Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Creative and No Waste

Mama and I have been in the process of trying to clean out her garage since the passing of my step dad in May. We have had laughs and cries all at the same time. My step dad was definitely the King of handy mans. He could fix anything, and I do mean that. I have never really seen anything he couldn't fix. No need to buy something new when he could fix it:) The list could go on and on and me.

Never threw anything away either. He had a plethora of things to choose from in his three car garage to fix things with. They have a three car garage because they use to have lots of antique cars. 

Anyway, the stool caught my attention. He made it out of scrap pieces of wood and a lawn mower seat. They sold Snapper lawn mowers in their small motors business for years.

I remember seeing him sit on it, but honestly it didn't catch my attention like it did while we were cleaning the other day. You could see him working at his work bench from the kitchen window. Mama said she could see him just sitting and thinking on it many times. Later, he would have a great idea to make or repair something.

Fix = repair to non southerners.

I found an entire box of out of date cords for TVs, phones, etc. Two very old cell phones from the 1990s probably. We have a long way to go, but good memories are there.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cleaning the Pantry

You know it is time when your son who is the "King of All Slobs" starts making comments about there is a lot of one item in the pantry.

I organized it over a year ago, but life got in the way, and I went right back to my old ways of just letting anyone put anything anywhere. Well, a few too many trips to Publix and strolling by the BOGO's boxes by both my hubby and me resulted in a few humorous discoveries.

Like four things of mustard.

And a bit to much Cheese Whiz. I only use it to make this one casserole. Guess I better get busy making a few Broccoli and Rice Casseroles.

Oh and peanut butter. That is what prompted my son to say something. I am embarrassed to even show this one.

Anyway, it is all nice, neat, and organized once again. I really MUST work on keeping it like that to avoid the waste AND avoid the BOGOs at Publix for now.

The pantry is a walk in with two sides of shelves. This is the right side. Going up the right side closest to the door I made a baking station. Then there is my pasta section and above that condiments.

I have to find a place for chips. They are just kind of thrown in the tub on the right bottom for now. Of course when I whittle down some of the excess, I may find there is plenty of room for a chips spot all of its own.

I tried to make zones for everything, like my pasta zone.

This is the left side of the pantry. I spread everything out for now, because I felt I had a better chance of keeping it organized since I am still pretty busy outside of the home and don't have a routine down yet.

One thing I did notice is that when the kids were little, we ate lots of cereal. I mean lots!!! Especially my son and his friends. One summer I can remember the Paul Allen and all his friends eating cereal several times a day. We hardly touch cereal now. This used to really frustrate me...if I ever put cereal in those handy Rubbermaid containers, not another morsel was touched. It was like the kiss of death for that box of cereal. Anyone else ever had that problem. I thought they looked so neat and organized, but the cereal would sit untouched for months, but if a box didn't fit in the tubs, then it wouldn't be eaten right away.

CRAZY family...

Here is another look of the two sides all clean and tidy and hoping that it stays organized better this time around.

Update on Sewing Room

I got the plans back this past week for my sewing room. I had written here about fixing the room up and had an inspiration picture from Pinterest ready for the summer, when Hubby decided that redoing my room with custom built cabinets would be my retirement gift. A good friend will be doing it, so we are just trying to work around his schedule, so it will take a while, but I am pretty sure it is going to be worth the wait.

He brought me two sketches for both sides of the room this week. I am loving his ideas. I only want to make a few changes and then figure out whether I will do white or stained. I have no idea what I will choose. Just gonna wait and see my options before I decide.

I am definitely going to paint the room. It is currently a shade of blue that I love, but it is just too dark for such a small room. I am going to go with the tan/beige wall color throughout most of the house to lighten it up in there.

One side will have lots of cabinet space and peg board. My ironing board stays up constantly. That is a must, since I use it constantly for sewing and I am probably the last remaining ironer of everything left on Earth. 

The other side will have a table/workspace built into the bay window area. I will keep my sewing table that houses my mom's sewing machine that is older than me, but works like a charm. I will be able to use my new one on top of the sewing table as I do now, or use the larger workspace. The closet will lose its doors and become a craft space. I love his design for that!

I will do my best to get in there and take some before pictures even though it is a nightmare in there now from trying to go through all my school stuff. All of that is gone now, except for scrapbooks and one small tub of materials I kept.

Visit with My Daughter

Nothing like a week late post, but that gives you some insight to the crazy week I had.

Last weekend, we visited my daughter in Jacksonville. My hubby had a conference to go to in Daytona Beach on Monday to recognize our School Resource Officers. They were being recognized as the best in the state, so he and another principal were asked to represent the district at the awards ceremony. We decided to turn it into a long weekend.

