Friday, May 29, 2015

Foyer Table Redo

I did a foyer table redo the other day. Now that I am home more, I find more time to walk around and think about changing things up. 

This is the old version. I have had a plant on the table for a very long time. The plant that I have had in that pot has changed up many times though. The evening sun comes in the foyer, so it gets plenty of light in there. Since I love plants so much, I tend to have plants in every room, but the truth is I have never really liked a plant on that table. For one thing, it is almost too much sun in there so it grows out of control. I haven't found the right one for that table. 

I have a pot to match on a plant stand across the foyer. I love it, so I have felt obligated to keep that one there. I don't think a flower arrangement would last there. They would fade quickly, so I opted for something different and very simple.

The redo for now.

At first, I thought it was too simple, but I am liking it. Sometimes simple just speaks to me.

I am loving the time to work with plants. I have always loved to grow things.

The plants at my front entrance are making me smile.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Magazine Love Part 2

Yesterday, I posted about how my love of magazines began here. My choices have definitely changed though. Well obviously, I am not into Seventeen anymore, but it is more than that. I think I am aging, and I think some of the magazines are trying really hard to appeal to a younger audience. 

My go to magazine for many years is one of those that I think is trying hard to appeal to a younger audience and in turn has lost me. Lately, I have been drawn to Southern Lady. It definintely has become my new favorite. 

I am not being paid, just giving my thoughts. I have found that over the last year, that I have looked forward to its arrival on the shelves. It is a bimonthly magazine, but they have special editions that come out on the alternate months, so really I see something on the shelf every month. The photographs are so large and pretty. I have to say it just fits my style more.

Since, they do the specials on the alternate months, I still get the every month excitement. They do one called Southern Homes and then seasonal magazines.

I am also crushing on one named the Cottage Journal. I am not sure the name fits the content. 

The latest issue of the Cottage Journal  has a house that I am so smitten with.

It is decorated around the colors of the sunset.

I am absolutely swooning over this kitchen.

The colors are gorgeous.

And this staircase....

My husband loves Garden and Gun, and I do too. Very high end marketing in it, though. I love the dog story each month, since I am a dog lover. It has great articles featuring southern artists, music, restaurants, etc.

Many magazines are laden with ads these days. I know that is a necessity, but I guess that is another thing I have noticed about my new choices. The ads fit me better. I know I am getting older, but I am not thinking young people are looking and buying magazines anyway. I could be very wrong there.

I don't buy as many myself because of the high volume of ads. I really pick them up and look hard before I buy. If there is not something I really want to read or see long term, I don't purchase. We can read so much on the Internet these days that I think that slowed me down on buying magazines as well.  I rarely ever look at a style magazine. I just look at the stores I like on the Internet, and Pinterest. 

I don't know ....maybe blogs have really replaced that for us as well. I am sure many magazines have felt the crunch.

I do like Southern Lady though, and will continue to purchase, because I really love it. All others, will get a once over in the store and some thought before I fork over the cash ....card.

I think magazines may be dinosaurs in the not so distant future.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Magazine Love Part 1

The first issue of my very own magazine delivered to my house was the April 1975 issue of Seventeen with Susan Ford on the cover. I read every page and devoured every morsel of its goodness. (I was a Freshman in high school)

 Seventeen was my go to magazine of the high school years.

1976 issues...

Another of my favorite issues was the "back to school" August 1976 Seventeen....

Here are two pages from the above "back to school" issue. Any clothing styles ringing a bell with you?

I also remember reading COED in the home economics room. I loved home economics, hence my degree in it. Mrs. Cotton always kept those issues out for us to read when she got busy with things going on in the school. (She organized everything in the school. I actually think most schools have an extra paid position for those jobs now.)

And yes, you are seeing that correctly...Bruce Jenner before Hollywood.

When I was in college, I fell in love with Southern Living. Its arrival after I married and had my first home was always a welcome sight in the mail. Southern Living of the mid eighties to late nineties were my favorites. It is funny to look back at them now, because magazines have come a long way since then with color and photography. However, those issues are still some of my favorites. 

