and the cottages on sticky mounting board that you can get from craft stores. I glued the backs down with tacky glue and held them with clothes pins until they dried. 

Corners first and then sides.

I then glued a washer (the kind you pick up at a hardware store) onto the back of the cottages. 

By doing the magnet on the frame and the washers on the cottages, it was extremely inexpensive to do and easy to switch out each month.

I didn't put anything on the back of the cloth piece. The magnet and the washer were strong enough to hold both pieces in place.

I have thoroughly enjoyed them and look forward to them for many years.

So without further adieu, let's travel the remainder of the year with cottages.

Remember I did two Junes. I didn't like the first one, but......

I love the second one!!!!!!!!!

and last but not least August.

This makes up stitching for a year of my life with a few other things thrown in.

Thanks to Priscilla @Priscillas for the inspiration. I saw these cottages on her website and knew I had to do them.

Busy stitching,

Linking up with Stacy@Poofing the Pillows

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