Monday, May 10, 2021

Weekend Wrap-up and More

 We left for  our Auburn home Thursday evening after Jeff got off work and had a wonderful longer weekend. It seemed like forever since we had been. While many have been a little slower with work during Covid, I feel as though Jeff has had very little breathing room. I feel like he has more on his plate due to the condition of people's minds over many issues and has been busier than ever. 

That said, we finally just decided it was time to break away and we enjoyed every single minute.  The house was fine, but we did throw a bit of fertilizer out on the grass and water that in. Other than that most of it was spent enjoying friends and down time.

I sat out on my little hidden porch and stitched and read. The Confederate jasmine was in full bloom and smelled divine. I did sneeze a good bit but I stayed through the sneezes.

This was my view from my chair.

The view of the chairs and the jasmine covered fence. All of the oaks that are so different than the ones here were so pretty and lush.

This is the view from the other side that the neighbors see.

I also finally hung my flower stitches up. Can you believe it has been that long since we have been up there? I have had them done so long and just waiting to be hung. I intend to remedy that by going up myself during the week before the new baby gets here.

We also took a chair that we had downstairs here to the master bedroom. I love that room and will enjoy the chair so I can sit up there. Jeff wanted it just to have a place to put on his shoes. I still sit on the floor to put mine on in the closet, so I didn't need it for that, but I could see how it would help him. Otherwise he has to wait until he gets downstairs to put on his shoes. I didn't need the chair here and had thought several times about getting rid of it. It worked perfectly for that spot in Auburn.

We took in an Auburn baseball game. I am telling you right now----it was wonderful to be back at a sporting event especially baseball. The weather was perfect. I enjoyed every minute of it. We were spaced out so our seats were down by left field. Again, it was just perfect.
I put my phone away and just soaked up the feelings. I had Jeff take two pictures for the blog.

Proof I was there.

I had told the kids they had the weekend off:) Actually Lindsay had her in-laws for the weekend, so it worked out well.

I ate lunch with them today and got the sweetest gift from them. Lindsay found this on Etsy. I have the digital link to size it however I want. It is just so thoughtful.

It is our family of dogs. Sally and Murphy on the left were black and white Springers. The only thing she couldn't do was make Murphy's butt look large. He had an extra large ham. Then Lucy and Gus are liver (aka -brown) Springer Spaniels and then Miss Lemony our Golden. What you can't see in this picture is that the coloring is correct for the black and brown ones. All but Gus have earned their angel wings and how appropriate that they are all sitting on a dock. 

Of course, I teared up. It is just so perfect.

I will close out with sharing a good book. Don't you love it when you actually read a book that is good and it leaves you with so many thoughts? This one did. I had to spend some time this morning just writing down some of those thoughts it had me pondering. A Land Remembered by Patrick D. Smith.
It is probably not for everyone, but I told my kids it should be required reading for Florida residents. It is historical fiction and as good a book for telling the story of Florida as I ever read. I taught Florida History for many moons and loved it. The scenario with the mosquitos brought to life what a textbook can't. 
It begins in 1863 and ends in 1968 (well, it actually had its beginning in 1968 and I had to reread the first chapter at the end). It brings a family from Georgia to Florida hoping to stay out of the Civil War. It follows them through three generations and has all locations and historical events accurately placed in geography and time. The final generation would have been born similarly to my great granddaddy Byrd. I have really thought lately of how much he went through in his lifetime. One of the wisest and most wonderful Godly men I knew. 

Not sure it would interest just anyone, but I do love history and I do love Florida so it was a win win. Paul Allen had put me on it. Katie had read it too and said I should read. Lindsay is currently reading. It was a book that started out somewhat slow and I felt no need to rush, but of course after 2/3s I wanted to rush but I forced myself to continue the slow pace to absorb the lessons in it.

That is it for now. I will share some stitching maybe soon. Oh ---one more thing. I really need to update my sidebar, but oh well. And Blogger is making me so mad...taking away some features such as subscribe by mail and it is so hard to do some things that used to be so easy. ALL THAT to say...Leslie Anne over at her blog has written some good articles lately. Her feed doesn't renew in my blog roll, nor can I even comment on her posts now. She is working on all of it. I loved her posts "Are Manners Gone with the Wind?" and "Grateful". You will have to scroll down for them. 

