Friday, February 26, 2021

A Lucky Cross Stitch Post

 I finished Lindsay a St. Patrick's Day stitch. A shamrock with shamrocks inside. There are three colors in the pattern; DMC 890, 910, and 954. I added the word Lucky.

This pattern is from the same pattern that I used for mine that I finished earlier this year. I found the patterns on Pinterest. Here is a link.

Here are the two stitches together for comparison.

I have mine in my new basket and she plans to hang hers on a cabinet door.

I started an Easter one for her last night. I am then going to head back to my Let Freedom Ring stitch and do a page of that. I also will need to do a Christmas ornament. I have plenty to keep me busy.

I have been a reading machine as well. I will share some of that later and my goodness has the weather been amazing this week. I have hardly come inside during the day. I will share more of that later too as I am kind of trying to keep my stitching contained to stitching posts for a diary of sorts. I have gone back to all my posts and labeled them by year of stitch and put in my labels. 

See you soon with a hodgepodge post.
Until then I have really always lived that verse in the stitch. Sandy

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields, and
Until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hands.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Just Popping in with a Few Thoughts

I am going to attempt a post of thoughts lately... positive ones. Don't we all need more positivity? 

Other than last week, I enjoyed winter. It is a well known fact, winter is my least favorite season, but I see its benefits of rest and slowing down. I set out to make it a good one by having a plan of action for my days and until last week I did well.

I organized and decluttered and enjoyed my days of puttering around the house and checking things off my list. I really like checklists:) I think last week got me because it burst my bubble a little bit of being prepared. There are just some things you can't be prepared for. Kristan (niece) said it was worse than a hurricane. Mother Nature can be brutal and remind you that we are at the mercy of God.

One area of going through was Lindsay's closet. When she announced she was having another little boy of which I am deeply grateful for, I had a momentary pang of ---- "I saved a lot of things for naught." 

You see, Mother smocked lots of little dresses for Lindsay from the time she was about age 1 to kindergarten. I just couldn't part with them being the organized packrat that I am and they are in her closet. I pulled them out and looked through them all. They are precious and I should have passed them on for some other girl to wear instead of languishing away in a closet. I still have a chance at a girl with Paul Allen and Katie one day, so no fretting over it.

I did however realize I had some toys and stuffed animals that I had not pulled out for Mimi's House when grands come to play. I quickly pulled the stuffed animals out, but left the Barbie things up in the closet.

The above stuffed animals come with a little story. When Lindsay and Paul Allen were very young, Jeff wanted to go the fair that comes to town each fall. I have to tell you I am not a fair person. That was never my thing, but I went along for the fun for Jeff. Paul Allen was still basically in my arms. He could walk, but not just to be let down, so I was holding him when Jeff decided that it was time to play a game. 

A game in which he won one of those dogs and promptly handed it to Lindsay who was between age 3 and 4. The look on Paul Allen's face was apparent to anyone on the scene. Completely forlorn. Easy to guess what happened next, Jeff would have to win another just like it as soon as possible.

I think the guy running the game even felt sorry for him and let Jeff get another firedog for Paul Allen. Hence, the two stuffed animals. I didn't save a ton of stuffed animals, but those two were kind of special so I pulled them out for Tucker to play with. I kind of thought he might want to take one home with him since if you have a toddler around you know the animals look exactly like Marshall of Paw Patrol, the hottest show on Nickelodeon for toddlers. He seems to want Mimi's House toys to stay at Mimi's House though. All good.

I finished stitching Lindsay a shamrock last night so hopefully later in the week I can do a stitching post for you.

I hate to even mention how much fun I had Sunday afternoon and yesterday with the warmer weather. My friends who are still in frigid weather you can feel sorry for me in October when I am sweltering with the heat and you are looking at pretty orange leaves and feeling a breeze.