We ate at Barbara Jean's on Friday evening when we got there. It is a on the Intercoastal Waterway. Great food and a great view.
We ate on the deck. It was a nice evening.

The next morning Hubby and Son-in-law went fishing and Lindsay and I went shopping. We went downtown to an outdoor arts and farmers' market. It was a ton of fun....such unique vendors. Our favorite was a table with jewelry made from old watch pieces. The table set up caught our attention. The vendor has some quite unique things. Lindsay got some dangly earrings made from watch gears. I got some posts made from old watch faces.

The booth was really eye-catching. Leopard print bag too. Love buying original  homemade pieces. MADE IN THE  USA!

Then, we met up with the guys for a trip to Jacksonville Beach and eating out. The next morning we went to church with them.

Then off for just a boat ride with no fishing. That is really hard for Tyler (son-in-law). 

Lindsay and Hallie

Wrapped up Sunday evening eating at a TacoLulu's I believe it was called. Every kind of taco imaginable. Quite good!

We drove on to Daytona Beach Sunday evening taking the scenic route, A1A, through St. Augustine. We had gone there back during the winter and decided to go back through. We stopped at the really old tree in the Howard Johnson's parking lot. We saw it on a bus tour, but there were so many people around it that I never got a picture. We stopped and snapped a few pictures this time.

We arrived at Daytona Beach that evening. I snapped a picture of the East Coast beach.

It had rained all the way down from Jacksonville.
The next morning after Jeff left for the conference, I took a walk on the beach. It was very pretty. It is always hard not to compare other beaches to ours. I even did that when I visited Hawaii. Lovely morning.

Who can't love a walk on the beach in the morning?

Looking back at our hotel.

It was a nice weekend, but whew this week has been hectic. More posts coming later on making palm fronds for a church decorating project and my organized pantry.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Painted the Dining Room

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the dining room before. It was a lovely shade of yellow like my kitchen. The color was called "Roman Candle" purchased at Lowe's. One of the loveliest shades of yellow ever... a warm golden yellow. I repainted the kitchen on a lark a couple of weeks ago and really liked the new color. If I ever have it clean long enough to take photos I will share the new look with you.

Dining Room Before

Very old picture of the dining room, because I haven't had the blue carpet or rug on top of it for ages.

But, as you can, the yellow was nice.

I repainted the kitchen on a lark a couple of weeks ago and really liked the new color. The funny thing is several people have been to my house and absolutely no one has noticed that I painted. At first, I was disappointed, but, later I realized the color is just that perfect. You are no longer noticing the color of the walls, but the things in the room.

The new color is a gray/blue/green color depending on the time of day and lighting. The cabinets really popped in the kitchen with the new color, so I decided to try it out in the dining room. I am loving it. The china cabinet just popped out, and I noticed the things in the cabinet.

Dining Room After 

Warning: picture heavy, because I love pictures.

I took these at night, so the lighting isn't great, but I am LOVING this new color. The dining room table really stands out.

Liking my summer buffet.

Old and New side by side...

I love both, but I am really liking the gray. The items in the cabinets and the wood tone are just really popping. It is like you used to notice the yellow wall, now you notice the items in the room.

I have linked up with Imparting Grace.

Blue Angels

Saturday, we went to see the Blue Angels. Missed them bad last year:( 

There is nothing like the Blue Angels' home show over Pensacola Beach. We have had a tradition of going by boat to the Pensacola Sound to anchor up and watch. They fly right over you. IT is a fantastic show, and as my son-in-law says, "It will make you feel very American." Patriotic feelings indeed.

iPhone pictures don't do them justice!!! We always anchor up in the sound close to the Pensacola Beach beach ball. The Gulf is just on the other side. They fly back and forth in front of the beach and over the sound. They totally ROCK!

Last year they had to cancel over the government shutdown. We all missed it very badly.
The year before, the weather was horrible. I about didn't survive the trip over due to the lightning and water spouts. We had to get out in Navarre for awhile. I am absolutely terrified of lightning. (A story for another day.) We really worried the Blue Angels wouldn't even be able to fly that year, but the weather cleared up just for them, and then back to horrible conditions for the ride home.

BUT....This year....


Me in the orange float left.. Relaxing.

One of my favorite things to do.

On the way home, we stopped outside the Hurlburt Field Officers' Club to take a photo of daughter and son-in-law. Their reception was held there in February of this year.

A fun day.

Now, this is why we go by boat. They are worth the trip, but the beach is packed. The pier and every available bit of sand is taken. I saw a picture that showed all the people under the tents coming front and center once the show began. Wall to wall crowd. The photos is compliments of the Pensacola News Journal.
Story cited below.

RECORD CROWD this year.