Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Birthday, All of September, and Stitching

 I decided at the beginning of the year that I would separate my family updates from stitching posts, but I am breaking my rule with this post. September is always a busy month and that means less blogging.

I have been working on two of my larger pieces and am honestly farther along on both pieces than my pictures. I was just too lazy to go back and photograph again.

I had hoped I would finish the heron this year but I don't think that will happen. I suspect it will go into January of next year. 

I am procrastinating now because to the right above that leg is going to be the tails feathers. It will be a lot of grays and changing threads. It is going to be so beautiful when completed, but it is going to take lots of concentration. When I get past that page I honestly thing the neck and head will go a lot quicker. 

My other stitch as of late is the Thirsty Hart sampler. This one is going slow because I am changing ALL of the colors. I am not great at that, but I envision this as colorful not a neutral pattern as charted.

I think this one can be finished in '21. As I said I am already a little farther along.

I have to take Mom to get an endoscopy tomorrow and then stay with her some tomorrow so I am taking a long something smaller to work on. I will share my progress on that next week.

I saw an Instagram post from one of my favorite decorators/gardeners. He lives in South Georgia so he is my gardening zone. He gets my love of summer but also forward thinking to fall. He said September is 3 parts summer and 1 part fall. I think that is true at least for Zone 8b. Summer is the one season I sort of hold on to even though I love everything about fall. 

I am slowing easing in which suits me really well. The light is changing and this week it seems like it happened even faster because of the cloudy weather.

I love mums and when I was growing up the big antebellum homes in Brewton would have lots of them out front. I have zero luck with them but it doesn't make me not want some any less. I succumbed and bought two small ones to enjoy since I figured the prices was about the same as grocery store flowers.

This was one morning when the light seemed so pretty and my little mum made me happy.

I have put out some fall...not all...just a slow adding it in.

I had put decorated my dining room table. My birthday was yesterday and we had a family dinner which was prepared for me. We hadn't planned to eat in there, but outside but it was rainy. I threw on the table cloth and set it all back in place. 

I was blessed and here is my only picture of the evening...

Here are few more shots from my phone...

Palmer's name has been hung.

Tucker loves the airplanes and in this case helicopters and much as his mimi.

I would have stopped to watch too.

It has rained so much that I have taken to walking Gus in the rain....otherwise he is going stir crazy.

So long,

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Doing Sensible Things

I decided I better get a post out soon or people would wonder what happened to me. I have been busy, but I am also going to admit I haven't been in a blogging mood. Let's see --- I will do my best to keep things upbeat because I have more blessings than ills but the ills have kept me busy:)

I did a bit of unexpected decluttering projects. It kind of hit me in two waves... The first was one was that I just simply opened my cookbook closet  which also contains the medicine cabinet and paper goods products for the kitchen and thought to myself, "This is ridiculous." I had to go through it in small incremental doses because for the past two weeks I feel as if I have been here, there, ---everywhere but my own home.

This and a candle in the living room are the first signs I am moving to the fall season.

I got it done and a good bit left that closet including 15 cookbooks with 6 more being seriously evaluated. I have a problem with cookbooks...that home ec major coming in to play there. That closet is way more pleasing to the eye now. I am pretty sure those other 6 will leave it soon.

I then tackled another closet where I keep small appliances and baking goods and made a huge dent in it as well. I tackled under my bathroom sink and really made a difference there. I got rid of some hair gadgets that I will never use get the idea.

All of these were literally done when I would be home for an hour before I had to go somewhere else. Little snippets of time led to quite a pile for Goodwill. 

At some point in all this decluttering story... Mom had spent the night over here in the last month when she was having a very bad day and it just hit me that I really needed to think about the possibility of Lindsay's old room being needed for her one day. I had Lindsay come over one day. I told her she didn't have to do anything but just point to things and tell me if it was really a keeper or could it go. We made a huge mess on the floor with books and stuff that were easily pulled off shelves or drawers. She left me with a list of things to then see about as I had time. I think we pulled almost 40 books off the shelves. IT took me another couple of days to get it all righted and out of there. I think I have a better grasp of it all now. Her closet is almost all empty on the bottom. I can easily box up the rest of what I would want in that room and place downstairs in a closet if I ever have to move Mom in here. 