I spent so much time outside. We went for a walk on the military reservation land Sunday afternoon. I might have taken three walks yesterday and sat outside to read some. I couldn't come in. I was like a plant leaning into the direction of light. I felt so much better. 

I have decided to document the bayou with each month this year. I took a January shot which I thought was pretty indicative of most January days. IT was cold but sunny most of January.


I took a February photo last week when it was cloudy because until Sunday this week every single day of February seemed gloomy...cold and gray. 


Still lovely though.

Tucker is staying with me tomorrow just because so I have a few more chores today to do so I can just enjoy him, so I better run and get busy.

Oh and my precious little Lemony is not doing well. Last week was rough on her. I am taking her to the vet this afternoon. Why must they grow old?

Bring on spring,

Thursday, February 18, 2021

A Little Stitching

 Popping in because my mood matches the cloudy sky. I am completely unmotivated to do anything of merit.

So let's see what I have been up to with my needle. The heron now has another page complete. There is one smaller page on the right and then bird stitching begins.

It is a good thing it is a smaller page because someone didn't calculate too well on the border. I really don't know what happened other than maybe I lost my place as I put it in the Snaps on the first page. I do have 2 full inches as you can see I did the furtherest stitch out so I think it will be ok. 

I love the stitch. I think it is going to be amazing when finished. I am laying it aside to work on a couple of smalls for Lindsay. I don't like having too many WIPs. I am not good with that, but really all I have started is this and Let Freedom Ring sampler. I like to keep a few smalls ready to go, but usually when I start one of those I complete it before I move on.

Lindsay has requested a St. Patrick's Day and then Easter stitch to hang on her cabinet door. I am going to send her some pictures later and start those tonight while TV is on.

I got my flowers back from the framer. OF course, they were not ready to take to Auburn this past weekend. I got a call while I was there they were ready. They will go to the Auburn house to join the bird wall.

The wall color in this bathroom is similar to the bedroom wall they will be hung on.

I took a picture of the framing to share. One of them is wrinkled and I will need to pull the back off and straighten. I am in need of a good framer here. I may just have to start ordering the frame and foam board and just do the assembling myself. I think I will try that next time.

I am probably going to put out a little spring in my house this weekend. I am over dreary days and need some happy springy colors. 

Oh and in other news I purchased a new pair of jeans. I am trying to decide if I am going to keep them. I rarely buy clothes these days, but I am so excited to see something other than skinny jeans which I can't stand. If I do I will take a picture for you. I am going to be very hip if I keep them. Stay tuned!

Now, off to really do some housework. Enough of this being lazy.


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Weekend Wrap-up

 I intended to do a little life blogging this morning, but I got a little offtrack today. Jeff took off last Friday and we went to our Auburn house this weekend all by ourselves. It was a nice little treat for us. We did absolutely nothing special and I was a little unsure I wanted to go because I was expecting that cold weather to come in. I don't do cold well. It delayed and other than being cloudy it wasn't that cold. I managed to see some robins on my walk with the dogs. 

I had actually seen some other signs that spring will come last week. Robins here as well. I love it each year when I see the robins fly in. I also saw the Japanese Magnolias around town blooming. Another sure sign spring will come, but the prize was Friday morning. As we were loading the truck, I noticed Mr. Bluebird back. He comes each year and stays for a couple of weeks. I so wish I were a photographer, but I was at the mailbox when I spotted him and tried to zoom in on my phone.

Spring...yes, I am more than ready!!! We have had winter in north Florida this year and I am very over it. I have busied myself in the house and done well, but folks I am ready to stroll in the warm days and listen to birdies singing and dig in the dirt some.

My niece lives outside Houston and they have been without power, so I have kept my whining to minimum as possible. 

Spring will come. 

I haven't made a decorating move for spring yet. I am seriously loving the simple views I did after Christmas. Now, that doesn't mean I am a minimalist but I just haven't added anything seasonal yet. I have really enjoyed my home this winter. I have loved strolling the rooms and noticing all the decor that is tied to memories. I have spent time in each room just soaking up such good memories and blessings of life on the shelves in each room.

