Sunday, October 30, 2016

Where Did October Go?

I honestly never intended to stay away from the blog this long. I had all kinds of things to blog about two weeks ago.

The weather was great and I got outside and did some yard work. No pictures. It does look better though. The heat of summer is gone although it is still hot and I can't remember the last time I saw water fall from the sky.

I had sewn and stitched and even read.

I had painted the Hoosier cabinet at the farmhouse and more.

We went to Auburn weekend before last and I had planned to blog last Monday.

Then we got back and I didn't feel well.

Kidney stones. They are not something I ever want to experience again.

I did paint my mother's master bedroom. She has been on a tear lately. I really won't  go there except to say that she took all my patience this past week while I was sick.

I am back among the living.

I have absolutely no clue where October went. I will share just a few pics and then try and share some new stuff later this week with y'all.

Lindsay's master bedroom. The pillows that I made for her are here, but I promise they are not that shiny in person.

The Hoosier cabinet painted without the hardware. Still working on that.
By the way, that is not all I have painted. An update later this week. Trying to get that room done before Thanksgiving.

On one of the days I worked outside, Lemony, the Golden sat down by a turtle. She was very unimpressed by it.

The new color in Mama's bedroom.
For whatever reason, her master was the only room in the house that was not the above color. I meant kidney stones or not, that room was going to be painted last week. One monkey off my back.

I will do an update on the farmhouse, share what I have been reading (3 books at one time, well kind of 4), and I broke down and bought a purse (s) .... I did get rid of two though.

Not sleeping because I took a VERY long nap this afternoon,

Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Little Work at the Farmhouse

I definitely have my motivation back for the farmhouse. With the heat of the summer and it being loaded down with my daughter's stuff I just completely didn't care what it looked for awhile.

Last weekend I cleaned it up from top to bottom and got everything back in its place.

This weekend I began to get some things accomplished. Here is a little update on where I stand.

Last week, the gathering room was left like this.

The Hoosier cabinet needed painting, but I love the pie safe.

Today, I tackled the Hoosier cabinet.

I was extremely pleased with the color. I have to put the antique glaze on it before setting it back up.

After working in there today, I realized that I can't leave those walls white.

I don't care how much white walls are in vogue now...It is NOT for me.

I will tackle those walls very soon. 
Stay tuned.

I also have in mind what things will hang on the walls. I have a few DIY projects along with some cross stitching to get busy on.

I haven't shown the opposite wall in awhile. We have been thinking we would add a rustic table to be a serving side table. 

Today I walked out to the so called "Cottage." It is adorable from the outside and not so bad when you first walk in, but it is quite spooky to me after the front room. As far as I am concerned it will always be just a storage room.

Anyway, two previous owners ago left a cabinet/hutch wrapped up saying they would come and get it. They never came to get it. It is old but a really nice cabinet. I was looking at The Cottage Journal magazines today while taking a break from painting.

I came across this picture and just knew that we could make that cabinet work..Out to the cottage to measure.

Hubby agreed, so soon I will tackle stripping it and making it a bit rustic.

Pictures soon.

Now, for the living room, I worked on the mantle.

I am going to paint this room also.

I also did a bit of sewing this week.

I took this very long pillow case that was in a closet at the farm house. There were two of them. I cut them in half and made four pillows out of them. I have plans for them in the gathering room.

I am looking for a little rustic bench and that will be the end of my furniture search for the gathering room.

Now, I have definitely decided to bring my red barn /oak tree picture from the cabin at Auburn to place above the couch in the living room. I mentioned it before. It is just too perfect for that area.

The corn pillow I found for a steal on the Internet. The plan is for some red patterned pillows to go on each end. 

I planned to put them together last night, but Joann's had no zippers the right length and color, so they are cut out and waiting on a mail order to arrive.

And one last thing that I have got coming is an enamel table. A lady was selling one at a yard sale up there. It will go under the light in the kitchen where a kitchen table was supposed to go. 

You may remember my inspiration picture.

Now mine does not have these cool legs, but I think it is going to work.

We need rain so bad. We ran the pump last weekend and it is still so low.

Everything is so dry.

Well this little busy beaver is very tired tonight, so she is going to sit and stitch and watch football.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sewing Flop

I had a sewing flop. 

I am ok with it. 

I knew I was going too fast. 

I knew what I should have done before I even started, but for some reason I just didn't do what I know I should have.

I tried to cut corners and it didn't work.

I cut out the pattern the other day when I got my sewing room all cleaned and organized.

This morning having somewhat caught up with all my chores, I headed early into my sewing room.

I commenced to starting my PLAID skirt. The first side came out ok. The plaids matched from side to side, but the width of the V wasn't great, but I could live with it.