The Southern Living June 1982 issue remains one of my favorites to this day. I was living in the home management house at Auburn University that summer. It was a requirement to live one quarter in the house. You had to plan and throw a party, make a home improvement, etc. That was my go to magazine for recipes that summer, but that one issue was awesome. The home management house stay is a post all in itself. Maybe one day. Fun times! with coming together and trying to make things work for the professors' visits when it really wasn't working at all.

Photo is from the cookbook of that year.

My magazine choices have changed and I will share with you my latest faves in an upcoming post.

I still love the printed magazine. There is just something about stopping to sit in my favorite spot and peruse one for ideas. I know there is so much on the web these days from blogs to Pinterest and that I love also, but I love the feel of the magazine in my hand. I have not passed it on to my daughter. She is an all digital girl. Not sure if that is just her or all girls her age. It is that change that has made my choice of magazines different? Some change is good, but not all. More on that later.

You may ask why I have actual copies of magazines that old. I am a pack rat, but not that big of one. For many years, my hubby and I worked with the youth. Whether it was delivering the Wednesday evening message in the youth room or leading a small group to teaching in Sunday School, we worked to make it relevant and interesting to come to for the young people. 

In a discussion about how things have changed and how you have to weed through the stuff to make sure it fits Philippians 4:8 Test, I actually ordered some old magazines on Ebay for my girls to look through. There was quite a difference in the articles from then to now.

What was your favorite magazine growing up?

More on my favorite magazines of today coming, but I am going to leave you with a few ads from the above magazines. I love the Lane hope chest ad. Anyone remember that one?


"Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things." ---Philippians 4:8

Friday, May 22, 2015

Garden Progress and Much More

I got up early yesterday, as I was heading to Mama's for the day. She wants to have garage sale. I am not at all excited about this, but she does have a lot of stuff, and she is itching to get her garage cleaned out. Since she has been sick for so long and finally feeling better, I went with a cheery attitude to tackle a mess.

I looked out to see my friend, Hank the Heron on the boat dock. I snapped a picture of him through the window. He doesn't like for me to come out.

He must have known I was snapping his picture, because he left shortly, and I stepped out to snap a view down the bayou.

The day ended up being a reflective day.

I started out loving on my geraniums.
Oh, and my geraniums are just gorgeous. They brighten any day and any dish washing with there little pops of color.

I then checked on my container garden. It is doing quite well. We have already had several tomatoes and peppers. 

I love watching things grow.

Then, I headed out to help Mama with the garage. She has been purging since my step dad passed away last May. It is unbelievable amount of stuff. We are planning to do this sale next Saturday. I have no idea if we will have it ready or not, but we are going forward with it before it gets to hot. If we don't get everything all sorted and pretty, it may be a free for all or "what will you give me for that box of goodies!?"

I have had to purge before after a loved one passes. When Hubby's mom passed, we moved into their home, and I had to go through so much. It makes me very sad to think of all the things we collect thinking we will certainly need that, only to find we don't.  Someone else will have to go behind and trash, sell, etc.

I haven't found this to be an easy job. I tend to be a pack rat myself. Extremely sentimental, but organized. I think because it is organized in labeled tubs that it isn't clutter, but that is so untrue.

I honestly have spent the past 2 years realizing that--- what with retiring from 31 years of teaching and literally having artwork and cards given to me from my first year of teaching.

I say all of this to say....much of it is clutter. We hang on to it ---really just stuffing it in a closet.

I am learning to pull it out and display it...take pictures and let that be it. That is not an easy lesson for this sentimental girl, but I am trying.

I called myself spending this year going room by room and trying to declutter, but I realize I will have a need to do a round 2 this next year.

For the one more thing, and then I will close out this long post. On my way home through the Blackwater Forest Area, I got quite a scare. Driving along pondering on all of the above things, a buzzard flew into my door. Scared the living daylights out of me.

After I recovered from the initial scare, I realized he had probably left a huge dent in my door. Oh yes, gotta have a new one.

It is hard to tell from the picture, but he put a pretty deep dent all around the handle, hence the new door, and scratched it too.

Thankful that it was not the window, because I am quite sure I would have wrecked.

