Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Little Finishing and a Question

I have some cross stitch finishes or not.

I do NOT want to let them pile up again.

I like to stitch far more than finishing. I wish that weren't the case, but I think it is having expectations that aren't reasonable.

Life has been rather busy lately and somehow they just piled up in the sewing room. I planned to spend the day in my sewing room last Thursday. I even wrote it in my planner! I will say that I enjoyed my day that I penciled in for crafting, but I found that just finishing them into pillows and stuffing them took longer than expected. My plan was to use what I had and I did that, but I stressed over every decision. This caused it all to take much longer than maybe it should have.

I am better than I was once, but still have a long way to go in the finishing department. The only way to get better is do it, so...

My first one I shared a while back. "Batty about Halloween" by Sandra Sullivan. I stitched it on 28 count...? with called for colors.

One of my problems with finishing is embellishing. I don't seem to be able to decide when enough is enough. I am simple, but I see things out there and think I need to do more...but, then I can't make it turn out to my liking. My husband said leave off the button, but my daughter liked it. I honestly don't know what I think yet. I know the picture is horrible and you can't see it to give me advice, but I was having computer /phone issues.

Next up is "Spell of the Moon" by Blackbird Designs.
I just went with the simple pillow backed in the same fabric as I used on "Batty about Halloween."
I felt the stitch itself was enough. See, I think I am just simple.

Stitched on 32 count Tin Roof by Weeks Dye Works in called for colors.

Then there is "Ye Old Crow Sampler" by Heart in Hand.

Stitched on 32 count ??? with called for color.
I did use some tiny buttons on this and the back is black and white homespun gingham, but I think I will add some black cording when I get some time to the sides. I loved stitching this one for some reason.

My next finish was a Christmas ornament from Just Cross Stitch's 2015 Christmas Ornaments. It was titled "Christmas Test Drive" by Mosey 'N Me.

My final finish is getting changed before I do anything else. I absolutely hated the ribbon. I had success previously with this finish, but the ribbon was too stuff. Again, I think some cording in the green would look tons better, so off the ribbon comes tomorrow. 

"Let Us Adore Him" by Country Cottage Needleworks. 28 count and called for colors.

I will share the two I am adding cording too again. I hope to do that this week and get those completely finished to my liking.

That is it for my finishes. I have spent the weekend ripping out my winter piece that I started. I am actually glad I made a costly mistake, because I was just not liking how it was turning out. Sometimes you just need to slow down I guess.

I have a question for anyone who might read and know. I want to know how or what Faye might be using to get a flat pillow finish such as the one below...???


As for upcoming stitches, I am putting my Autumn pieces aside until next summer. It is time for Christmas and winter pieces. I have some ornaments I want to stitch. I still have a Prairie Schooler Santa to stitch and then I will have two that need to finished into ornaments. I have some ideas but nothing in stone. Either way, I will stop and finish them before I move on. I am going to work on my winter monochromatic piece periodically until completion along with my Helen Keller piece. I was not liking having so many things in the rotation. I think I got off kilter with that.

I am slowing it down and trying not to look at everyone's finishing and just go at my own pace. It is hard to do sometimes!

One more thing...BLOG commenting.
If Blogger doesn't stop messing with me, I am going to give up. I can't comment on some blogs. I can leave messages on some with my Google account, on others I have to leave my name and URL (then jump through a million hoops to verify I am not a robot), and on some nothing at all.
I have read SOME are having similar problems, but not all of them seem to be the same as mine.
I thought it might have coincided with an update I did for Safari on my MacBook. I think that is why my photos were acting up...I have wondered if I had a different browser it would be better, but I am holding out that maybe it will all get worked out soon.

Dreaming of fall temperatures even though they are not coming anytime soon,

Monday, September 24, 2018

Weekend Happenings

We had a fun weekend in Auburn.
A win this week,
fun with friends, and
meeting lots of dogs in the neighborhood all
made for a nice weekend.

The guys all played golf, and I walked into town and Christmas shopped. I don't think I have ever done that this early, but with the grand baby due soon and everyone with something to do I wasn't sure I would get a chance like this again.

I walked ---I am loving that part of the new house. IT was HOT, but I chose the shady route on the way to town and got a me a Toomer's lemonade (famous in Auburn) to walk back with. I went to shortest way back since I had packages to tote home. I will share some of that at a later date.

I will tell you that this picture had something to do with it. I left the house today and Gus did this. FORTUNATELY, he didn't do too much damage or he would still be sitting in his kennel box in time out.

Speaking of dogs, I took the dogs for a walk Saturday morning and every dog in the neighborhood was on a walk. We met 3 Goldens, 2 Boykins, and Gus's half brother. Yes, you read that right. In the neighborhood was another Springer from Lanewood Kennel. For a moment, we thought they were brothers, but his was born earlier. They had the same dad though...Gus Senior:) Gus and Forest really hit it off. It was fun to watch them interact. We will schedule some play dates later.