Then I started the other side. I sighed a huge sigh.

See I should have laid out the entire width open rather than folded. I thought I could quickly match the selvages and it would be fine.

Oh no...I should have known to cut one side and flip it over.

But, I didn't so I ended up very sad and the following is the text messages that went on somewhat simultaneously with my mother and daughter.

This message was sent to both Mama and Lindsay. They were the same messages, but their responses were so different which is part of the story.

***Seeing should be sewing.

Finished up the message below.

Then I sent the pictures to both.

Then the other picture.

Now here is the difference in the responses coming.

I really couldn't wear it. No possible way.

Up next is my mother's response who is the greatest seamstress, not sewist of all time.

We will go to Pensacola and get better fabric and try again. She wouldn't wear it like that either. She felt my pain.

Next up is my daughter's response who has never had the pleasure of a home economics class.

I tried to explain the grading of what you made and how it would be awful to get marked down for it, since she would die with less than an A.

So, that is where it stands. I set it aside and walked out of the room for the day. 
I don't know if it will hit the scrap pile or if I will try and make it work for her by taking it up.

I just know I could not possibly wear it myself. I really like the skirt pattern and I do have the head knowledge. 
I didn't need a Craftsy or Youtube tutorial to tell me what I should have done, but I am definitely rusty.

Tomorrow is another day, and I have too many projects to stay out of the sewing room.

Practice makes perfect.

If at first you don't succeed, try try again,


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cross Stitch and Sewing Update

Here's a little update of what I have been working on the past two weeks.

First of all, I haven't done nearly as much as I wanted to accomplish. Last week I just had to stop and get caught up on some chores.

I have said before I am a maker of  neat little piles when I get behind in the daily routine. Then those little piles begin to drive me crazy. I spent two afternoons in the sewing room cleaning and organizing before I allowed myself time to stitch or touch the sewing machine.

After it was spotless and everything neatly stored in its proper place, I pulled out some post-it notes and wrote down all the projects in the sewing room I wanted OR needed to accomplish.

You can see the little post its running right down the center of the bookcases.

I think it motivated me because I have been able to pull 3 of those post-its off the bookcase.

I monogrammed two sets of cloth napkins for gifts.

I made my daughter 2 large pillow covers for her bed. She sort of changed out her bedding with the new house. She made half of what she had work with the new paint colors and bought a quilt and pillow to work with the other half. I am finishing the look by recovering some old pillows from the other bedding. I even put zippers in those pillows!!! 

I actually found a pretty cheap set of curtains for the room and ordered an extra set of panels to make the pillows. That was cheaper than fabric and it matched perfectly. I will share a photo of it later on her bed.

I cut out another skirt like the grey one I made. I love that skirt, so I am going to get a good bit of use out of the pattern. This one is a plaid flannel. I hope I can still match plaids. There is no way I can wear it if it doesn't.

Now, for cross stitching.

I finished the Little House Needleworks "Sweet Apples" and made it into an ornament. Thanks Arlene @Nanaland for putting me on the Twisted Stitcher and her Floss Tube videos
BTW, that is a sure fire time taker.

Anyway, I used the same interfacing and fiber fill Vonna @The Twisted Stitcher used. I like the way it turned out although I don't think my corners will meet that girl's corners. I followed her tutorial for making a bow. 

Although the bow you see is going to be redone today with a smaller bow. I just couldn't go to bed last night until I had finished it. You would think with all the ribbon I have I could surely have found something that works. I will go back to the drawing board on the ribbon tonight.

Now, for one update on a NO GO project!!!

I was so wanting to do her tutorial on rusched ribbon that I tried that on the ornament above. Yuk... I took it off promptly. Then I went back and looked at the ornament on Carolina Stitcher that I had loved and it was with smaller width ribbon. I still want to do something with that. IT is a really cool technique.

Just too overpowering.

I am in love with the videos and ideas The Twisted Stitcher has on her blog and Youtube channel, but I want to take some time to see if I can be a little creative myself and think of different finishes for my cross stitch.

I have two projects going which I can not continue with that, so I am about to commit to one to completion. 

The two projects started with my getting bored with the very long one I am doing on the books of the Bible.

Here is where I am with it. 

I kept thinking I needed to do some Christmas things to have them ready by December, so I abandoned said books of the Bible and started the Sweet Apples ornament which was a quick finish. 

I then started Stoney Creek's "Silent Night Cardinals."

I ran out of thread and made a slight mistake so I went back to the Bible one.

I decided last night to finish the Christmas cardinals first and then before I go on with the five lined up in waiting mode to finish the Bible one.

I hope that all makes sense....I have learned that my best made plans don't always work, so we will see.

