Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sharing My Laundry Room

I am going to be brave and share my laundry room or lack of one today. I have shared many things in my home, but never this. 

There is a reason. It is not so great.

I decided one day last week that when I actually had time to sit down, I would share how I survive the ugliness of it all.

Here goes....

You see I don't have a laundry room. I have a closet right by the back door that every single person comes through.
The only time the front door is opened is for the UPS guy, or maybe on Saturday morning when I failed to look out the window before hand and the Jehovah Witnesses are knocking.

Yep, you guessed it, the dryer door has to be closed to get the outside door open.

I desperately wish someone would come to my front door and not through a messy garage and then by my washer and dryer, but no ---- we live by the mantra....
"Back door friends are best!"

When we first moved it, there were nice louver doors to cover up the washer and dryer. Those louver doors matched the others in the hallway going from the garage to the kitchen.

Now, if you are asking, why don't you just keep the garage door closed. I do TRY! During the day, it actually happens, but I have a husband that just doesn't like that door down, so ---well, Hubby gets his way too much.

Now, those louver doors looked a lot nicer than what you see now. BUT, we have dogs. Dogs who are insane. Springer spaniels bounce and hop all over the place, and Golden Retrievers have tails that are very strong and wag like crazy.

Those doors took a beating and I finally just removed them.

Opposite the washer and dryer is a cubby that was custom designed to hold a chest freezer. We have an extra fridge and coat rack.

I couldn't stand the look of the open closet, so I made a curtain to cover hang down to the tops of the machines. I am just not strong enough or motivated enough on my own to move the machines.

I would love to also paint said closet, but Hubby thinks that is a total waste of time, so I just have to live with it.

It doesn't look to terrible in this picture, but up close, not so pretty.

For all those out there with no laundry room, just letting you know you are not by yourself.

Fortunately, to the left of the washer is my sewing room that I can throw the laundry baskets in there if I see the company coming first:)

I have done my best to make the hallway a little prettier.

I love my little mirror. It is used daily.

I don't think one of those fabulous laundry rooms I see out there on Pinterest are in my future, but looking at all that got me in trouble when I got suckered into the washing machine I now loathe.

Hubby ain't going for bringing back the old style either. He said we paid too much for this one so we have to live with it. Ugh!

Now, that I have complained, I will remind myself of how blessed I am. I remember going to the garage to wash clothes in my younger years. 



  1. My parents have a door that everyone comes has always bothered Mother. I'd say your laundry room fits the bill, does the job. I won't get one of those front loader washers as everyone I know has had serious regrets. Sorry to add you to that list as well!

    1. Oh, definitely hold on to your washer as long as possible. Mine is terrible.

  2. Well I am with you more front loading machines for me. They look pretty but smell yucky. I am always cleaning mine and leaving a rag with Purification Essential Oil inside to make it smell nicer. I do love those cheery curtains. Lots of people are using those "barn" doors that are on a hanger over awkward spaces. I think they are very cute...not sure how hard that would be to accomplish in that area Sandy. I am glad my laundry room has a door that can be closed as it can be an eyesore.

    1. I have to leave the washer door open all the time. Yuk! I hadn't thought about using and essential oil. I will have to try that. I miss the louver doors, but they are not possible with the dogs. I did save them in case we ever decided to move, so they can be put back up.


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