Off to try and enjoy life today,

Monday, May 18, 2015

Lemony, the Water Dog

I went out yesterday on my paddle board, but the wind was kind of kicking and there was lots of boaters with kids on tubes. Sunday afternoons are usually like that, and since I am a beginner most of time on the paddle board has to be done on the weekdays. I had made it back to the house to be greeted by the hubby and my lovely dogs.

Lemony, the Golden has always loved to steal your float, so I could tell she wanted to get up. I moved in close to let her get on. 

She is definitely a water dog.
In fact, the other day, I was out and she managed to come out with my mom. I was three docks down when she caught up with me. I had to stay right close to the shore and get her back home. She whines if Hubby goes fishing on the boat without her.

Lucy, the Springer was quite jealous, but did not want to get on. She just didn't want Lemony on there.

So, I got off and babied Lucy while son, Paul Allen took Lemony for a ride.

The weekend was definitely a leisurely one. Went shopping with my daughter on Saturday, napped after church on Sunday, then paddle boarded, followed by just sitting Sunday evening, so I have to get my tail in gear today. Sometimes those leisurely weekends are just what you need though.

Off to do some housework and laundry,

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My New Water Toy

I love looking at the water. I love wading in the water. However, I don't like swimming. I never ever get in the gulf. Undertow and sharks keep me in shin deep waters.

I am not the greatest swimmer (long story behind that one), but I am capable. If you could swim with your head never getting wet, it would be wonderful!

So, I know my family wondered why in the world I would want a paddle board. We live on a bayou that during the week is very calm and peaceful. I see paddle boarders and kayakers going up and down. It looked like such fun.

I requested a paddle board. Hubby bought me the cutest one too.

I can't believe I am sharing my ugly self on it, but you would never believe I am using it if I didn't prove it.

This is from my second time on it, so not the steadiest, but I am getting better everyday.

It was kind of funny. You know sons don't always get mushy and tell you they love you. Paul Allen kept coming out to watch over me every time I went out on it. I am pretty sure he didn't think I needed to be out there alone. Warmed my heart good!

Anyway, he took a video of me.

I am getting better and more relaxed with each time out. It is great exercise and I am loving it.

Venturing out in retirement. Making up for lost time.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Garage Cleanup

I really thought this wouldn't happen before my year anniversary of retirement. I have had a ton of interruptions in my todo list for the one year mark.

As I have said before, the last couple of years were hard ones, and I let a lot of things go. Had to!

But, today I crossed a big one on the todo list, and I am quite sure this one will make me feel better when I recover from it. I am sure it will motivate me more on some other tasks.

The garage is much cleaner and organized.

Let me just tell you about that fan. It was purchased from Kmart in Auburn my first year there. I lived in an unairconditioned dorm. I can't believe it still works, but it does. I think it proves they made things better a long time ago.

Hubby took off today, so we tackled it. From now until the end of school, he will be busy, busy, busy.
High school principals have many nights of activities in May.

We had some serious mildew on the walls. I actually thought we would be painting, but we bleached the walls first and they look really good for a garage. 

These cabinets are so ugly, but they were free from a beauty shop a few years back. They are great storage. Do you see my little labels. I try to keep Hubby organized, plus I love labeling things.

I wish I could tell you we had one of those garages on Pinterest or other blogs that I look at with envy, but this is real life here at our house. We don't have much yard, so no storage area in the backyard. Mind you---I am not complaining as I love my backyard. We do have a place to put the lawn mower and yard tools under the house, but other wise the garage has to hold all things.

My hubby's family had a hardware store all of his growing up years, so he has a bit of an obsession with tools. I really don't mind that, except that he never puts one back when he uses it. So, when I took basically a two year hiatus from cleaning the garage when life hit, the garage was horrible. I hated for the door to be opened.

That is why there will be no before pictures!!!

We live where live oaks are abundant and they put out leaves like crazy in the spring. Every corner of that garage had leaves. After sweeping leaves, and scrubbing dirt off of every surface, and bleaching every wall from top to bottom, then wiping it down, I am pooped. 

I wish I had one of those painted floors, but the truth is we really use this garage, so it would be futile.