See ya later alligator,

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Nothing New Under the Sun

 and that's good with me. A boring day is a good one or at least I think so. I get to do my usual things and no crazy stuff happening.

That is about it lately. I have been puttering in my flowers, a little stitching, a little reading and a good bit of deep cleaning. What is about spring that shows all the dust you thought you got because you are pretty neat? The sun is shining in these days and has made me pull out the cleaning cloths. That is about it for around here.

We did take the boat out Saturday. The Billy Bowlegs festival is usually in June but they moved it up to May this year. It didn't have a big turn out at all. That was probably good for the locals but I am not sure if it had the intended dreams. I think it was great for downtown stores. The festival involves a pirate ship with Captain Bowlegs arriving at the Landing and taking over the city for a week from the mayor. IT will be complete with all sorts of activities and a parade. We took Tucker to see the pirates arriving. It was not in the usual pirate ship. I have no clue what happened with that. They arrived in three of the tourist boats. Tucker loved it. He was not afraid of the cannon fire at all.

We tried to pose.

The party boats arriving with the pirates and cannon fire.

We then went out into the bay for a little stroll and saw the party boat that is a pirate ship. Lindsay is looking at doing this for his birthday in October. We will see.

That is about all the excitement around here. 

Pelicans have been visiting the docks. I wish I were good at zooming in and photographing, but oh well.

Do you spy two pelicans on this neighbor's dock?

And there was one on this neighbor's dock too. 

Gus was just checking them out too. 
Jeff has planted a salsa garden hoping for some success. He loves to make salsa each weekend. I love it with my black bean chips which have become my favorites. There is cilantro, jalapeƱos and tomatoes in the buckets. The cilantro and jalapeƱos will produce very well. Tomatoes are questionable. He has been reading and hopes to correct some problems of the past.

There are some small ones on there, so we will see.

We are going to Auburn for the weekend. I told the kids they had the weekend off this year for Mother's Day. We are hoping to take in a baseball game. It seems like an eternity since we have been to a sporting event. I am just looking forward to the weekend away in Auburn.

Those April showers have brought in so many blooming flowers. The magnolia trees are popping with their beautiful blooms. Life is good if you turn off the news and look around at nature.

Enjoying May,

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Some Stitching Finishes

 I finished Spring's Messenger by Scattered Seed Samplers. It turned out even cuter than I thought it would.

I stitched this on some 36 count raw linen I had in my stash. The model was stitched on 36 count but a lighter color. I am pleased though with the colors. I made only one change in the called for floss colors. It called for only 3011 on the leaves, but as I was pulling the colors out I noticed that 3012 was a tad lighter so I did some of the leaves in 3012. 

This would be cute finished up in a Priscilla style finish, but I don't have room in my home for anything else, so I did a simpler finish so that it can fit in more locations.

I just love this. I love birds. I love robins and their lovely blue eggs. I mean ---this is a Sandy piece.

Some rick rack I had in my stash along with a cute fabric also in my stash. 
This little birdie is going in the bird basket for now along with my other birds until it is time to pull out patriotic stitching. I will love it next year.

Oh, and two things happened in my bird watching this past week. I was in the circle playing with Tucker when he stayed with me one day and not 1 but 4 bluebirds came out in the circle and landed. They stayed a few minutes. I couldn't believe it. I have barely seen 1 in my life and 4 at one time. Incredible!

I had moved a bird bath up to the bed with the bottlebrush shrubs and I came back from a walk and came into the circle yesterday and a cardinal was enjoying some water in the bird bath. 

Both of these things just thrilled me....I am such a nerd.

While I was in a finishing state of mind on Friday, I pulled out the two Prairie School Santas from January and February and styled them up into ornaments. 

I love them in spite of my less than perfect finishing skills. 

Here is the Santa stitched in February.

The bells were a last minute thought, but I love them so I will be adding them to all of these stitches.

Here it is hanging on the hook I use to make cording on some shelves. Gonna be so cute this Christmas.

I might have had a little mishap with the one I did in January and I had to stitch it again in February. Just keeping it real here! 

I am not too sure about the ribbon on this one so it lightly attached. I will look for a little more muted blue satin ribbon next week.

They are done on 40 count. 

Here they are together. I just really like these. There may be more of these in the future.

That is for now.
I will be back to my heron next week.

We are headed out to see Captain Billy Bowlegs to land in Fort Walton Beach today. It is fun festive couple of weeks as the pirates take over the city. 