I am going to share of that soon. Maybe a stroll before the week is over and take some pictures to share.

In other news, Tucker got 5 stitches this past weekend. He was visiting his other grandparents and fell off the couch as he was being told not to jump. He landed in the corner of a coffee table. The other grandparents had met Lindsay and Tyler and the other brother and wife in St. Augustine. IT was a kind of meet in the middle for all of them. The kids had gone out to eat and the grandparents were watching the two grandkids when it happened. Lindsay's pediatrician answered a call from her and told her where to go in Jacksonville so all went well. She is so blessed to have an amazing pediatrician.

It was very cold day before and that night but the sun came out. I didn't get out because it was just so biting cold. IT was still cold last night so several nights of this cold has taken a big chunk of life out of even my pansies.

They look pitiful. It has been cloudy too. I need some sunshine.

In other news, I woke up to read another dear blogging friend had lost her husband to this stinking virus. That would explain my mood and lack of writing earlier. 

I will be back though and try to share some fun since we all need a little lift these days. 

Count every blessing,


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Stitching: Old and New

     I have a little to share with stitching. It isn't all that much new stitching, but some old made new.

I did get a second PS Santa done. It will be a while before I finish them because I am a procrastinator.  The  gold one was the second one fresh out of the hoop.

I am stitching on my heron. I haven't stitched as much on it as I had hoped, but I think I have some time coming up this weekend that should be productive for getting that page done.  I will wait until next week to share that stitch.

Old Made New

I framed a few pieces myself that had been finished in other ways by myself. I told myself I was going to stop doing that and then here I go again. The first one started when I was at our Auburn house and I decided I didn't like the finishing but loved the stitch. I measured and browsed Amazon to find a frame that fit it perfectly with no adjustments. I ordered and spray painted it. It is a metal frame but doesn't look metal. This turned out so well that you can't tell it didn't come purchased navy blue. I was quite pleased! The intent had been to take it back to the Auburn house, but after tidying and simplifying in the kitchen. I hung it in there and love it.

Not the best picture, but it is winter and cloudy.

This is what it looked like. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I just decided I wanted a simpler look. 

The next stitch I redid was originally taken to Hobby Lobby to be framed. I was so disappointed with the job they did that I took it out. I think they had gotten a brand new girl and it just didn't go well. I should have taken it back but I didn't and just lived with it. 

This is what I did with it after I took it out of the frame.

Again, nothing wrong with it, but I wanted it framed, so I discovered that it would fit in a document frame perfectly. I ordered a plain one and stained it myself. 

Here it is close up.

I then hung it up in my sewing room with my teaching and space cross stitches. My three things that describe me now in that spot.

The final one is a baby blanket I stitched for Lindsay way back in 1989. I actually feel guilty that I never did Paul Allen one, but teaching and kids of your own coupled with the changes that took place in education that started around that same time meant no cross stitching except in summer and then eventually none for a very long time.

When I first suggested this next adjustment to the blanket to Lindsay she balked but with time she decided it was a good idea. We have cut the blanket apart to share all of these blocks with grands now and in the future. 

Here is a link to the post about stitching the blanket originally.

Now, they have been cut. I framed two of them to leave here in some cherry wood frames,  but the rest will be done in white frames. 

I framed two to put back in Lindsay's old room. I haven't hung them yet, so here they are just for sharing purposes. I hope to hang them in the room this week.  I also took one of them to make a pillow out of to put with my bunny that I had since I was 2 and it is on Lindsay's bookcases in that bedroom. 
I sort of thought no one would was going to like that stitch for some reason. 

Tucker is going to get the train for his new big boy room coming soon. 

I have two picked out to put in the July baby's room. Then I will save the other three for future grands.

Now, I am really done redoing things.