Dogs are so great. I couldn't tell you one person's name that I met this weekend, but I know all the dogs' names. I met more dogs that mentioned, but since we have a Golden and a Springer and Lindsay has a Boykin, those got more attention.

I definitely got in my steps Saturday with walking because we walked to the game as well.

I stitched on a Prairie School Santa that Arlene from Nanaland sent me. I am in love with these. They are so easy to stitch. I would like to do a whole bunch of them. I am doing them on this 40 count linen with one over two. I have to remember to look in my bag and see what kind of linen it is because it is a pleasure to stitch on.

I also started on my winter monochromatic piece by Little House Needleworks. It will be my last one in the series. I love the blue linen for it.

My thread came into day for the crow that I ran out of thread for. I am going to be working on it only until completion...then, fully finish it and put fall stitching away until next summer. I have so many still I want to stitch. It is an obsession y'all.

I was quite tired today. Mother is off on her trip and it is raining and cloudy here. I sat in my reclining chair and the next thing I knew I was asleep. I slept two hours. I think I must have really needed it.

I am off to get supper cooked and prepare to watch Magnum PI tonight. There is a story there for another day. Stay tuned.


Friday, September 21, 2018

Still Here

I didn't mean to stay away this long, but life is happening OR I am lazy. A little of both if I am being honest.

I could call this post, My Crazy Busy Wonderful Life and I would probably have it about right.

I have waited so long to post that I can't remember what all I have been up to 😃 Of course that could have something to do with age. 

We will start there. I celebrated another trip around the sun last week. I have had 58 of those now. I cheerfully celebrate each of those!!!!!! When I turned 32, I had a difficult time. See my dad died at 32. I suddenly was face to face with that age and had younger children than I was. I remember being quite overcome with grief for awhile. It was like I grieved from a whole new angle. How does one face death and leave behind kids at such a young age? Only by the grace of God. I woke up one morning and thought that I would never ever lament growing older, but that I would embrace each birthday as a GIFT from God. I have truly done that ever since.

That is me on the right and my friend Donna on the left. I loved it when Daddy got home from work. I have such great God given memories of our time in Columbus (Fort Benning).

58 is great!
I got a couple of new shirts, some candles, and a makeup mirror so I can see how to pluck my eyebrows that I am still blessed to have:) That is part of the wonderful life.

Mother and I went to what we know as home the day before my birthday. I try to go quarterly to check on the cemetery. My dad and mom are from very rural south Alabama (Range) and therefore the cemetery is a country one. 
We always pick up my great Aunt Faye and go on to Monroeville for a little shopping and lunch. I grew up going to Monroeville and still love to cruise around the square. The little restaurant is on the square and is some seriously good eating. 

About Mother...we have good days and days where I wouldn't call it not good, but lots of attention is needed. The last two weeks I have had to do something almost everyday. We have dealt with vertigo and a trip to the doctor, pedicures, making sure she eats something besides McDonald's (yuk), and well, lots of stuff. Just this morning, I had to interrupt my writing to take her some medicine because she had an upset stomach overnight. That is the crazy and busy part of life.

She came over last night to try and help me smock a piece of fabric for Tucker. We have been working on this off and on for weeks. She forgot how to do it. I tried to do it and even though I had watched a video and read I broke a whole bunch of needles
I was ready to quit, but she said she would figure it out. I figured it would be good for her, so I ordered more needles and sent it with her.
She brought it back over last evening to try it again at my house, because she said life was too busy over here for me to come to her house. She was right!!! She didn't even know how right because things began to pop...

Our goal was to try and get one made so I could work on it this next week. She is headed out of town on one of her bus trips with her sister. Yes, I worry!
Anyway, while we were in there working, my sister-in-law walks in who was getting back from vacation to tell us all about it. Paul Allen and Katie came by to pick up food coloring for a project. Paul Allen is smart (?) and never buys anything until he asks Mom if she has some. I did...4 opened boxes and 2 unopened boxes. More crazy busy but wonderful life.

By this time, Mother was losing some of her energy. We did manage to pull a piece through twice only to have it still skipping stitches. We now know how to operate the pleater again and think we know why it skipped stitches, but we gave up for the evening as she can't drive after dark.

OH and I almost forgot to introduce you to Dansby...

I will have more and better pictures soon.
Dansby is Paul Allen's new dog. He of course is named after an Atlanta Braves baseball player. Only thing close to Auburn names around here. Anyway, he is a rescue which I think is safe to say has some Blue Tick coon hound in him. 
He is the sweetest thing. Very good too. He is around 9 months old. Vet confirmed it all.