I know Mom wants to stay at home as long as possible and I want that too. I would rather hire help as long as I can before I made a move. I also know she would rather not EVER come here, but with the assisted living places going into lockdowns that would not be something I would consider unless it were a last resort.

Now for Mom...she is doing better. We have an esophagus stretch scheduled for next week. She has had a pulled muscle that required a doctor visit. I suppose that was probably from all the pulling up she had to do when she got really down. Now, if you saw her today you would not think she had been as sick as she was a few weeks ago. That is what she does...Down down down and then bounces back.

Her best friend passed away and we attended the funeral on Monday. We moved to Brewton in August of 1971 and they met soon after. They were besties for a long time. They did everything together and Mrs. Carolyn was so sad when Mama moved here. They kept in close contact. She was 92 so older than Mom and had gotten some cancer a couple of years ago. 

Enough of Mom ...It is just that time of life when I will be busy and that is that.

I have done yard work when it is not raining, stitched at night when I am not too tired. (Stitching post next week...maybe) I have held that precious baby Palmer. He is growing and changing so much. Lindsay is not much better. We can't see the specialist in Pensacola until January 3rd. IT is hard for her, but she is a strong girl and is doing a great job with the kiddos and she will persevere.

They were with the other grandparents in a condo for the first football game.

I will leave you with a quote from C. S. Lewis that I heard in a message a week or so ago. I loved it and with all my goings on I have really leaned into the last part which I will bold for you...

C. S. Lewis "Living in the Atomic Age" (1948)

Replace "atomic age" with your choice of word from the news.

In one way we think a great deal too much of the atomic bomb. "How are we to live in an atomic age?" I am temped to reply: "Why, as you would have lived is in the sixteenth century when the plague visited London almost every year, or as you would have lived in a Viking age when raiders from Scandinavia might land and cut your throat any night; or indeed, as you are already living in an age of cancer, an age of syphilis, an age of paralysis, an age of air raids, an age of railway accidents, an age of motor accidents."

In other words, do not let us begin by exaggerating the novelty of our situation. Believe me, dear sir or madam, you and all whom you love were already sentenced to death before the atomic bomb was invented: and quite a high percentage of us were going to die in unpleasant ways.... It is perfectly ridiculous to go about whimpering and drawing long faces because the scientists have added one more chance of painful and premature death to a world which already bristled with such changes and in which death itself was not a chance at all, but a certainty.

This is the first point to be made: and the first action to be taken is to pull ourselves together. If we all going to be destroyed by an atomic bomb, let that bomb when it comes find us doing sensible and human things - praying, working, teaching, reading, listening to music, bathing the children, playing tennis, chatting to our friends over a pint and a game of darts - not huddled together like frightened sheep and thinking about bombs. They may break our bodies, but they need not dominate our minds.


I have been really trying to do that. It was good to watch college football again on Saturday. 

My little pumpkins. 

I will try to get my blogging mojo back.


Friday, August 27, 2021

Saying Goodbye to August

 I am coming to terms with the fact that August has flown by. She may leave her mark though... More about that later. Yikes!

I sound as if I don't love September. I do though. September is a great month for our family and I love it even more in retirement. I am no longer stressing over school and get to enjoy the month without the other. It is a month of birthdays and an anniversary and then fall slides in. 

I love September and sometimes it seems like we need to throw fall decor out, but the past couple of years I have kind of slowed that down and just eased into fall. I love the light changing and like to spend a little time just staring down the bayou in the evenings...that is, if it is not sweltering in high temperatures.

I like to add a few things slowly and just kind of let it all fall in on me slowly. 

I have quite a few pictures to share. I will start with Gus who got his grooming; more like a shave only. It is ok since it will grow out fast.

He was just glad to be back in the safety of the truck. He got a little bow tie.

Jeff said he looked like he was wearing a suit.

I am still busy but it is getting better everyday. Lindsay is doing so much better. She still has a long way to go, but she knows that if she looks at it from day one to now there has been lots of improvement. She is hoping by the end of September when she goes back to work that she will be back to normal. The physical therapist has been so good. 

Palmer has hit the 1 month mark.


this is what happens...