I am hoping to make some progress on the heron in the next week and will share then.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Celebrating and a Little Talk about Houseplants

   I am sharing a family moment that wrapped up January. Tyler turned 33 and the tradition since they married and moved close to us has been gathering at Outback. This year we ordered Outback and brought it to their house. I snapped a few pictures after dinner. There are no posed photos ---just the family as we are sitting around.

Tyler opening his card and don't you just love Lindsay's new cabinet behind the couch where the bookcase was. The bookcase was one Jeff made so Katie and Paul Allen have gotten it.  Lindsay is looking for the perfect picture to go above it.

I sometimes love the captured life photos as much as those posed ones.

Tucker is the center of attention these days and will soon have a brother to share it with. For now though, he is center stage. He was showing off his skills with his remote controlled truck that Uncle Paul Allen gave him for Christmas. He has a new name for Uncle Paul Allen as well. Uncle Pap. He adores Katie and Paul Allen.

The truck is not the tiny thing in front but a larger truck past his mom's feet. He can move it in one direction, but turns the remote upside down to move it backwards. Mimi thinks he is gifted!

Lindsay and Tyler also celebrated their 7th anniversary to ring in the still cold February. We went out and babysat so they could go eat out. IT was a lovely day 7 years ago in early February. This February has caused me to have to make another list to work on in the house because it is way too cold for me. I am complaining and will probably have to be reminded in October when it is hot that I was whining in February. 

This list is some projects that I will share in my next stitching post. 

I am dreaming about gardening so I will talk about indoor gardening. As I said in my last post, the entire Internet is one big advertisement and I was influenced to try my hand at some indoor bulbs this December. I started with paper whites. Many on Instagram for the last couple of years were showing off their paper whites and amaryllis. 

My verdict on paper whites is that they are quite lovely and if I were going to do them again I would need to do them in a very short dish rather than the tall one I used. They were so tall I really didn't have anywhere to put them and of course they fell over which explains why I saw the ribbon tied around them all. I don't think I will do paper whites again. They were lovely and I am glad I tried, but I think I would like just a little poinsettia or some grocery store flowers.

I planted an amaryllis in hopes that it would bring in the new year with a bright coral bloom. 

Does that look coral to you????

It turns out they sent me the wrong one. It was beautiful though. Again, it should have been planted in a shorter pot.

I loved it and am days away from it blooming again. My verdict on this is that again I think for indoors I would rather have a houseplant or some grocery store flowers. I will transplant this one outdoors when it is done though. Mother has a whole row of them in her back yard and they are very pretty.

So that influencing done by all those influencers is over and I will move back to my normal programming.

It is camellia season and I have a couple of camellia bowls around the house.

I have been fluffing my houseplants to survive the changes in light with winter. For those of you who think it is all green thumbs around here. Not so. I am diligent and do have lots of luck in places where there is abundant light like my kitchen. 

My geranium that I brought in for the winter from the back deck is getting leggy and moving up in my fern. I will trim her this week and root some of that tall stuff. Soon she will go back out until September when it gets so hot she is unhappy and I bring her in for a bit. You will notice the amaryllis on the floor getting ready to pop out again.

Cold and cloudy again:(

I nearly lost my Christmas cactus this year. She had gotten too big for her pot and I failed to repot her. She fell over for the second time and the second time really messed her up. I lost a good portion of her -probably half, but she is back in business and I think will live to show off again next Christmas. 

Just another mishap. I had a spider lily in my living room that had begun to really limp. I tried a clay pot rather than the plastic one she was in and she went from bad to worse. Coupled with the loss of light from the Christmas tree blocking her light I put her back in the plastic pot and moved her to my bedroom to either survive or go to the place plants go to die. Oh and I gave her some fertilizer for good measure. Well, she decided to come back. Some new growth is happening in the middle and I think she has found her new happy place. 

A new plant was bought for the living room.  This is my little sunny area where the Christmas tree is placed. 