Anyway, after I sat down last night, I couldn't help but think that my household is much like my grandparents' house was. BUSY, but fun too. I really wouldn't change a thing, but sometimes it is a little crazy:)

I had three phone calls this week from people with serious problems. I had been stewing on one myself, but all of them made mine seem not so bad after all. Even though mine involves a child not doing what I think he should and it keeps me stirred up, he is healthy and fine. Those phone calls are another part of my crazy life. When you open yourself up to be a listener and a friend ---well you get stuff to listen to.

IF you are still with me...
I have been cross stitching and reading.
I will share the reading later. 

I have a stack of stuff on my sewing counter to fully finish that is growing. Maybe with Mama on her trip next week, I can concentrate long enough to do those.

I have steadily worked on my rotations...more out of not being able to concentrate on any one thing. 
I have made lots of progress on my Helen Keller piece and some of my Christmas ornaments. I will need a day to fully finish quite a few ornaments.

I ran out of thread on my crow and am should have some in by Monday or Tuesday. I really want to finish it and then fully finish my three Halloween type pieces. 

I won a project bag from Marlene at Stitching by the Lake on Floss Tube. I was giddy with excitement. I have wanted to make some, but shoot I can't even get my stitching fully finished.

The only way I know Autumn is on its way is by looking at fall decorations and the light and shadows changing. It is hot ---hotter than normal it seems, but maybe that is just "58" talking. I am honestly one of those who is always torn on whether I am ready to give up summer anyway. I am very tired of the humidity for certain. Anyway as of today, it is ending on the calendar, so I will get moving on fall. One of my new candles is pumpkin scented something or other.

Headed to Auburn for the weekend. 
The grandbaby is due in less than a month.
I still have many projects to do, but I guess I always do.

I count my blessings in this crazy busy wonderful life.

Oh, and I have had lots of trouble lately with my comments not being posted, so if I haven't commented back to anyone it is that. The replies are floating around in cyberspace. I have also had a lot of spam traffic. Blogger is catching it, but that always gives me the goosebumps.

Leave you with one of my favorite pics ...
This is Destin in April 1965 ---pre condos. This would be right about where the tallest building is in Destin that locals hate.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up

It is late on posting the weekend wrap up, but I was pooped today.

It was a ladies weekend...
Lindsay, Mother, and I traveled to Auburn for the game on Saturday. We didn't leave until early Saturday morning which was not the plan, but that is how things go sometimes.

Lindsay's mother and sister-in-law planned a shower for her in Atlanta, so the plan was for Mama and me to go to Auburn Friday evening and then Tyler and Lindsay to meet us there on Saturday. I have shared before Tyler is a project manager for a condo being built on 30A and it is less than two weeks from the final inspection. He is so stressed since this is his first job where he is total charge. I guess it is a good thing he will be in between jobs when the baby is due because I have been worried about him as much as Lindsay and her stressful job. Whew!!!

All of that meant we had to leave early Saturday morning. We decided to try and go to a little bit of the football game since it was an easy win (Alabama State) and wouldn't be as crowded....(although it was quite crowded since it was the first home game of the season). Mama doesn't normally go as much anymore as I worry about the walking and navigating the stadium steps. Lindsay is not certain how many she will even get to go to since she is due mid October. We stayed for the first half because it was so hot. It was a bit hot for both of them and since it was an easy win we headed to the house to finish watching.

The shower was Sunday afternoon and then we drove all the way home to FWB. I did all the driving and so today I was just done. I am afraid I didn't get too much done, but tomorrow is another day.

The shower was in a restaurant which is an old home in maybe Roswell. I know we drove through downtown Roswell to get there...other than that I couldn't really tell you. I was following Lindsay's mother-in-law while trying to look at all the cute houses.

It was decorated cute, but I have to say I was more enamored with the restaurant than the baby shower decorations. More on what caught my eye in just a sec...

Now for a couple of the gifts. IS this not the cutest quilt you have ever seen? IT is homemade and exquisite.

Tyler loves to fish, so this was very appropriate.

Now, while I was looking at Lindsay open all these presents, I couldn't take my eyes off the painting beyond her. I couldn't wait for the party going on in that room to leave so I could go to the bathroom and snap a picture of it.

This phone picture doesn't do that painting justice. Even if you don't like cows...Like  I would have to love the painting. I noticed quite a few other cow pictures as I went to the bathroom. I don't know the significance, but it sent me on a thought tangent.

That thought tangent went something like this...
I wasn't going to put the cow painting that I had at the farmhouse at the Auburn house even though I love it A LOT!!!!!!!!!!

