Thursday, April 25, 2024

Ole Florida Sampler and More

 The Ole Florida Sampler is back from the framer and it is gorgeous...the only problem is that I am a horrible photographer. With that said, if I wait until I have time to photograph it better you might never see it.

I am completely in love with it.

The pictures do nothing for the colors of the matting either. Trust me- in person they are perfect. Even the lady at the store was going on about it. 

Where is it going to hang?

That might be the million dollar question. I have no idea and really no room for anything else. I am going to have to take old things down to put more up. I have a print above my couch that I could easily part with but due to the sun in that room I would never want to put my stitching there. I will give myself time to think about it. You know -one of the things I miss in my life with all the business of helping out with grandchildren and taking care of Mama is just thinking time. I would like to just have time to think and not be rushed. I really wouldn't change things but I wish I could find thinking time:)

With my life at this moment, I have rediscovered being a monogamous stitcher. Now, years ago I didn't know there was such thing as any other kind of stitcher. Then I retired and the Internet showed me a whole different world. There are people with so many WIPs (works in progress) that it makes my head hurt to think of that kind of stitching. I will admit I have dabbled in it the last decade and have had a few going at one time, but with the craziness of my life I decided this past January that I would just work on one at a time with maybe a small project to go to if I made a mistake and needed a little break. Often an hour or even a day away can show you your mistake and back to work you can go.

With that said, when I finished the sampler I pulled out one that I had started a while back and I was determined to finish it. It is done -and---I have no clue what I will do with it. Before I get to that, I told Lindsay the other night I was just going to start stitching and put all of it in a drawer in her old bedroom. I love stitching. It gives me great joy, but I have no where to put things. I should probably gift some.

So I have a finish that has completely befuddled me and it is definitely going to the drawer for now. I will show you and then tell you my thoughts on it.

Here is the pattern.

You may notice that there are 6 shells in the pattern and only 5 in my stitch. I could tell after finishing 4 of them that 6 was going to be unpleasing to the eye. That odd number rule at play, so I chose the nautilus shell to finish it off because of the height. I only had to move one stitch on the green to fit just right. Dear friend, you know who you are ---sent me the green floss. It was the perfect color to add some variegation to the stitch.

I stitched this on 20 count Aida. I actually didn't know that even existed until I saw it on Instagram. I liked it. It made this small, but even with the small count it is just an odd stitch. What to do with it, I have no idea? It seems incomplete. I think maybe I will be on the hunt for something at a thrift store or Hobby Lobby to add it to. It just has me stumped now that it is done. I kinda could see that coming while stitching, but decided to complete it and get it out of my project bags. It is 12.5 inches wide and 2.25 inches tall so I will keep that in mind for a search of something to do with it. It seems like it might be a good stitch for a "Priscilla" finish.

For now, I am going to read a book and get to the Advent calendar for Miles.


I did make it to the Armament Museum with Palmer. He woke up that day so excited and we had so much fun. We made it to Whataburger as well.

This was a rare good day for Jeff. He was able to go with us though he had to walk slowly.

I actually don't think I shared what the MRI showed. Remember he had sciatic nerve pain for 9 weeks before the MRI. IT showed severe spinal stenosis. The word severe didn't make things a lot happier around here. He has had PT, and an epidural is scheduled but still 2 months out for that. Surgery is an option but it is a pretty extensive surgery so I don't think he wants that until other things have been tried. Not sure where he will land with it all yet. It did magically clear up for 2 weeks but during PT two days ago it started hurting again, so now he is hobbling again.

Spring is doing its thing despite the coolness of this year's spring. I think I remember 2007 being a cool spring. I know that is odd that I would remember that but it is attached to a memory. The magnolias, day lilies, roses, and live oak renewal have happened even with the cool spring. I suppose I should enjoy the cooler spring because it will be hot soon enough. Even the trees in Auburn were so pretty last weekend. The trees are one of the greatest things about spring.

I haven't particularly had a great start to the new year, but heard a quote the other day that I think is true.

"There is no faith if I know the outcome." 
I have great faith in my Lord and Savior.

Until next time,

Friday, April 12, 2024

The Strawberry Patch and the Wind

 There is not a whole lot of anything different to talk about except grand boys and the aches and pains of aging. I feel extremely blessed to be able to write about those boys and their escapades.

I spent yesterday taking Tucker on his field trip to the strawberry patch. Tyler had to attend the funeral of his last remaining grandparent who passed away at age 97. Lindsay had something she needed to be at for work plus she is taking off next week for Tucker's field day, so I happily agreed to tag along to the strawberry patch.

The strawberries were amazing and I had so much fun with my oldest grandson. 

They got to fill their plastic container as part of their field trip money and eat a cup of strawberry yogurt. Then he and Mimi filled another bucket to bring home. They were super tasty and the patch had so many to pick. As we were leaving for lunch at a nearby park, people were lining the roads coming. There are 2 farms that do this and they are about a quarter of a mile apart. Both were packed. His school got there early and we had the place to ourselves.

We ate lunch and the kids played for an hour on the park equipment. I found a bench to sit on and just watched. How can sitting and watching make one tired?! Age maybe? Anyway, he was exhausted too because on the 40 minute drive home, he fell asleep in the truck.

The day and night before we had a major thunderstorm line come through. The 2 counties to our west had tornadoes but thankfully they fizzled out before they reached us. However, it rained a lot and the wind blew all night and ALL day on Thursday. Like 25 mph all day with higher gusts. It was like a March day.