I have plants in 4 rooms upstairs and the big room downstairs. I don't try to grow them in every room because I am not in every room nor do they have enough light to maintain them. I do love houseplants though.

One other little helpful tidbit. I downloaded the app Overdrive on my phone and now I can listen to books from our public library just like Audible and all for free. Thanks Carol! I also stopped by the library and checked out a large print book for Mother. I am so hoping it will be something she can do. Her eyes bother her so reading has almost been given up by her. She once loved to read like me. 

Thinking about spring,

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Just Thinking

     As I took my blog break in January, I knew when I returned that I would come back different or maybe as the "original intent". I have a by-line at the top of my page that says...A blog about decorating, stitching, baking, gardening, family, and walking a faith-filled journey.

This blog is mine; my personal story. Every post doesn't have to be of interest to anyone but me. If you are only interested in stitching for instance then this post is not for you and that is OK. There will be another stitching post another day, and I won't have my feelings hurt if you don't comment on those that are of no interest to you. 

When I started this blog almost 7 years ago, I did so because I loved reading them myself. I have always loved biographies. I still do and most of the ones I choose are someone who has caught my eye. I am intrigued by them and want to know more of what makes them tick. My fascination with biographies began in 6th grade when I discovered a series in the public library. I think I read every single one that year. I remember Rachel Jackson being one of my favorites. I can't tell you why ---too long ago. So you see, I just like reading about people. ---Which makes blogs my modern day series of biographies.

Today's post is a no picture, lots of words that have come out of my quiet, reflective January. Sometimes I write a post to help me remember. This blog is a journal of sorts, most of which are only the good things in life. The hard things are kept in a paper journal or talked out with family members. One should never read my blog and think, "Oh, her life is so perfect!" Nope, life is full of hills and valleys and most are not immune.

I thought I would record a few things I read, watched, and thought about in January. Honestly, I did a lot of quiet. I don't care for TV. That is not something new. As a kid and teen, I spent much of my time in my bedroom reading or listening to 45s on my record player. I am still that person. Although now, I do love information and can be quite a nerd listening to podcasts or YouTube all in the search of information. 

I was also the kid who loved the World Book Encyclopedia set as a kid. There are two things that are still at Mother's that I would absolutely want one day. One is her sewing machine and the other is the set of encyclopedias. 

But, you know in this world of information everywhere you can just plain and simply take into much and hence January was myself telling myself I needed an information overload break.

When I taught in the youth group many years ago I was constantly reminding the high school girls about being quiet at times so they could hear the Lord speak in an otherwise too busy world. IT was so true then and even more so now.

My month has taught me to I need to make it a priority to not overload my mind with the clutter of others' thoughts and opinions. Of course, if you are still with me in a sea of just print you are reading mine.

One thing I left off was FlossTube. Well -other than Marlene at Stitching by the Lake. I simply must listen to her. I found I was being influenced to want a pattern or such. Now being influenced is nothing new. Isn't that the goal of advertisers, but it seems now the entire Internet is one big advertisement? I just needed to stop. What does Sandy want to stitch today or does she even want to stitch today? Other than Marlene, I didn't watch much stitching. 

I turned off the news completely except for the day of the Capitol upheaval. You know what, I am still informed. I decided which news shows I would watch and basically it is one a day along with following SmartHer News on Instagram. I am also going to her website more and rooting for her to get that up and going so I won't be dependent on social media. That decision alone made me calmer!!!!

I read a biography that my mother and daughter had both read long ago. I read Megyn Kelly's biography. I enjoyed it and have started listening to her podcasts. I listen on Apple on my phone. When a topic or guest interests me I put it on and listen while cleaning house. I have found her to have a variety of unusual and interesting guests. 

I would say that in the entire month of January, that I watched the one news program I chose on some days ...not all. I listened to Marlene, Megyn on some days and that is all that I allowed in. I gave up Twitter completely. I decided I didn't need to read people arguing all day. I didn't even want to read sports because Auburn had gotten rid of another wonderful coach and I was just not listening to that either. So no point in getting on Twitter. I may never go back. So far, I haven't.

