Wednesday, August 10, 2016

No Back to School

Kids are going back to school today. Today marks year #3 that I get to just watch and not participate.

I think this may be the best one yet. The first year was a fog, the second a letdown that it hadn't been just what I thought, but ....this year I am just totally grateful.

Grateful for the opportunities that teaching brought to me, and thankful that I can now just be a homemaker.

I am grateful that I can cook supper now after a hard day of household chores rather than a hard day of teaching and then trying to cram all those chores in after school.

Grateful that I can take a lot off of my husband by taking care of all the stuff that happens and needs a repairman called and someone to be here and to help the kids out in the same way.

The past two years I made a point to go to the beach on this day, but it has been cloudy and gloomy this week, not as rainy as predicted.

Today, I am just going to hang out at home. Two reasons: one that I finally feel like I can just do that and second I have my colonoscopy tomorrow so it is just clear liquids today.

I am hanging on to summer this year. The heat has been killing me as I am pretty sure August is the hottest month ever or that July has just worn you down.

The flowers have loved the rain from the past few days. They were pitiful looking until then. You couldn't water them enough.

There has been a hummingbird hanging out at the lily everyday. I try to go and look for her a couple of times everyday. 

I also am getting to watch for some little birdies each day outside my sewing room window. I promise there is a bird nest in there. I can only see them when the mama bird is moving. I am hoping to see them start to fly. One year I did get to watch that happen.

That is it for me today.
Just grateful and taking it easy,


  1. Ahhh . . . no more pencils, no more books, no more . . . well, you know. Enjoy your peaceful day of clear liquids and cozy, rainy weather. New adventures await!

  2. Yay for no school! Year #4 for me! I still have the urge to go to Target and buy school supplies! I hope this year is all you are hoping for and more. Good luck on the colonoscopy.

    1. Colonoscopy went well and I had two days of rest. Not so bad. And yes, I was in Target the other day with my daughter and I caught myself stopping to look at the bargain section. I picked up an apple decor item that screamed teacher desk. My daughter reminded me I don't need to stop there anymore. I guess it is just in us.

  3. My flowers are looking great too now that we got some rain. So glad you are enjoying your days at home. And the best part of the colonoscopy is that you go to sleep for it.:)


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