Arggghhh my friends,

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

So Long April and Catching Up

     April is just about to say goodbye. It has been a rainy and cool month. In fact, Jeff and I both said it was the coolest April we remembered. That wasn't all bad as we know what looms with summer. It is ending with a nice week. 

I took the monthly bayou pics on Monday morning. They really don't tell the month's story since the sun is shining, but they are what is going on this week.

Everything did truly seem a wee bit behind as far as nature. The live oak leaves dropped a little late and the new leaves are just now out. My day lilies bloomed later than I ever remember blooming -just this week for the first time. I had two that never broke ground, so I ordered 5 new ones. I am so excited about them. They are going to look great early summer with my new spiffy beds. They are beginning to get new leaves in the ones that were on them when they arrived. I chose them for their bright orangey reds but Jeff says I chose them for their names.... Rocket Booster and Alabama Jubilee. The place I ordered them threw in one called Ink Heart. Anyway, I can't wait to see them bloom.

The bottlebrush shrubs are bursting with color and I want some hummingbirds. No sign of one yet. Pooh.

The front porch has some geraniums for now. Not sure they will hold up in July through October. We will see how long they last but for now they are really pretty.

My side pots have been redone too. I will share my downstairs salsa garden next week.

Oh and my lemon tree may not produce this year. The hail storm we had two weeks ago knocked off all the blooms. I don't know it if we will rebloom or if we just sunk for this coming year.


Jeff was off last week, but it was a pretty slow week. He played a little golf and fished. We headed to Birmingham to a wedding last weekend. The groom is our best friends and we raised out kids together. Now, they are all grown and are all scattered. Our friends and us were noting this was probably the same time we had all the children in the same room in many years. Lindsay came up Saturday for the wedding while Tyler kept Tucker and Gus

Paul Allen was in the wedding so Jeff, Katie, and I went to the Birmingham Zoo on Saturday during the day. It was a beautiful day. I had thought it would be stormy but it turns out it was stormy at home more than up there.

This is the only picture I took of the weekend. Paul Allen and Katie at the rehearsal dinner. 

We celebrated Katie's birthday one day last week.
Tucker loves Katie. 
He walked up to her when he arrived and said, "UP!"

Helping open presents.

Paul Allen had him believing he should be getting a present, so when I told him it was only Katie's birthday he went back to tell his uncle that it was Katie's birthday. 

He is such a fun age.

He is potty training and getting a big boy room all fixed up. Lindsay wants to work on potty training before she moves him into the new room, but they are decorating it and talking about it and going in there a lot. He is doing well on his potty training. 
I am such a proud Mimi.

I will share his new bedroom soon. He has moved his books in there and some of his things so he is doing a lot of talking about it. I hope sleeping in there goes well, but I think it will.

That is a wrap for April. 

Ready for May flowers,

Monday, April 26, 2021

Stitching Progress

 April is closing in, so I thought I would do one last stitching post for this month. I have a few family photos and some gardening photos to share in a day or two.

I have been back at Let Freedom Ring. It may not look like it but I accomplished a good bit last week.

I was able to get a lot of that over one stitching done on the letters and got some work on the building. I have a long way to go, but I did get back some enthusiasm for the piece. This one is just going to a big one to finish, so someday out there it will be done!

I also started a sweet spring piece that Catherine from I Love to Stitch shared with me. It is a club piece and she was so sweet to share. I had hoped to get more done this weekend, but it was quite busy. I will share that in my next post. I am going to go ahead and finish it this week though. It will have a little time out for spring. I can't wait to stitch those eggs in that next.

This is the pattern.

I will be back later in the week with family and flowers. For now, I am completely pooped from last week. Gotta rest today.

Feeling my age,


Sunday, April 18, 2021

April Showers

 I feel like an old person talking about the weather, but that is what is on my mind. April has been so rainy. The following could be any day in April this year.

It has rained so much that the ground is saying, "No more!" It rained a lot in April of 2014. That has nothing to do with this year, but I remember it. It was the spring and year I started this blog. I didn't mention it all. Like I said, nothing really to do with this year.

If April showers bring May flowers, then it should be an amazing scene around here next month. The truth is I am wondering if it will be true this year. It rained so hard that the lemon tree lost all her blooms. I don't know if that means we will get some new blooms before spring is over or no lemons this fall. 

