Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Little Work at the Farmhouse

I definitely have my motivation back for the farmhouse. With the heat of the summer and it being loaded down with my daughter's stuff I just completely didn't care what it looked for awhile.

Last weekend I cleaned it up from top to bottom and got everything back in its place.

This weekend I began to get some things accomplished. Here is a little update on where I stand.

Last week, the gathering room was left like this.

The Hoosier cabinet needed painting, but I love the pie safe.

Today, I tackled the Hoosier cabinet.

I was extremely pleased with the color. I have to put the antique glaze on it before setting it back up.

After working in there today, I realized that I can't leave those walls white.

I don't care how much white walls are in vogue now...It is NOT for me.

I will tackle those walls very soon. 
Stay tuned.

I also have in mind what things will hang on the walls. I have a few DIY projects along with some cross stitching to get busy on.

I haven't shown the opposite wall in awhile. We have been thinking we would add a rustic table to be a serving side table. 

Today I walked out to the so called "Cottage." It is adorable from the outside and not so bad when you first walk in, but it is quite spooky to me after the front room. As far as I am concerned it will always be just a storage room.

Anyway, two previous owners ago left a cabinet/hutch wrapped up saying they would come and get it. They never came to get it. It is old but a really nice cabinet. I was looking at The Cottage Journal magazines today while taking a break from painting.

I came across this picture and just knew that we could make that cabinet work..Out to the cottage to measure.

Hubby agreed, so soon I will tackle stripping it and making it a bit rustic.

Pictures soon.

Now, for the living room, I worked on the mantle.

I am going to paint this room also.

I also did a bit of sewing this week.

I took this very long pillow case that was in a closet at the farm house. There were two of them. I cut them in half and made four pillows out of them. I have plans for them in the gathering room.

I am looking for a little rustic bench and that will be the end of my furniture search for the gathering room.

Now, I have definitely decided to bring my red barn /oak tree picture from the cabin at Auburn to place above the couch in the living room. I mentioned it before. It is just too perfect for that area.

The corn pillow I found for a steal on the Internet. The plan is for some red patterned pillows to go on each end. 

I planned to put them together last night, but Joann's had no zippers the right length and color, so they are cut out and waiting on a mail order to arrive.

And one last thing that I have got coming is an enamel table. A lady was selling one at a yard sale up there. It will go under the light in the kitchen where a kitchen table was supposed to go. 

You may remember my inspiration picture.

Now mine does not have these cool legs, but I think it is going to work.

We need rain so bad. We ran the pump last weekend and it is still so low.

Everything is so dry.

Well this little busy beaver is very tired tonight, so she is going to sit and stitch and watch football.



  1. I cannot wait to see the finished product Sandy( and to steal some of your ideas!!:)) I agree about White, it is NOT for me. I like some color around me. We did find two Jenny Lind twin beds for the guest room yesterday along with a tv stand. Both at antique stores here. Our house is not going to be big so I have to remember that I need to wait until it is completely finished to make some purchases. I can't wait to see the rustic piece you mentioned. I am looking for a music piece to use as a coffee/snack bar. I will have to wait until everything is in the kitchen to see how much room I will have. Isn't it fun to "play house"? I lay in the bed at night thinking about the things I want to do.

    1. Oh Arlene, we are so much alike. I finally got motivated about this and I have been laying there at night as well. I have always loved to "decorate" things. I am by no means a professional, but I just love to put things around me that I like. I have always loved to look at magazines and get ideas. If it has things you like, it will be a place for refuge.

  2. Hi Sandy, I'm a friend of Arlene's and thought I would drop by and say "hi." I love seeing your home. It is very warm and cozy and filled with things you love. I live in the N. GA mountains and am eager to see fall color soon. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Thanks Mildred for stopping in. I have visited your blog as well. I am jealous of your fall colors. We generally don't see any here.


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