Tucker picked out his clothes that day. They match so well:)

We went to the park one day. Lindsay captured me waiting on Tucker to get tired while she and Palmer stayed in the shade.

In another direction, Katie is carrying on my tradition with the palm tree. Jeff made the palm tree for me many years ago. I had it in my classroom really all except for the first few. It has been downstairs, but I asked Katie if she would like to have it in her room and she said yes. My only stipulation was that she make a picture standing by it for me.

Another Mrs. Palmer

Mother is doing better. I know that I have to face that she is aging. I have not really done that until this last illness. She can get really down and bounce back which she has this time, BUT each time they leave her a little weaker and a little smaller and a little more feeble AND while she is sick a bit cantankerous. I am working on getting ready to be helpful and not let myself get so down with it.

Hurricane season is about to ramp up...September brings that. I have spent more than a few birthday celebrations dealing with those. It is a part of my story.

This weekend one will be looming in the Gulf.

Gus doesn't seem too concerned, but the moment one enters the Gulf I am on high alert. I have lived this life pretty much my entire life. There is a process we go through. I have been a busy bee today washing every item of clothing and sheets because when one is out there that is the first thing I do. I don't want to be caught with lots of dirty clothes when the power is out. 

I am prepared in the way of supplies. I stay that way from May to October...just second nature. 

Then comes the boat and outside plants and furniture if needed. That is still to be determined. After that is wait and watch and lots of prayer. 

We do know what to do but it never makes it easy to deal with. For a few weeks of the year, it is hard but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. 

The longest we have gone without power is 18 days, but generally we can count on 10-14 days if we get a direct hit. The power is nothing compared to knowing everything is ok. 

Several of our neighbors on the street have gotten the whole house generators. They are quite pricey. I have not caved to that yet. We do have generators and gasoline to run the refrigerator and a fan or two. We do have a really small window unit that we put in one room and close off for sleeping at night. 

So as I say goodbye to August in the next few days I am hoping for a miracle and that Ida will decide she doesn't like the Gulf and just dissolve into nothing. IF not that, may she be a quick mover and weaker than expected for whoever gets her. Right now we aren't in the cone, but as I said once they enter the Gulf I keep an eye on the weather.

The news has been harder than ever lately....
I have needed to hug my family a little tighter and thank the Lord for my blessings.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Stitching Finishes

 I decided to do some quick stitches last week. I think with all the latest goings on, I felt a need to take care of some things so I wouldn't be rushed later on in the year. Typically, I like to do Christmas in July stitching but it just didn't happen this year.

I made a decision on Palmer's Christmas ornament and went to work. I wanted it to be similar in theme, size, etc as Tucker's but yet uniquely his as well.

I found the little bear on Etsy. It was a $3 download but had a whole collection of little small Christmas pieces. I felt like I would use many of them down the road. You can find what I purchased here. The only catch is they printed all wrong. My printer is in another room and I just hit print and then checked it much later. I had to cut them all out and tape some together so it all worked out just fine.

I used the same lettering and backing as Tucker's. The backing is a Ralph Lauren tablecloth that I bought on clearance at Tuesday Morning one year. I have plenty to do ornaments with and one of these days I am going to do a table runner with it. That has happened yet:)

When that was tackled, I grabbed a stocking for my collection of stockings to add Palmer's initial. I bought extras when I decided to do the stockings all alike.

Lindsay also went with to pick out Palmer's name framing. I can't wait for it to be done. Her selection was just so perfect. I really am so happy with how the boys' names came out. I think they will be able to use them in their rooms all the way to moving out and then will make a cute display for Mom in a guest room after that. It should be ready at the end of this month.

Is anyone else just reeling that August is flying by so fast? OR is it just me? 

Now, one more stitch to share. I purchased a frame for the Lord's Prayer this weekend for what I thought was a really good deal. I have pinned it in there and not finished but I will share it with you and then again when I am fully done with it. I decided to pin instead of lace after seeing an Instagram post the other day. So influenced aren't we?!

When I have a moment, I will check it and adjust and then finish up the back, but....

I am in love with it. It is just much prettier than I even thought when I saw the kit. I had planned to add it to my sampler wall in Auburn, but now I don't know. I have time to think on it.