I was going to take it back to the farmhouse before we got it sold since it really looked cute in the room up there, but this painting made me know I needed to bring it to the Auburn house. I thought and thought about where it could go. I think I have it and then I realized it would fit perfectly in the AUBURN house as we are known for cows. After all we are a land grant institution with cows all around campus. In fact, one of those legendary coaches from across the state tried to make fun of us once and it backfired. He called us a cow college and we gladly accepted the compliment.

Now, if you aren't from Alabama you may be wondering who that crazy coach would be...(if you are from Alabama you know). I will help the rest of you is Bear Bryant.

We do take our football seriously in the south and our cows at Auburn.

I am taking the cow painting to the Auburn house in two weeks😘

Now back to the shower.

The three great grandmas all got their picture made with Lindsay.

And then there was the ladies again. We had a fun time together both days.

I got a haircut which I am loving. I was so tired of the pony tail and I plan to go natural and let it curl again. I put the straightener in the drawer.

Now, onto a small finish tonight.

I may embellish a bit more. Not sure. I will take another photo during the day to show it off better too.

I have a stack of things that I simply must get to finishing in the sewing room. I think I have several Christmas ornaments and the owl. I need to quit making X's and do some finishing work.

I stuffed this one with sawdust. I have seen it on several Flosstube episodes. I like to try everything at least once. I am not sure it is worth it yet or not. It was messy. I need to watch someone explain how the they stuff it without getting sawdust everywhere.

I will give you my thoughts on it all later.

While the girls were in Auburn and Atlanta, Jeff, Paul Allen, and Katie went fishing.

Coastal life is pretty sweet.

I will be back soon with hopefully some finishes to share. I am going to try and carve out some time for that this week.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

September Is Blowing In

September has rolled in with a bang with Tropical Storm Gordon. So far I am counting my blessings. The only casualty is one of my angel wing begonias.

I had planned to get up this morning and bring my plants in that were on my two back porches, but we had some gusty wind pop up last night and one went down off the side of the porch. Today has mostly been very overcast and a windy but nothing major. So grateful.

The others safely tucked inside.

I love September, but as I turn the page on the calendar I am always mindful that hurricane season kicks it up a notch with September. It is kind of always in the back of my mind.

Hubby and I celebrated our 34th anniversary eating out on Saturday evening at Acre in Auburn. It all began for us in Auburn. We were friends the entire time I was there as a student. We lived in the same apartment complex. Right upstairs from me. It was not until I graduated that we started dating. He had two more quarters to attend, and I took a teaching job in nearby Columbus, Georgia. Our kids never really get how fast we moved from the first kiss. We try to remind them we had known each other and really were good friends with great respect for each other. I think we both feel God just put us together.

Anyway that first kiss was on September 10, 1983 at the Southern Miss game. I came back to attend and we took a walk that night after the game. His version is I attacked him. Not so...but, either way I didn't mind the kiss which is really odd that I didn't. WE weren't on a date and I was a good girl extremely conservative. He sent flowers the next week and again unusually for me I didn't get turned off. He put a diamond on my finger on November 5th, 1983, and we were married September 1st, 1984.

We came back on Sunday for our son's best friend's wedding. He actually feels like a second son because he actually lived with us for some time. His family life wasn't the best and he stayed with us a good bit of the time. We are so proud of him. He has done well for himself.

I have had Hubby around for two full days. He didn't have to work today because of the "maybe" storm. AS I said, I will gladly take what we got.

We rode out to the beach tonight to see how things were going.

Saw a reporter, thankfully just a local reporter doing her thing with the waves in the background.

I finished my Spell of the Moon by Blackbird Designs. I liked it but the colors were so much darker than the sample. I used all of the called for colors and linen. You can see the picture is so much lighter than the actual finish. I don't dislike, but I think I need to make it a habit to research an actual blog or IG photo for future projects.

32 Count Tin Roof Linen by Weeks Dye Works
I did 2 over 2 rather than 1 over 2 because the linen was so loosely woven I thought it needed two strands.

I fully finished my Autumn pillow for the church pew and began to pull out fall decor. I am not even going to say I know it is too early too pull it out. It will take me two weeks to get it all done with my schedule this month. More about that in another post.

I have cloth picked out for my bat stitch.

I also read a really good book. I checked it out from the library when I dropped in the other day. I had all of about 5 minutes so I just dropped by the first bookcase to browse the newest releases. I picked it solely on the cover. I got lucky.
It has two things I love in a book...a mystery present day story and a journal like story going back in time.
The plot centers around a young woman studying to be a wine master. She travels from her home in California to a vineyard in France where her mother grew up. She discovers a secret cellar and a tale of whether her ancestors were collaborators or part of the Resistance in World War II.
Like I said...good plot.

My foyer is decorated for fall. I am saying it --I am ready for it. I may be sorry next week, but oh well. Foyer is all that is done, so I will go slowly with the rest.

That is it for today. I will be busy this week, but we will see how often I can post.