Sunday, September 24, 2017

A Random Post

Last weekend, Mother and I went to Auburn for the game. Just the two of us. We just rested Friday evening and took our time Saturday morning preparing to leave the cabin for Auburn. We strolled around town for a little while to get me a new orange shirt. Then we tailgated with our picnic lunch. The game didn't start until 3:30 so we had a very slow and leisurely day. Those are real good sometimes. It was a bit hot, but tolerable in the shade.

Tuesday, I met Arlene, my wonderful blogging friend from north Alabama. This is our second year meeting in Pensacola for lunch. She comes each September for a week in Gulf Shores, so Pensacola is our midpoint location to meet. Arlene and I both have a love of cross stitching. Of course, she brought me goodies. She is sweet like that. We have swapped cross stitching patterns for some time now. I had been away from stitching for a very long time when my kids reached middle school and then teaching, so when I retired she taught me about all the new things out there. I have wanted one of the pie tarts for such a long time. I can't wait to stitch this.

In fact, this afternoon I plan to head into my sewing room and get all my want to do projects lined up and ready to start some new stitching.

I went back to Pensacola on Wednesday to take my mom and my aunt for a doctor's appointment and some lunch out. My aunt came to stay with her for about three days this week. She enjoyed that, but has been sickly with her sinuses since Friday.

I went to the farm yesterday. Two of the cows have had calves. They are quite cute. These are Lowline cows, so one of the babies is smaller than Lemony. Gus was shocked to see them and just spent most of his time barking. I have to watch Lemony because she wants to play with them. She ran under the fence one day before I knew what she was up to.

I spent yesterday afternoon trying to do some yard work. I did the back and must tackle the front this week.

That is my life this past week. Throw in some laundry, cleaning, and cooking and you have Sandy's life in a nutshell.

Not a bad gig,

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Welcome Fall

I have been ready for this day for quite a while. WELCOME Autumn. Let's get this last day of summer over.

There are not really any cooler temperatures to go with it, so I have to make the season begin. I put out my fall decor this week and decided it would make me feel festive. Mindset. I am actually hoping that October and November will be pleasant months with a little cool in the mornings and evenings so I can get outside.

I am sharing the fall decor some new (mostly cross stitching pieces) and some old. You will recognize them if you have been here awhile. Gus has decided where some things go because he is beginning to notice things to get into😊

The entry table is something that has all old stuff.

My bunny just inside the door has his orange ribbon and is guarding Gus's toy.

My desk in the pool table room has some old items on it.

The dining room buffet needs a little work. I wanted to place my pumpkins that I love in the family room. Gus had other ideas though. I placed them on the coffee table and came back into the room and all three were sitting precariously near the edge of the table. He loved the little metal leaves and stems. I quickly moved them in the dining room where they look a little plain. I will see what I can do one day.

I had planned to do something for the table, but I haven't done it yet. So plain Jane it is .

Onto the family room where I put out some new pillow covers. The doggie pillow was a gift for my birthday from the kids.

Those pumpkins would have been so cute on the table. Little bunny has had to be moved as well.

Now for a few new things. I made a couple of places on the bookcases for my new cross stitched pieces.

I added a few fall flowers and a pumpkin to the bookcase as well.

I took all my photos in the early morning, so sorry for the poor lighting.

Onto the kitchen with another of the fall smalls I stitched.

I changed out the table linens and added my Toomer's Corner Collection candlesticks. Football fans in the south will know what Toomer's Corner is even if you don't know much about Auburn. Crazy man got his name in the headlines for being an idiot. 

I have some fall candles in the guest bathroom, but forgot those. Oh well, I think I have kept you long enough.

I am hoping to get some yard work done today. Hoping...

WE will see where the day takes me after my hair appointment this morning.

Just happy for fall,

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Another Trip Around the Sun

I redid the bow on the fall piece of acorns. My photo does it no justice, but the silver ribbon idea was a winner. I think this could even flow into Christmas.

I started thinking about putting fall out today in the house. I had quite a few interruptions and did not finish, so I will save sharing that for next week. I learned something about doing the fall pieces into pillows. They are harder to decorate with than flat things that I can frame or put on an easel. I have worked on incorporating them into vignettes today. I have several cute ideas, but finding a location for them has been tricky. Right now my little vignettes are sitting in my dining room on the table while I try to dream up a place to put them. All of which may run into next week, since I am going to be doing a football weekend.

I was doing well at not buying anything until today. I have no need of anything new as I have more than I even want to pull out and shared with my daughter last year. Oh, but I dropped into Target today and the dollar area had the absolute cutest little pumpkins in the subtle colors, so I bought three of them.