I plan to do a family and miscellaneous post soon, but for today just the stitching. Everyone is doing better and for that I am so grateful for all the prayers. I will update on all that soon.


Wednesday, August 18, 2021

A Little Life Lately That is Not so Heavy

 I really wanted to record a little life and do some of that "chatting" we all love even if we don't do that on blogs anymore. Everyone has gone to other medias, but I still love chatting on blogs when I am in a chatty mood.

Jeff, Mother and I were sitting at the kitchen table the other day and we got to watch an exciting event. Oh how I wish I were a nature photographer! An osprey landed on the pine tree limb right next to the deck with a fish in his grip. The fish flopped with the osprey holding it firmly. When the flopping stopped he started munching down. I am glad most of my meal was down because even though it was spectacular to watch I wasn't so hungry after watching him munch on that fish.

I tried to snap a few pictures with my phone through the kitchen window which does have a screen on it. I knew if I moved too much or went out the door he would fly off.

Never a dull moment. If you don't see ospreys in your neck of the woods here is a link to them... I see and HEAR them daily. They have a very unique sound.

I went to bed on Sunday evening thinking we would have a tropical storm on Monday. Schools were canceled. I checked the track and it had moved east and was going into Cape San Blas later in the day. Because it was only a storm I didn't think we were going to get anything. I was right. We hopped in the truck to go check out the beach.

Pretty big waves and it had come up to the walkways so it is just a reminder that it is just a tropical storm that does that. So grateful that is all it was for anyone. Too much going on to even process the bad.

Trust me when we have a light hearted post I am well aware of so much hard going on. Sometimes we just need an escape so that is what we will have here today.

On Monday, when Lindsay went to her first physical therapy, I had a dentist appointment and he was off from work so he watched the boys for Lindsay.

I mean it doesn't get any better than this.

I know many are starting to think about fall from the stitching and fall clothes popping up in my Instagram account, but I am still fully deep in summer. I am not in any way ready to put out fall decor. I see that light trying to change on me and I am saying to it each evening, "NO...stop...wait just a little longer!

That said, I an old school fashion rule follower. I know many of you are rolling your eyes and if you knew how I really rolled around here daily you would give me no credence to any thoughts I share. I like my gym shorts and little cotton Talbots or LLBean tees way too much to be a fashionable lady anymore. I do however still have pride in how I look and try to spiffy up for my few outings such as Publix, the doctor's office and church. 

I say Talbots tees and LLBean tees because I don't really like t-shirts much. I am so short and small at the top but have a little 60 year old tummy that I find all those t-shirts with the cute sayings never fit me well. I ordered two v-neck tees from LLBean this spring and I have lived in them this summer. They were in petite and had a womanly fit without being tight. CAN'T do tight...nope.

All that preface to show you my thoughts after Labor Day when you live in a climate where there will be no real fall until December.

I won't wear white, seersucker, linen or the like after Labor Day. I wear it like it is going out of style from Easter until Labor Day though. I have worn white slacks to church this summer until I am sure people are talking about me. "Does that girl have any other color pants?"

With no seasons, I use the holidays to change the colors of my tops. I wear a ton of pinks and blues in the summer, but come the days after Labor Day I change to more fall colors. Oh they are still cool weather tops. Here are three (a little sampling) that will get a lot of wear in September. 

Again the photography skills are just plain awful and I have a great iPhone. I am just not one to get it right.
The colors are not as they are so let me talk afterwards.

The one on the left will get so much wear during the fall months because it is so comfortable and the just right shade of brown for a "Winter" color. Remember the colors of the 80s. I am a winter. The tee is probably 20 years old. It is when Talbots really had such good quality. The middle shirt is olive and I will wear and layer it with a cardigan when I go to a restaurant. Not going out so much right now...besides that ugly V word and no workers, we really stay home mostly. The navy one will also get a lot of wear. 

See these look like fall and are still fitting with the weather I will be dealing with for months to come.

Another thing: purses. I have written extensively about my love for purses on the blog. I even have a label in my list for that:) 
It will be time to switch out from the summery bags to the fall bags. 