I scrolled Instagram once a day and left if off at the beginning of January for a week.  I scrolled my cousins on Facebook once a week. 

I have decided all of those habits are good to continue. 

I did come across this and have followed faithfully. Kirk Cameron (remember Growing Pains) is doing a 100 Day Campfire Revival on social media. The longest time has been about 17 minutes. It has been so good and has furthered helped my feelings about the nation. I am really really enjoying it.

I am over trying to stress about the dividing line drawn in the sand. I am ready to focus on what I can do and that is pour into my family. I will pray and let God do His thing. I will learn and teach my family about this great nation and the importance of following Christ in life. That is it. 

A simple life lived. I am going to carefully choose what I put in my mind. I want to be informed without being over informed if that makes sense. It does to me.

Some verses I have pondered over this past month...

Matthew 5:16 Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father so is in heaven. (NASB)

Philippians 4: 8 Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things.

Micah 6:8 He has told you, o man what is good; And what does the Lord require of you; but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.

That is January in a nutshell. Now, what comes next? A return to my byline. An occasional post about all those things when and if I feel like it:) 


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Stitching Post

Happy Groundhog Day. Bring on spring!!! I am more than ready now. 

Here is the stitching for last month.

 My first share is one I stitched for the most part in 2020. I put it aside but pulled it out in January and put the final stitches in and fully finished it very simply. The Irish blessing has always been a favorite although it is only a partial piece of the blessing. 

Here is the link for the freebie pattern.

I also did another St. Patrick's Day stitch. This one was found on Etsy. I had every intention of finishing it in the egg shape, until I went into work on it and out came a circle pillow with a ruffle. I loved the finish on the pattern, but I love my little round pillow too.

As you can see the little egg finish is adorable. I changed a ton of the colors on this. The actual color called for on the shamrocks was not a bright green but more of a gold. I stitched one and then said no to that...

For Christmas, I found a basket that I thought might work for some small stitches. I sent the link to Jeff for my Christmas present. I am on the fence on whether I love it or not. I love the basket and could certainly find many uses for it, but we will see if I like it for small stitches. I currently have it in the sewing room because I am in a simple mood sparked by after Christmas clean. I actually think I will leave it in there. That is my room and full of all things Sandy, so I think it will be fun for me. 

I did realize I don't have enough stitches for every season but that is ok. Gives me some room to stitch. Currently it is filled with a couple of Valentine's and the St. Patrick's Day Lucky Duck above. I need to play around with it a bit more.

I have been stitching on my two large projects in January. One of them has gone to time out though. I had planned to do a page a month of the larger projects, but Let Freedom Ring is going to be in timeout until March. 

You would think those little green vine things would not be so hard, but they are just crazy. They cross over pages and are just enough different that I have had to rip out multiple times. I finally taped the pages together but decided I needed a break before going back to it. I have to redo parts of both and just can't deal with it.

Next up is my progress on the heron. I am actually much further along than this, but this was my last picture, so I will share some more progress later.

I am planning to take my flowers that I finished last year to be framed this month.

I also stitched a Prairie Schooler Santa in January, I haven't fully finished it yet because I want to do one more similar and then decide on a finish for them. I have an idea in mind.

This one was supposed to hold a basket of apples, but since I have a lemon tree in my front yard and they are usually harvested around Christmas, Santa got a basket of lemons. I want to do the yellow gold one next and then formulate my plan for them.

For someone who did NOT stitch everyday in January, it looks like I did a lot. 

That is a wrap for January stitching.

I probably have one more little post in me for this week to finish up some January goings on.

Monday, February 1, 2021


 Hello February.

January, you were way better to me than I expected.