I worked outside today on my flower beds and potted flowers. I have to say my flowers look the worst they have ever looked at the end of the summer. I still need to spend some more time to get all nice again. Next week I need to devote a day to yard work.

Then, I dressed up and went to eat lunch with my hubby. It is my birthday today. We celebrated as a family this past weekend. Paul Allen has class tonight and Tyler would have had difficulty getting here from his job.

57 - that is what I am. There are ages where you notice the changes in your body. Now, I have had silver hair forever. That runs in my family. At 55, I noticed the wrinkles started really showing. I refuse to view birthdays as anything other than positive. I am glad to have made it for another trip around the sun - wrinkles, white hair, and curled fingers are just part of it.

I hate sharing photos of myself, but today for my birthday I took a picture to note 57.

I will be back next week to maybe show some fall decor.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Blackberry Crumble Recipe

I am sharing a quick and pretty easy dessert today. Dessert and really more. I came across the recipe for blackberry crumble on one of the blogs in my sidebar.

Heirloomed Collection shared the recipe here.

It looked simple, so I made it a couple of weeks ago. It was tasty, easy, and had oats. Jeff and I both have loved it. He eats his at night with ice cream. I eat my for breakfast warmed up.

I made it twice with blackberries. The other night I had peaches and decided to try it with peaches. Both are great. I would probably give the nod to blackberries.

It will be a good one to keep on hand for next summer when those fruits are in season.

You can go to Heirloomed Collection's  site to see her detailed pictures and recipe.

Without further talk...

Blackberry Crumble

Fruit Layer

4 cups blackberries
4 tablespoons sugar

Mix the fruit and sugar together in a bowl and place in the bottom of a baking dish.

Oatmeal Crumble 

2 cups oats (I used gluten free of course.)
1 cup of cold butter
1 cup of light brown sugar
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg

*I made it with a full teaspoon of cinnamon the first two times. The third time I made it I used 1/2 teaspoon and liked a bit better. Just me:)

Use a pastry blender to cut up butter and mix with dry ingredients. After doing this awhile, I then used my hands to get it all mixed well.

Layer this on top of the fruit.

Bake approximately 45 minutes on 350 or until golden brown.

Here are a few pictures of the progress.

This was not four cups of peaches as I was short, but craving the crumble, so I went with it.

I am about to go have a small dish of some right now.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fall Small Finishes

I am popping in this Tuesday morning with my fall smalls finishes, but I will give you the wrap up of my week in two words. "Stressful waiting."

When you live along the Gulf Coast and there is a storm out there, you have a pit in your stomach. Most days it is the greatest place in the world to live. When a storm is lurking, not so much.

This is Friday. An absolute gorgeous day, but my daughter and I were trying hard not to think about what could be and just live in the moment of God's beautiful creation. Governor Scott had called off school for the whole state. It was pretty up our way in the panhandle, but some of our schools were opened for shelters for the peninsula residents. BTW, I think he did a great job.

It could not have been a prettier day.

Thankfully for us, Irma did take her turn north before getting into the Gulf. I am glad she weakened, because there is a good bit of damage for residents further south and east.

I didn't post yesterday, because it was just one of those days when you ponder all that is going on and then add 9/11 to it and words just seem little. 

I am so grateful I have my faith to walk me through times such as that.

Onto some happier fluffier things.

I did finish my smalls.

The sunflower turned out to be my favorite.

I thought about adding a bow, but it seemed just right with no embellishments.

My second favorite was the pumpkins.

My original thinking as I was stitching them was to make a basket of pillows, but when I got them all done I didn't like that idea at all.

They just don't all group together, yet, I still like the fabrics I chose for each one.

I have decided that I will just add them to my other fall decorations when I decorate. We will see where they pop up.

I am holding off on adding any fall until Monday of next week. It is just a bit too early and we are heading to Auburn for this weekend. 

Now, the acorns stumped me.

You can see where I added a bow in the upper left corner with the acorn. I still have to pull out the threads. I just didn't like it there. I may add it to the bottom along the fabric line and may even choose another ribbon color. I am going to try and decide that this afternoon. Maybe gray ribbon???

They are all done. I like them even if it was not what I planned. I think they will be an added surprise to some fall vignettes around the house.

I have some recipes to share this week. I have found an easy dessert and 2 great soup recipes.

I will leave you with some adorable puppy and dog pictures.

Gus is three months old now, and graduated to a bigger collar last night. He is growing so fast. 