I am thinking I might get creative with finishing the Christmas cardinals too. Time will tell.

Bible study group tonight and Mama has a doctor appointment and I have to take her to the bank. 

Y'all wouldn't believe if I told you how detailed she is with her accounting. A trained bookkeeper -she still follows those methods and if she tells you the bank made a mistake - you can take it to the bank that they did. Oh Mylanta, I am going to need some stress relief later. They did make an error. Heaven help them and me.

I guess I should pay closer attention to things myself.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sharing a Bit of My Daughter's Home

I have been one busy lady this week trying to knock out some long overdue procrastinating on my part. I will share a big long random post midweek next week. I am headed out of town after church tomorrow on a church leadership conference.

One of the days this week, I went out to my daughter's home to check on the granddog. They are trying her at home a little to see if she will do ok. She is the first know.

I snapped a few pictures of the living room and kitchen without permission. She is getting things in order. 
They had ordered a new rug, the curtains were hung, and she had even put out a touch of fall decor.

The coffee table and end table are a present from us for her birthday. They have a concrete top. They are going to purchase the dining room table to match. The only difference is the legs will be a pedestal look.

The rug was new to lighten things up with the brown leather couch.
I lightened the picture but the colors are a little weird. 

Oh, and the ottoman is up for the dog. She likes it that way!!! :)

The true colors.

This is between the living and kitchen area.


I will probably be in trouble for taking them without her permission, but Mamas do that kind of stuff.

This is by her front door.

See ya back next week,

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Farmhouse Bedroom

On Saturday, I went to the farm loaded with things to start trying to put together a farmhouse that I liked.

I didn't plan to stay in the bedroom as much and use some of the stuff there, but it is just what came together and worked.

I put the yellow toile bedspread back on the bed. It works for now. I still am mulling over the gingham, but that may have to wait until a bit later.

I also used the louver doors behind the bed.

I ended up liking the doors a lot. I still have to work around decorating them, but they warmed up those stark white walls a ton.

I have some more hardware to take off the top, but left them for now, because I may use them to hang something on the doors.

I moved the chairs around.

Then I remembered that I had painted the little bird cages yellow. The plans were for them to go in the living room, but as I started playing with the shelf that hangs in the bedroom I realized I liked them there.

I did NOT plan on using that cross stitch piece there, but it just worked, so I guess it stays.

I still need a little chest or table for the side wall and some lamps. My little bowl and pitcher needs a home. I have had that for 30 years.

More things for the wall, but slow and steady it will all come together.

We are going to call the area where the farm table is "the gathering room."

I moved some stuff around in there and it going to be great, but I will share that later.

I have some painting to do.

One last look at the bed.

My little Lucy had a seizure last night. I am a bit tired from being up with her, but got my list of things to do, so I better get busy.

To work, to work I go,

Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Decor 2016

It finally feels like fall. The mornings are nice, so much so that I have been sitting on the deck rather than getting started on my chores today. 

Hank, the heron was fishing. Love Hank.

I didn't do a ton different this year, so some of these pictures will be the same, but I do have a few noteworthy changes, so here is fall at our home this year.

The dining room got one new pumpkin mixed in with the coastal things that stay pretty much year round. 

The squirrels are back for another year.

The desk got a new bunny and sign. I simply love this bunny.

The foyer is the same.

The other bunny got a fall ribbon.

The kitchen got some cute new dish towels that need ironing.

The Boo sign and jack-o-lantern are new in the kitchen. I also still have the black gingham napkins on the table, but I didn't take a picture I guess, and I am too lazy now to do it.

The living room has a few changes since I last shared. After moving these pumpkins to every place in this room, I finally settled on the end tables. I love these pumpkins that I got at JoAnn's several years ago.

The coffee table got a few candles and some leaves. The couch got some new pillows, and there is a new rug on the floor.

The rug took some getting used to and the pillows too, but I like them now.

The change was the result of one thing leading to a chain reaction.

You see I was shopping at Haverty's for my daughter. I am going to share that soon!

Anyway, I was in Haverty's back room when I came upon this chair. I just felt it needed me. I was so tired of my rocker. 

I LOVE the chair. I mean really love it. It is my new stitching and reading chair and it reclines. I never ever thought I would want that, but it was custom made for my body. Anyway, the chain reaction started when I just felt that there was too much red and busy patterns, so new rug, new pillows, etc.

I am trying to mull it all over and see if it works for me. It may be back to drawing board, but for now...

Here are a few more pics of the bookcases with a few fall touches sprinkled in.

Now, I am off to do chores before I allow myself anymore computer time. I have flitted away a good bit of time already.

Loving October,