I am back and wondered if I would do a play by play of January, but decided no on that. Instead, I  will do  an overview of the month. Those that read along for stitching will have to wait until tomorrow for a stitching post. Today will be a synopsis of day to day life in January.

I embraced a lot of simplicity in January. I unplugged enough to stay informed but maintain a sense of sanity and to achieve my goals of renewing my mind. I made a very long list at the end of December of things I would do in the house since January is usually cold. The past few years of retirement have taught me it is a great month to get household organizing and cleaning done. I found some new things to listen to while I worked. I found a wonderful podcast that was actually newsy but I did enjoy it. I know ---hard to believe right. Oh and I  listened to so many good messages too. Sometimes I just listened to quiet! In fact, a lot of the time.

I stayed busy with my household chores in the morning and took the afternoons to work on my list. I organized pictures, cleaned out closets, thought about meals to cook, read, and towards the end I had made it to the chore on the list I didn't want to do....touch up paint some baseboards. I plowed through that in the end though and felt like I had achieved a good bit. 

Of course, there is always more. I have made an outdoor list to work on when the weather is cooperative.

I feel refreshed as much as one can feel in this world today. I feel my 60. Ugh!. 60 is the age marker that I felt I had at 40. I felt 40 and I feel 60. I am learning I can't do as much as I want. I am noticing wrinkles and all sorts of age markers. That is what it is and I will learn to live with it just as I did at 40. I can tell you I have been my reflective self on the quiet days. That is who I am ---probably an overthinker. I have thought about clothes, being influenced, what I really like and what I don't.

I hope to share some of those things along the way. 

I am going to be honest --- some of this time was thinking about this blog in today's climate. I had a long talk with God, a long talk with Hubby, and a long talk with myself. I have come to the conclusion that it has provided more benefits than problems. Often I worry or  fret too much I suppose. I will continue until the Lord tells me to stop.

Now, let's document some life over here. One of my favorite things about January is the ducks coming to the bayou. They were moving all around one morning. I tried to capture them. Not the best photographer, but if you have the sound on you can hear them.

I got a new "grandma name." There is the cutest video out there about choosing a grandma name. Lindsay shared it with me when Tucker was born and I figured I was cool with Grammie. Truth be told, I like just good ole fashioned "Grandma!" My mother has that one and Lindsay decided I should be Grammie. Tucker has decided otherwise. He emphatically -as much as a 2 and 1/2 year old can decided that  I am "Mimi." 

I have accepted it as he corrects everyone who tries anything different. It fits well and so from now on you will hear me referred to as Mimi when talking about grandkids. I honestly think just about anything would work for me.

Mimi is about to have another grandson. Lindsay and Tyler are blessing us with another grandson in late July. You may remember me being a bit seemingly more panicked than maybe I should have when Lindsay had Covid, but she got a positive pregnancy test and a positive Covid result on the same day. All seems to be good so we are praying and waiting on a new boy to arrive.

A June wedding is on the docket for Paul Allen and Katie. I should say they will be wed minus a big wedding. I am really good with that. Her sister did take some sweet pictures of them right after Christmas. I think they are just precious.

Here are a few...

Lemony turned 12 in January. She is plugging along. That is very old for a large Golden Retriever.

If you can't tell, she is laying out on her back. Totally relaxed.  

Don't want to leave Gus out of the mix.

Mother has had her first vaccine dose and will be getting her second tomorrow. I hope it won't be long before they lower the age requirement. I will say - I think it has gone smoothly. It is taking a while, but usually about a week after things are announced at the state level we hear local news that things are ready to go.

I will close for now and share more in the coming days. I hope to do a stitching only post tomorrow. It may arrive later in the day.

I hate to have to regulate comments, but it helps with two items. One is I see them. They don't come to my email without and then sometimes still some have to be checked for in the design part of the blog. The other is spam. Good grief...what is up with that? It comes and goes.

I have more to share, but will try not to make such a long post. I will spread it out over time.

Mimi (Sandy)