I planted some new day lilies this year. I have no clue if they will produce this year or not. Considering the cooler weather we are getting this April, then maybe I will have some success. I had 4 day lily plants. Two did not come up at all and the other two have still not bloomed. They have a couple of buds but this is the latest they have ever bloomed. I picked some pretty colors so I am hoping the new ones come up.

I have really been redoing a lot of my beds this year. I want more things growing in the ground than in pots. I am not getting any younger and need less to take care of.

You may remember I pulled up my roses two years ago. I had one that looked worthy of throwing in a pot and putting on the back deck to see if she would survive with no care. Well, bless her heart she has. This spring she is looking quite healthy. She is a hybrid tea by the name of "Oklahoma." 

Here she is...

I had a wonderful treat this week. Barbara, from Sweet Tea and Sandals drove over in the rain to visit. No sitting on the deck for us, but it was wonderful to meet her in person. I sincerely hope it won't be our last visit.

She is just as sweet in person as in her blog. Gus approved. She brought me a sweet present.
What could be better than a devotional book built around dogs for this dog loving girl? And the cover looks like Lemony.

Not much else happening here though.

Jeff is home from work this coming week, so I will be scarce. We are not going to Auburn or really anywhere. A stay vacation. We do have a wedding to go to in Birmingham next weekend. We hope to take some time in May to go to Auburn and relax at our home up there. I am hoping we can take in some baseball games.

I have a few honey do chores for him this week. I have been stitching on the huge sampler, "Let Freedom Ring." Hopefully next week I will have something worth showing in my stitching post.

Until then, if you live in northwest Florida try to stay dry.
A little soggy,

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

A Stitching Post

 We are almost halfway into April and I haven't talked about stitching any, mainly because I don't have tons to share. I have been skipping around which is not my usual but nevertheless what has happened.

I did finish all the pages across the bottom of my heron. It is now time to stitch a bird.

The creator for Crossed Wing Collection does a beautiful job of making things look so lifelike. The lily pads are just beautiful.

I finished my first flower on Thirsty Hart, but didn't take a picture before I put it up. I am going to change up some colors on this pattern for certain. I piddled around with it one evening instead of stitching and didn't make a decision. 

I then pulled out one I have had in the bag for quite a while. I didn't have a small just calling my name so I pulled out Cats on Parade and stitched two nights on it.

This can be stitched in a frame. I covered that picture up. I do want to do a drum with it and of course I chose a different color than the one from the pattern.

I am going to pull out Let Freedom Ring this evening and stitch on it this week or at least until I finish the pages I have started all the way across.

I have been enjoying the outdoors and walking but I have also been going through some stuff in my sewing room, so since that is sewing related I will put it here.

I have already admitted many times that I should be in a HELP group for people who buy fabrics because they are pretty but never uses them. One load has already gone to donation and I have really really been trying to use what I have to do my little pillow backings.

I still have a good bit of fabric and no real plan for some of it. I have whittled it down to one shelf and then my plastic bins with small small pieces that are not in this cabinet.

I then went through all my sewing patterns. I am donating a big box of them.
The top blue bin has apparel patterns and the diaper box has kids or craft patterns. I probably won't be using any of them any time soon, but I decided to hold onto a few for now. I really shouldn't!

The navy bin has an extra iron and some batting and the clear bin has some ribbon from Mother's smocking days. I am going to be on the hunt for someone to give some of that too, maybe.

I also am donating a bunch of old sewing paperback books, Classing Sewing and Sew Beautiful magazines. Some of these were mine and some were Mama's. I have a hard time throwing away any old books, but I stuck these oldies in there. 

Mama and I took a class way back in the day and each made a macrame purse.

I am also going to try and sell her smocking pleater. We discussed it and I am never going to use it. I dreamed of doing it at one point, but my time to do has passed. I have other things I enjoy more. It is funny how our mind and even passions change with time.

She and I talked about it and of course, she doesn't want it back at her house taking up space. We determined that if we didn't get it in the hands of someone who use it that it would end up on a shelf at Goodwill with it time being passed as well. 

I haven't decided where to list it though. I dread listing things. I am a procrastinator and a half on those kinds of things. 
eBay? Facebook Marketplace?
Where have you had success selling?

That is what I have been up to in the crafting world. 
Cleaning so I get my groove back to actually do something,