We then dropped Tucker off to Mama that afternoon and headed to Destin to drop off my Florida sampler stitch and go to his t-ball game. Y'all I can not wait to show my sampler framed. The choices made were just so good. I am glad I didn't rush out there right away. I pressed it and let it sit out on my sewing counter for the 2 weeks and just thought on it. It is going to be so pretty. The young girl getting it all set up for me kept telling me how pretty it was. She made me feel so good.

Then it was off to the still windy game. My goodness it was crazy all day. I have enjoyed getting out to see Tucker play. Next week is his last 2 games. 

Now, for a sad picture...

This is Palmer. It was taken last weekend when his mommy and daddy and brother all went putt putt at the Track. He had a blast until Tyler decided to let Tucker ride the go carts....

where you can see Tucker had fun. Palmer kept saying, "My turn, my turn." Lindsay walked him over to the sign that shows how tall you have to be which just made it worse. 

That same face came around again yesterday with me when he discovered Mimi was going with Tucker to the strawberry patch.

Oh I couldn't stand it so I promised him he could pick out somewhere to go next week with Mimi and she would keep him home from daycare and take him. He has decided on the airplanes (the Armament Museum) and Whataburger for lunch. Mimi will be taking he and Miles next week on the sunniest day to have fun too. I have not doubt he will not let me forget.

We had hoped to go to Auburn this week, but Jeff decided to pass. His back is giving him major fits. He will go to the first PT and get a brace next week, so we will try for our Auburn get away again based on all that.

I really need to share some gluten free baking I have been doing ---time here folks. Maybe soon. I will share some stitching too next week. 

Mom had another nerve ablation on Monday and I am just not sure they are doing all that much. It may be lowering the pain medication somewhat. Anyway, since I didn't show Miles this week I will share his picture one day this week when I took him over to see Grandma.

And of course, I did step out to see the eclipse since I totally love that kind of stuff. I kept my glasses from 2017 and used this ....

to let me know when to head outdoors. I am close to Pensacola. I thought it was cool and remembered like last time that the temperature drops a bit while the sun is covered. 

I have decided to be optimistic and hold on to my glasses for the next one since I will be in the path of totality 

Yea I will only be a month away from age 85.

That will do it for me today. Happy Spring.

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Life Lately

 Spring is finally coming in to the Deep South. It has been hit or miss these days, but I have some glorious days soaking up any sun and warmth that comes my way. I had a busier than even normal week last week and even mentioned in my cross stitch post last Thursday. In today's post,  I think I am in going to go in reverse order. We will share some good stuff first.

My first roses of the spring '24 season.

Jeff and I went to the movie yesterday. I have ALWAYS been a huge Karen Kingsbury fan, so when I saw that she had a movie out that SHE was in total control of and making it herself I knew I would need to go as soon as possible. What I didn't know was that kids would be sick and mamas and daddies would actually be home with them and I would be able to go as soon as it was released. Everyone run to it. Even Jeff said it was a great original story. 

The Baxters are out on Amazon Prime video. I am enjoying that as well.  If you are a Kingsbury fan too, then you know who the Baxters are! The one thing I can say about Kingsbury is that all of her books are full of hope and inspiration and I have seen her speak several times and she is truly so uplifting. Much needed in this day and age. Go read yourself one of her books for a lift.

Easter was special as always. I might have been a wee bit tired by the end of the day and that week leading up to it really tried to steal my joy and get me undone, but thankfully I fought all that off. I might have had to lay on the couch after everyone left, but I love Easter and all it stands for. 

Here a few pics. I didn't take a bunch but enough to remember the family moments. 

The kids at church. Jeff and I attended the service on Saturday night and I worked the 2 on Sunday morning. Jeff's back was not his best so he stayed home Sunday morning and hobbled around getting all my instructions for dinner taken care of. 

Egg hunting by Tucker and Palmer and Gus.

Palmer is cheesing it up and Miles didn't feel well and was totally uninterested by this time to get his picture made with his cousins.

Family shot...I wore my cute outfit Saturday night and my kids' shirt on Sunday morning as usual. 

I think Miles put three eggs in his basket and balked at the fun anymore. 

It was a crazy week last week with so many things going on and too many appointments, but it prompted me to realize I have to make some changes on that front and I have and am in the process of more. 

Miles will be home with Mama at the end of May and starts daycare in August when she goes back to school. I still may have to keep him one or two days a week, but that will be ironed out later. He is definitely ready for some children. Anytime the other boys are here he just loves it.

On Good Friday, I carried all three to the park for most of the morning. It was a huge success and made the day go by much faster.

Jeff was hobbling along and got to go get an MRI later that day. Tomorrow he gets the results. He has had terrible back issues for at least the last 6 weeks. He will have 2 good days followed by 2 horrible days. He is getting down about it all. I am not sure if Parkinson's is related to it, but it certainly isn't helping so I am hoping for an answer that he can live with tomorrow.

If all that wasn't enough with 2 days with all three boys, 5 appointments for Mother (doctors, test, and beauty related), Easter ---then throw in a family reunion on the Saturday before Easter up home in Alabama. Yep, I have no boundaries on time OR shall I say that is past tense:)

Mother and I drove up one way and came back another and got in the full countryside and let me say spring while it has been cooler put on a show for us on Saturday.

The azaleas at my Aunt Faye's house were so pretty.

It was a challenging week, but visiting with all my cousins that I don't see often reminded me I am not alone in the many problems. I think all 5 who were there had so many issues facing them too. I do not know how people get through without faith in God. 

I can tell you God has met me and is walking with me so closely and for that, I am grateful! 

This verse has been my promise for 2024... I have shared it before, but it worth repeating.

Hebrews 4:16
Let us therefore draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and may find grace to help in time of need.