Thursday, December 2, 2021

A Random Assortment

 Before we get to Christmas decorations in the coming days, I thought I would document a few other items. 

Little Dansby, Paul Allen and Katie’s dog decided to romp through some woods behind their home. They have a county easement behind and Dansby slipped through the fence. When he returned he had cut his ear. This was him night before last with Katie trying to get the bleeding stopped.

He made  a visit to the vet yesterday where Paul Allen said Dansby was sure he had died:) H did not have to get stitches but got an antibiotic which was probably a good idea since they don’t know what he cut it on. 

Speaking of them, I never shared more of the work they are doing in their home. Katie is really doing a nice job of updating it amd I should say both. She has the ideas and Paul Allen just does what she says:)

They got the new kitchen counters and they actually put the backsplash in. This is not the finished product. She was cleaning and putting everything back in place when I was over there so I didn’t bother her to take pictures, but it looks so good. She is now working on the eating area so I will continue to share as they update the home.

The above pictures were before they had finished the grout.

I planted some broccoli in my pots downstairs. I was downstairs checking them yesterday morning before I went to pick up Palmer. It was so pretty. Here is the water views from a different angle. 

I will share some Christmas in the house soon. I am slowing getting it altogether this week and am just about finished. I have a sweet baby who slows me down for good reasons like needing to be rocked or strolled down the street all of which are wonderful.

And a pup who isn't going to let me forget he needs attention.

I heard a line from "The Messenger" that said Christmas is a love story which changed BC to AD. In the year of our Lord. May we never lose sight of that in this time of trying to change BC to Before Common Era. Diligent to spread the true life saving Gospel we must be.

In His Name,



  1. Oh Sandy, love the picture of Palmer. He looks like he is a happy baby. Poor Dansby! Hope the cut heals without issue. Super picture of Gus! How can you resist that face? The water looks so calm.

  2. Paul Allen and Katie are doing a great job on their kitchen! Do they hire out? I could use a new backsplash here, too :) Love your water photo and the way the pretty clouds are reflected. And that sweet Palmer! I'm amazed you can get anything done at all with him there--I'd be too busy just gazing at him while he naps :)

  3. Amen, Sandy, amen!! Love this post and the photos. Glad the bad pup didn't get hurt worse than a cut ear. The backsplash looks great! Nice job. Can't wait to see more. Love & hugs!

  4. Beautiful photos of Palmer and Gus. They both have irresistible faces!

    And your water view ... absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm confused about the broccoli in the pots...looks like ferns to me? did I miss something? So glad Dansby is okay. And their kitchen looks great, and Palmer and Gus are so sweet, and your view is gorgeous, and well, I know you are blessed...enjoy that sweet baby. He's growing so fast!


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