If you are wondering about why we have so many gas cans, they are for hurricane season. I am not even kidding when I tell you we are the very last street to get our power back on in our county. I have always gone back to work before we get it back. Everyone else is back on their way to normal, and I am still hot. We apparently live on a little circuit that is not attached in any way to anything of importance. It will be announced that all power is back on in our county, and we will have gotten it back about 10 minutes before the big announcemnt.

Had to shower to get the grime off, then soak in a tub of Epsom salts. They are incredible. I read about them as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I will swear by them.

IT was worth the achy body to get this checked off the list. 

My goal is to keep the floor swept in the walkway. We park Hubby's midlife crisis '95 Jeep Wrangler that he uses on the weekend and to haul the dogs to the park on the right.

Now, if the mildew reappears, we can paint one wall at a time.

This was a huge one for me. I wish it were it bit prettier, but that is just the girl in me. It is a garage after all. Hubby said I had a gift for cleaning. That made my day.

Feeling motivated,

Sharing with:

Can't believe I am sharing, but hoping maybe there are some others out there that don't have the Pinterest garages and would like to see.

Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home


Karen's Up on the Hill

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week 2015

It is Teacher Appreciation Week, so I decided to feature my absolute favorite teacher of all time, 1st grade through college.

Meet Mrs. Straughn. I met her in 5th grade. She was old then, but she still had it. I actually had a parent stop by after Orientation one year, say to me, that they looked forward to their twins being in my class next year, as they had so enjoyed their son being in my classroom. They were extolling my virtues, but there is a but....The dad then said, "Oh, that will be your last year, maybe you won't be still giving it your all." Really?! I was so stinking mad, that I swore under my breath that I wouldn't have them in my class. The next week, I got the science coach job to finish out my career. I finished strong!

Uh oh... back to the point of Mrs. Straughn. She might have been in her waning years, but I never knew it. She was so inspiring. I remember how she dressed, how she was so poised, how she worked so hard to motivate us. She gave points for participation. The more questions you answered after reading your science and history, the more praise and points you received. She employed music to teach history. Mrs. Straughn had one strike against her as she was an Alabama graduate, but she told stories of going to college in a very rural area where honestly most would never see a college. She made you want to go to college. Stories of her family and her grandkids made me know I wanted more.

Once we took a field trip to her home. She had the most amazing gardens, but her prized flower to grow was the daylily. She had rows upon rows in all colors. She lived right on main street in Repton, Alabama, so everyone saw her daylilies. 

I could go on and on about her, but she really made a difference in my view of the world and what I wanted to do in life. I never had a teacher I loved more. 

Other favorites are...

  • Mrs. Wharton who taught me 9th and 11th grade English and 10th grade world history.
  • Mrs. Cotton who taught me home economics every year of high school. 
  • Mr. Rushing who taught me 6th and 8th grade English who praised me constantly for my cursive handwriting. 
Teachers have a very important role in life. I believe we need those that push us hard coupled with those that use praise generously. It really takes both, but above all to be professional and do what is best for the students who come through their classrooms.

To all those who pushed and praised, I am grateful for you.

"I touch the future. I teach." ---Christa McAuliffe

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Medical Book

I was reading a novel a couple of weeks ago that reminded me of our family's allegiance to the all knowing medical book.

The first one we had was purchased in 1964. It was the go to book for all and any ailments. My mama lived by what it advised. I can't tell you how many times we referred to it as it was always readily available. I am not sure if anyone else used it like we did, but the novel I was reading indicated that there might be others out there just like us.

If anyone came home from the doctor with a problem, either Mama or me were reading about the symptoms, cures, etc.

I was at Mama's the other day when I spotted the original medical book on a book shelf. I asked if I could have it. I have been skimming through it. Many things have changed, but there are some tried and true parts to it as well. I must tell you I like the weight scale in it better than today's recommended weights. Today's are probably more on target though.

For Mother's Day 1984, I decided Mama had been reading a 20 year old book for too long, so I bought I her an updated version. I know that might seem like an odd gift, but she loved it.

Of course, now we have the Internet, but it doesn't evoke nearly as many memories of trying to predict what was wrong or figure out the treatment.

Anyone else out there use the medical book?

---a few more pics because I couldn't resist.