When I taught I spent far too much money on purses and schoolbags. I have now cleaned them out and set a limit on how many I can have in my closet. If something new comes in something has to leave. I had 12 when I saw the straw bag below on eBay. I had so wanted a straw bag, when I found this gem. It is an Aigner from way back when. It was in mint condition. I don't think anyone had ever used it. $20. I have so enjoyed it this summer. 
I got rid of two Spartina 449 purses to purchase this one so now I am down to 11. One is really more sentimental than anything else. 

I will soon change out to this Fossil purse that is 20 years old. 

I actually like a smaller size more these days. I must tell you my love for purses found a much needed cure when I found the bag talked about here. This one is pure perfection for someone retired. I honestly use it 90 % of the time.

So while I am not ready for fall decor I am realizing it is coming because the light is reminding me and Labor Day is right around the corner and my old school fashion rules remind me to do certain things. 
I am going to hang on to my shells for longer than anyone else out there in the virtual world of social media though. 

Stitching some sunflowers a few years back helped me there.

Let's talk books: I have read a couple of really good books this calendar year but boy have I picked up a couple of doozies this year too. I am utilizing my library now so at least I didn't buy it and feel sick to my stomach over a poor purchase. I picked up one the other day on the new release shelf that I had seen someone talking about on Instagram. This was not someone I knew- just a decorator I follow. My stars---y'all. If I had read a few pages I would never have left with it. I didn't get three pages in before my eyes were burning. It was just not for me.  Honestly ---no wonder our country is in the shape it is if people are filling their mind with that darkness.
Anyone out there with some good books lately?  new or old.

I hope you enjoyed some lighthearted reading in this crazy time we are in. 

Here are the boys in their matching shirts. Probably a lot more of that in their future.
A onsie and a t-shirt with sharks and an orange pocket.

We need more baby pictures with the events going on...

Gus says hello too. He has an appointment with a professional groomer next week.

"Come let us worship and bow down; Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker. For He is our God." ---Psalm 95:6-7a

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

A Stitching Finish

 I finished The Lord's Prayer stitch on Saturday. 

This was such a comforting stitch. I needed a break away from the regular stitching. I am usually a one and done stitcher, but I have allowed myself to get three large projects going and ---going to them with all that is going on in my days was just not happening. I had this old Bucilla kit for awhile. It just spoke to me and I decided I would stitch from beginning to end without interruptions. It worked for me in many ways.

The stitching was what I needed to calm myself on many days. 

It was a good sentiment to stitch and remind myself my Lord is in charge even when the days are long and a little more taxing than others.

I will frame it but I have to frame Palmer's name first which I hope to get Lindsay out and picking out the frame for that later in the week. This project will fit perfectly in an 11X14 frame, so I will be on the hunt first for a thrifty frame, but it has to be one deep enough to hold the board and stitch. I will keep my eyes open first in some thrift stores. I won't be in too big of a hurry.

I will start Palmer's Christmas ornament and stocking initial this week. I already have it all in a project bag ready to go.

I will hopefully get back to a life post later in the week. I have been busy busy busy, but I got an extra long night of sleep last night and feel refreshed and ready to go for another day:)


***Update on Lindsay for all my prayer warriors. She had her first physical therapy appointment yesterday. It was outstanding. Yes, she has a long way to go AND she has been doing some things wrong and maybe even added to her problems, BUT she now has a plan. The lady was magnificent. She has charts, schedules, real directions and a plan for the next 6 weeks. She will go every week for checks. She took over an hour with her yesterday. She thinks Lindsay will start to see some improvement in two weeks and it will take 6-8 to get some control back. She believes it is muscular and honestly I still believe that epidural is to blame for some of it, but we have a plan. My girl is hopeful and the kiddos are doing great.

Pictures soon.

Friday, August 13, 2021

A Little Update from Here

 I have honestly been too tired to string a sentence together, but I got a much needed reprieve yesterday from my as of late goings on and I feel so much better today.

I will soon have a finished stitch to share. I have two more rows of the Lord's Prayer to stitch and a wee bit of outlining on some letters and a little bit of one corner. The finish is so close I can taste it and want to keep at it. I am going to wait until I have totally finished it and ironed it to share. 

This little guy runs hard and then rests hard. We were up early watering my flowers to avoid the intense heat that is now here with August. I am quite surprised he is not wet. I guess he got busy with something else and forgot to go for a swim. Thank goodness!