His head and feet are large right now. He is happy as ever.

Lemony is great with him and occupies him with playing a good bit, but when she has had enough, she sneaks off to find a quiet place. 

That is her up by the front door. She can open these pocket doors herself and slipped off from him.

I let her have her privacy when she has had enough. Here she is this morning with her usual camera shy self.

I am off to volunteer at church, then grocery shop, then clean off all the debris from my decks and put everything back out. It did get breezy enough that I had to move all the furniture and plants. Grateful that it was not worse. Saying lots of prayers for others.


Friday, September 8, 2017

A Little Progress

I am popping in for a quick post this morning. As Florida awaits Irma, I have found myself quite tense all week. It is not expected to hit here as we are on the panhandle of Florida along the Gulf coast.

I will NOT relax though until it makes this expected turn. Ivan was on a similar path and didn't turn. I have done all the preps I can, so it is just time to sit back and pray.

I can't wish a hurricane on my worst enemy.

With that said, I have been busy cleaning some areas of the home more than stitching this week.
I did finally get into the sewing room yesterday to work on my fall smalls finishes.

I have them all sewn together. Today I plan to stuff and embellish. I have some cute little fall charms that I may use on some of them.

Here is what I have done thus far.

Did you see little Gus's legs in the corner. He stays by my side. My pal already. Lemony was sunning outside or taking a break from Gus.

The weather has been amazing the last two days. I honestly don't ever remember it cooling down this early in September. That usually is saved for the last week of the month.

I will take it. 

Praying for Florida,

Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor Day = Family Time and Shopping

My weekend was filled with lots of low key activity. I had lots of grandiose plans for time in the sewing room on Friday. However, it was my 33rd anniversary and Friday, so Hubby calls mid morning and says he is taking off early. There went my sewing room time.

All that I accomplished was the start of one my fall smalls.

I am hoping to get after them this week and have something to share by the end of the week.

For our anniversary we took the family out to dinner with us this year. We ate in Destin and the evening was beautiful. A breeze and a great sunset made for eating outside in the harbor. I should have taken pictures. It seems when you are enjoying yourself you forget to take pictures.

 I posted these on Instagram.

We were so nice to each other

Saturday morning was spent taking mom shopping. She loves to shop. I hate to shop

She found a really pretty comforter for her bed. She has been looking for awhile now. She walked in a store and there was the perfect one, so she was over the moon. I went back with her and helped her get it on her bed. 

Football was on for the afternoon and evening. Jeff grilled and actually did most of the cooking. I did make a great dessert that I am going to have to share very soon.

Oh and I cleaned out my closet and tried on all of my fall/winter clothes. I had a stack to give away and only found that I really needed three things to fill the holes. More on that later.

I worked two services on Sunday morning as many were out of town. I wanted to come home and nap, but Jeff had other ideas. One of which was very profitable for me. I went shopping AGAIN! We headed out to Destin where I found one of the items for my wardrobe. It is my birthday month, so my favorite store has a discount for your birthday month plus I had a $25.00 worth of points saved. Coupled with the Labor Day sales, I got a whale of deal on a shirt that I needed. 

I also got Lindsay some birthday gifts. Win Win for me since I don't really like shopping.

Then we came back and took the dogs out on the boat. 

Lemony took her place as captain.

This was Gus's first time out on the boat. He wasn't scared, but I held him so he wouldn't fall in. He took note of Lemony, so I am sure next summer he will join her as Lucy once did.

We went to the General's Bayou and let him try swimming for the first time. 

He took one jump after Lemony and was swimming anywhere she went.

This morning, Jeff went to play golf with Tyler, so Lindsay called and said for me and Grandma to come out to Destin for shopping AGAIN! We went out to Grand Boulevard and window shopped. Grand Blvd is not a place I go in the summer because of the traffic. It is past Destin but not quite to Seaside. It has stores like in the larger places...Pottery Barn, Orvis, Lily Putlizer, Anthropologie. We all just looked. No purchases. Oops I take that back. Lindsay picked out a t-shirt from The Zoo Gallery for her birthday. We ate lunch and shopped a bit more.

The Lily store is just so cute.

I thought these jeans in Anthropologie were cute. I might take some old jeans and try to do something like this. Maybe?!

I am shopped out, but it was fun being with Lindsay and mom. Mother was in heaven since she loves to shop and Lindsay invited us along.

I spent the evening trying to get my Monday chores done. 

Jeff snapped this cute picture of Gus.

That was my busy weekend. Now, I am truly praying for a storm to weaken or turn east and go out to sea.
Go away storms,