Now, for a little life update. 

Palmer was three weeks old on Wednesday. He is changing everyday. He is such a good baby. That has been such a blessing in all of the otherwise hard days for Lindsay. I want to thank each of you for your prayers. I have a feeling deep down in my heart that all will be well and such peace that could only come from the Lord. 

I knew going in that her emotions would be tough on her and I couldn't remember but Jeff said he thought they lasted 3 weeks last time. She is pulling out of that and have seen some smiles and life coming back into her in the last two days.

Her status on the other in just a minute since I will finish on that since some may not want to read all that.

My days are filled with:

Seeing about Mother who finished her round of antibiotics yesterday. Mother and antibiotics are almost as bad as the sickness that gets her on them. She has always had chronic sinus infections (she has even had surgeries) and now we are adding ear infections. They wear her down and then she can't take antibiotics because they upset her stomach and make her nauseous. Zofran -almost always with them. 

I have been trying desperately to get her some nourishment down each day, so I go over to make sure she eats a couple of times a day. She gets so weak and she is so little anyway. When Mother goes to the doctor and gets on the scale she is leaving on layers so they won't notice the drop in weight. Yea, the rest of us are thinking about what we can shed before we step on that scale!

I pick up Tucker and take him home to Destin and visit with Lindsay and Palmer. I look around at what I can do while I am there. Fold a load of clothes or wash a few dishes. Jeff and I both have tried to cook for Mom and Lindsay. Truly couldn't do it without him. He is the greatest. I am not good with Mama sometimes. She can drive me to the end of the cliff. Jeff is so patient with her.

Now to kinda whine about my long commute each day. Living where we do there are two things that make drives longer...a beautiful bay and an Air Force Base. As the crow flies, places are so close but when you have to navigate around the other ---well, let's just say I have spent a LOT of my time in a truck. 

The upside to all that very LONG driving IS that it is around a bay and my views are very pretty. I mean really pretty. I am not driving through ugly, so I have tried to make the times when I am by myself times to pray and just be quiet. Now, there is no quiet when Tucker is in the truck. I asked him the other day if he got tired of talking. Yes or no would suffice, but that is not Tucker's way. He utilizes the most words possible for someone who is not even 3 yet. A typical answer would be, "No, Mimi, I don't get tired of talking."

Mother drives with me sometimes so that means there is absolutely no quiet because Tucker gets the talking from her. Of course, she has no one to talk to so she gets in my truck and just starts her motor. It can be about nothing, but she talks constantly. I got so amused the other day because they were talking over each other and she said he talked so much. I just smiled to myself.

So, that is what I have been up to. Being the quiet introvert that I am I need a few of those days to be just me driving home on the island to recoup.

Now, to end my long ramble, Lindsay said on the same morning she had to see her regular doctor for the 3 week check in that that morning she felt as if she actually got to the potty for some of her pee:) The doctor still feels confident that it is going to heal on its own. All of the people she has hunted down have said her case is most severe and that it can heal, so THAT IS WHAT I AM PRAYING FOR.

She has an appointment to start some physical therapy other than just Kegals on Monday. I have no idea what that entails but hey if they can help - all for it. 

She is going to keep her November appointment in Pensacola with a urologist gynecologist since they most likely wouldn't do anything until she had gone that long anyway. 

Her mother-in-law remembered a cousin's daughter was a physician in gynecology and it just so happens she had done some of her training with a doctor in this relatively new field. She did talk to Lindsay and provided some comfort. That coupled with her hormones are starting to settle down has Lindsay seeming more normal.

All that to be said, I think she took a look at me and noticed that I was ragged and let me stay home yesterday. I didn't even go to see about Mama. I called and made sure she had food. I laid around all day yesterday and feel so much more energized, so back to my routine today.

The days will get better when Lindsay regains her strength and emotions are in check. Mother - well I know at her age that things will not always be better. I have to keep her spirits up which means I have to prioritize things. AT this point, that is family family and family. 

I can do this...


A few more pics... They had an open house at the daycare last Saturday. It was the first outing that Lindsay has had and she managed to get her hair done and smile. IT was a big start to feeling better about things.

This picture is just so good. Tucker got a good report. I think hearing good words about Tucker helped her mood as well. 

Or course, what little boy doesn't love a firetruck. 

Blessings....I get to keep these kids and see them everyday. IT is not lost on me one bit. 

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Stitching Post: A New Start

 What does one do when things are busy? Why a new start of course!

The girl who hates having too many projects going started a new one. I just couldn't see myself concentrating on either of my two large projects: the heron and the patriotic piece, so I looked around for some easy COMFORT stitching. 

Yes, I have ornaments that need to be done but that would have required thought to choose. I had this kit that I ordered from eBay a while back. It just seemed to say, "I will bring comfort to you."

Stitching is very relaxing for me and this stitch is filling the need of just easy stitching.

I am probably going to finish it before I move on to anything else. I think by that time things will settle down and I can have my ornament for Palmer planned and can pick back up my heron, but for now this vine and flower border with the comforting prayer that I love so much will keep me company in the evenings.

I just recently heard a message on prayer and made me love this prayer so much more.

That is all I have for now other than asking for continued prayers for Lindsay. Her emotions are so much better but the bladder issue is not. I am praying that it will heal on its own.

He doth provide,


Monday, August 2, 2021



I shared a picture on the last post of Tucker with his Harbor Docks stickers and said there was a story. 

Tucker is crazy about Palmer and will be a great big brother, but he is doing what 2 year olds do. That is have some little crazy moments. 

Now, these are just a part of life but have done Tyler in. Tyler had promised Tucker a trip to Harbor Docks for lunch...just the two of them. He was trying to get him out of the house and pay attention to him. However, Tucker was tired and upon arriving at the restaurant had a meltdown.  They had no longer sat down  and ordered the water that Tucker let it all out. Tyler got so embarrassed that he gave the waitress and tip and proceeded to leave.

They were headed to the truck and then Tucker was crying that he hadn't had his fish:)

Tyler proceeds to go back into the bar and order a to go and thought he would wait outside. 

The manager sees him and has seen enough to know that these regular guests are minus the pregnant mama and catches up to ask how it going. Tyler explains that the new baby is here and he was trying to take Tucker to his favorite place. 

The manager takes him to the big banquet room downstairs. He gives Tyler the controls to the TV where Tyler puts on Toy Story and it even comes out in the big speakers. They bring the sushi rolls downstairs where the guest of honor has his own room complete with movie.

The day was saved.

I have tried to remind Lindsay this is all normal. Tucker and Palmer have the exact same age difference as Lindsay and Paul Allen. On my very first outing with Paul Allen, Lindsay had to be wrangled out of Network video under one arm like a sack of potatoes with Paul Allen in the other arm some moons ago. It was all because I suggested she get another movie other than Cinderella which she had seen 100 times. After my suggestion, nothing worked except heading for home so frazzled I thought I might never leave the house again.

Unfortunately that wasn't a lone incident.:) It is just part of life with more than one kiddo.

That smile above melts the heart. 

He fell asleep on the way home.

Another quick Tucker story...
He has refused to go to the barber shop for some time. He got that first haircut documented here and then decided it was a no go after that. Tyler has been trimming it while Lindsay holds him for sometime now. It was turning into a bowl.

While Lindsay was waiting for the arrival of Palmer, Jeff mentioned to Tucker that they should go and get a haircut. He said, "Ok!" Jeff didn't really think he would go through with it, but he did with the promise of ice cream. 

Jeff took a video of him while it was happening. He looked a bit unsure but he went through with it.

After leaving is another example of what happens with no nap. He has decided those are not happening. 

Jeff had to drive around for him to get some rest. Daycare has to be done some so he has some order to his life.
Lindsay had visions of them being home for her break much like our summer breaks when I was teaching, but for now I think he needs some routine.

He did get some ice cream which is what he calls a milkshake.

It can't all be about Palmer. More on him later.
Tucker will adjust. They all do.

Saturday, July 31, 2021


 This is the introduction and my recording of life when grandbaby #2 arrived. He is truly a bundle of joy.

All 7 lbs. 9 ozs. of him. He looks like his brother Tucker did when he was born. 

First picture.

This is an overload of pictures of him when family members have met him. Intertwined in the pictures I will tell you a little bit of life going on.

Lindsay and Tyler were supposed to go in on midnight, July 20th to start the induction. Jeff and I picked Tucker up around 7:00 PM that evening to stay with us during the birth. At 9:20 the nurse called and said they had a run on deliveries to call early Wednesday morning on the 21st to see if things had settled. There was the keyed up feelings with all of us as we awaited his birth. 

Palmer James Maxey

They arrived at the hospital on Wednesday morning to start the process. Then they were told an emergency C section was going on after they arrived. You may sense a bit of bitterness on my part and you would be correct. I will try to give facts only as I am not one to dwell on the bad, but one to try and focus on the positive and steps forward.

Lindsay really wasn't attended to much during the day. I know she felt frustrated and at 7:20 PM the new nurse who had just arrived on duty came to check on her. I know the times because I was talking to her and heard the nurse walk into her room. She texted back that she had told them her epidural seemed too strong and she wanted them to check on things. She left saying she would come back in a minute, so I texted Lindsay since it didn't seem like it was going to happen right away maybe she could FaceTime Tucker to say goodnight.

Tucker enjoying a popsicle with Gus on a hot day to make the time go faster.

Tucker was concerned about Mommy and getting that baby out. It was all he talked about. We got off the phone and grabbed a book to read.

The time was 7:50....a text came through from Tyler that it was coming NOW.

The coming wave of anxiety and flow of water wasn't known here.

Jeff in all his goodness did what he has done for all of our family's history. He was going to gather us around to pray for Lindsay and the baby. He had just said, "Tucker, do you want to pray for Mommy and Baby Palmer."

What transpired instantly and left Jeff and me with our mouths hanging open was simply amazing and I have yet to find a good way to document it.

Tucker immediately slapped his hands together and said something like this...

Dear God, I love you, help Palmer to get here and take care of Mommy.

Mouths agape and sitting in shock, the phones go off with a picture of baby on Lindsay's tummy. 

Yes, 7:55 PM was the time called out for his birth. 

The prayer was many things... it let you know Tucker's heart, it was a display of his parents teaching every night to pray, and if ever there was a model prayer and a demonstration of Jesus and the little children I know not one

At one point, I look over and Jeff has tears flowing down his cheeks. He said we need to remember what he said so we can write it down, so that is what we did. 

Tucker went peacefully to sleep. 

He has not wanted to be away from Mommy.

The next day we headed out to see them. We really didn't thing Tucker would be able to go in. Tyler had intended to just take him out for some lunch, but he got to go in.

He loves him but has also done what a two year old does at this out occasionally.

Now, in all these pictures, you may think everything is just picture perfect. Lindsay has had the postpartum anxiety return. That is my absence from the scene. We had hoped she wouldn't have it this birth, but not to be the case. AS of today, she is doing a bit better with some medicine.

Mimi is in love.

Also, she has no bladder control. This is not leakage. We have gone back to the doctor as this is not helping her state of mind. IT is wait and see game, but trust me this mama will not let anyone slack on their job.

PaPa's first hold.

Let me back up... the nurse that walked into that room delivered Palmer. The doctor had run home to eat since she lives right behind the hospital. One funny in all of it is she told Tyler to grab a leg and Lindsay says she remembers her arm flying up in the air. He grabbed an arm rather than a leg. 

Palmer is doing wonderful and that is the one and only area Lindsay seems to be totally fine with. She has him on a schedule and doing well. Her anxiety manifests itself in not being able to sleep and panic attacks that she will never sleep. 

Grandma's first hold.

Uncle PAP and Aunt Katie's first hold.

I am writing this to let people know that postpartum stuff is real as Lindsay is usually one cool cucumber. 

Time is our friend on both accounts. Palmer is growing and so precious. 

Tucker with Harbor Docks stickers. There is a story behind them. I will maybe share that another day since it is getting long.

Tucker with Palmer. 

Tucker's hospital stay involved a horrific hurricane and the aftermath.  I thought many things that went wrong then were because of that. Palmer's involves being delivered by the nurses. All around both have left with a less than feeling about the hospital. 

Anyway, we are moving forward and looking the future and solutions.

Blessings abound!!!
I don't have much to write about other than little Palmer and Tucker for now. I have an overload of pictures still to share so be prepared for awhile.